Top 5 Unusual Wedding Theme Ideas

Bid adieu to regular cake-cutting ring-exchange and wedding ceremonies. Unless you have absolutely no clue what a wedding event looks like, it is always safe to go with traditional wedding ideas. But hey! If you are not ready to dwell in the old world wedding ideas, here are 5 absolutely unusual and Over the Top wedding themes that will mesmerize every guest and viewer.

1.  Royal Vibe Pool Luxury Wedding:

Create an aura of luxury around your wedding event built on a pool. Let the guests choose from an assortment of lounge wedding and reception pool themes. Send latest scroll invitations in placard and royalty message leaflets. Arrange for lavish couches and chairs with many pillows and bolsters to tuck into the wedding scene. Create the flair of romance with pink and red chiffon curtains. Use a combination of White-black bone china cutlery and stainless steel items. Avoid glasses as they tend to reflect light and create distraction.

Scroll Cards

2.  Hot Air Balloon Wedding:

Love heights and panoramic view? How about exchanging wedding vows on a hot air balloon. Shuttle guests along with you from the ceremony to the reception using the seriously amazing balloon ride. You can use customized wedding scroll invitations to ask guests how they wish to get transported to the venue. From music to the theme picture on the balloons, customize everything based on your choices.

Live a dream 5000 feet above ground on the most special day of your lives.

3.  Air Strip wedding:

Hard to pull, especially if you are bad with your network. Airstrip wedding could give you a surreal feeling of achievement. With planes flying past you every minute, Airstrip wedding idea is a picturesque prospect. You can pick an abandoned military base for the wedding. The wedding invitation scroll could be the World War I-styled Mission engagement cards or Cold War era secret code scripts. Nonetheless, airstrip wedding is definitely an unusual prospect.

4.  Midnight Cruise Wedding:

Most weddings happen in board daylight. It is obviously easier to manage. But if love is blind, why not explore the idea of exchanging vows at midnight. Where? What better than a cruise in the middle of a calm ocean. Wedding invitation scrolls for a cruise wedding could be bottled messages like SOS. Ideal for limited number of guests, this is unusual wedding idea considering it can take 3-4 days of elaborate ceremony.

Midnight Cruise Wedding

5.  Circus wedding:

Clowns, histrionics, pyro techniques and lot of colourful costumes.  A circus-themed wedding is an exaggerated way to usher a beautiful moment in life. Wedding invitation scrolls online give you the option to not only select the card layout but also pick the material and the colour theme. You can send personalized invites to friends and guests in the form of circus tickets, admission stubs, Joker boxes and surprise cards.

Other unusual wedding ideas include Underwater vow ceremony, Desert wedding, Rainforest wedding, school uniform wedding and fire site wedding. Taking into account the safety and comfort of the guests and the family members, unusual wedding ideas are a fun affair.

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Top 3 Tips for Indian & Bride Groom To Select Photograph for Wedding Invitation Card

The photo invitation card is the latest trend that has caught the fascination of would-be Indian bride & groom. Many of you would be thinking what is a photo invitation card? Well, it is a card that has the photograph of bride and groom on the invite. It is the latest trend that is hugely popular with modern couples. The guests also love the card as they get the glimpse of the bride & groom. Here, we are going to reveal top tips to select the right photograph for the customized wedding invitation cards.

1.  Go for Exclusive Photo Shoot:

If you want a picture perfect photograph on the invite then go for an exclusive photo shoot. Hire a professional wedding photographer for the job. Of course, you and your would be need to be dressed in   wedding trousseau. Choose an exotic location, a heritage hotel or a location that blends with your wedding theme. Ask the photographer to click at least 8 to 10 different pictures. You can choose the best one for your wedding invitation card.

Wedding invitation Cards

2.  Photographs from Engagement:

If your parents have a conservative thinking then they might not agree for an exclusive photo shoot for wedding invite. Here photograph from engagement comes up as the easiest way to get the right picture for your big day. You can choose the photograph you like from the engagement album.  If you have particular pose in mind then you can tell the photographer. It is always good to inform the photographer that you have to select the photo for invite from the engagement picture collection. He may take few clicks keeping in mind the photo invites.

3.  Photoshop:

Well some of you would be like Hey, did I read it right? Yes, if you are in long distant relation and could not come together for exclusive photo invite shoot or you are directly getting into wedlock without an engagement then getting the photo together wouldn’t be possible. Here, Photoshop comes up as a savior. Talk to your would-be-bride and decide the kind of apparel that you would both wear. It is important that the color and style should complement each other, once it is decided you can go for a separate photo shoot. Once you get the picture send it a Photoshop editor. He will create the magic by bringing together both the picture on the same frame on some exotic background.

Floral Theme Cards

Vital Tips:

• Choose a card that is just right for photo invite. Remember every card is not meant for photo invite.
• Choose the photograph that matches with your wedding theme.
• Don’t forget to take opinion of your would-be-bride on the selection of unique wedding invite, as wedding is about both of you.
• Select a twofold invitation card.
• Decide where you would like to have the photograph, on top of the invite or inside.
Don’t forget to order Floral Theme Cards invitation.

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A look at Top 5 Wedding Themes popular among Indian Couples

Every couple has their own dream on how to get into wedlock. The wedding themes make it a reality. It surely enhances the beauty of wedding. Let us take a look at top wedding themes famous with Indian bride & groom.

1.   Traditional Wedding Theme:

The traditional wedding ceremony tops the list of wedding themes selected by couples. It is not only the favorite of Indian but also foreign couples planning to get into wedlock in India. The foot tapping music, delicious food, stunning decor makes it a really memorable. The wedding ceremony takes place according to the auspicious time (Muhraoot) and every traditional ritual is followed religiously.

2.   Valentine Theme Wedding:

The day meant for celebration of love has been quickly becoming the favorite day to get into wedlock for the couples in love. Heart shaped cutouts, balloons, cakes, red roses, scented candles all make the February 14 nuptial really special. The guests eagerly look forward be part of the ceremony. Guests are invited to the ceremony by using heart shaped wedding invitation card. The guests are given wedding favors like heart shaped keychain, photo frame, soft toys etc.  If you are in love and want the day to be special then get into wedlock on the day meant to celebrate love. Believe, us it will make you feel special.

Wedding invitation cards

3.   Beach Wedding in Goa:

Destination wedding in the serene beaches of Goa has caught the fascination of modern Indian bride & groom. Beach wedding is a close knit affair with close friends and relatives. You don’t need to spend a whooping amount on decor as beaches look beautiful in the natural way.  When it comes to food live food counters serving hot snacks are a huge hit. Beach wedding is going to be incomplete without some fine wine. The guests are served some the exotic hard drinks. Of course for teetotalers there are soft drinks and fresh juices. The guests with the newlywed have gala time on beaches indulging in various water sports.

4.   Palace Wedding:

Getting into wedlock in a royal palace makes it into the list of wedding themes popular with Indian couples. Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bangalore and Hyderabad have some of the most stunning palace in India. Wedding in royal way is a dream comes true. Ever element of wedding has a gracious touch of majesty and novelty whether is scroll wedding invitation card used for inviting guests or long list of cuisines. Your guests are going to remember the ceremony for ever.
wedding themed cards

5.   Bollywood Theme wedding:

Get into wedlock into total Filmi style with all the Jhkatas Matkas and twist of B-town Masala Movies. The movies famous with couples for Bollywood Wedding Theme include Joda-Akbar, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Hum Saath Saath Hai, to name a few. The venue looks like a perfect replica of movie set. The guests come in dressed in Bollywood attires. The bride & groom and guests perform on some chartbuster Bollywood numbers.

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How to prepare Destination Wedding Guests list?

The destination weddings are generally small affair consisting of only close relatives & friends. Preparing the guests list for destination nuptial is tough task. In traditional wedding your focus is on not missing anyone but here you need to smartly bring down the guest list.  The moment you announce the destination nuptial fewer people will expect to get the invite, but still

here we are going to tell you how to prepare destination wedding guest list.

1.  Decide how many people to invite:

The first step in destination wedding is to decide how many people you are planning to invite. Remember, it will surely have an effect on your wedding budget. If you are getting into wedlock outside India then you can keep the list anywhere between 30 to 50 people. If it is within Indian then 50 to 80 people will be just right. Well, final decision on how many people to invite is solely yours.
wedding invitation card
2.  Preparing the guest list:

  • As we said earlier nuptial at a far away land is small affair consisting of close group, so ask yourself who are the person very close to you and you wish them to be part of the wedding ceremony. Secondly, think whether they would be able to make it to the wedding. The reason for not being able to make it to the ceremony can be many like health problems, financial problems, business or personal commitments.
  • Take out a pen and paper and write down names of close friends and relatives.
  • Here you can give a skip to your colleagues and distinct relatives without a second thought. It will make your job bit easy.
  • The other people you can remove from the list includes trouble makers, you would want the ceremony to be happy affair, so it is wise to give a skip to constantly nagging people.
  • Finally, you will have a list of friends and family members whose presence matters to you a lot. Go ahead and invite them for the wedding.

When to send invite for destination nuptial?

The guests need more time to prepare for the wedding at a faraway land. Make it a point to send the save the date card at least a year before the ceremony. If there is not a year’s gap then send out save-the-date as soon as the wedding date is fixed. Don’t forget to include information about the trip.
online wedding cards

How to decide on the kind of Invite?

Here the traditional invite will just look out of place, so you need a unique wedding invitations that match with the theme of your nuptial. If you are not having any theme then just having picture of the popular destination on the card will tell the guest about the place. For instance if you are planning nuptial in Agra then picture of Taj Mahal will tell the guests that the place is none other the city famous for monument of true love. Before you go ahead with ordering invite make sure to get some sample wedding cards. Taking a good look at the card is always right rather than simply ordering the cards.

Finally, don’t forget to throws lavish reception once you are back, invite all those people who were not invited in the wedding.

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How to arrange a Gracious & Memorable 50th Anniversary Party

Are you planning your parent’s 50th Anniversary party? Wondering how to manage the logistics and other intricate details of the anniversary party? Then, your search has landed on the right page. Scroll down to find out some essential tips to arrange a 50th-anniversary party.

Party Invitations:

Begin with creating a guests list with names of the relatives and friends you would like to invite. The list should be created personally by every member of the family first, and then combined deleting names that have repeated. Discuss with your family members and decide how many guests you would like to entertain in the party. The size of the guest list should primarily depend on your party budget.

Once the guest list is finalized, it’s time to print an anniversary invitation card. These days most people prefer personalized cards that have the couple’s photo printed on it. If you have decided upon a theme for the party, then you can customize the card according to the theme. Send RSVP invites so that you get a confirmation of the final number of guests list that would be attending the party. You can consider scroll wedding invitation cards that would be customized to suit the occasions.

Online wedding CardsDecorations:

50th anniversary is also called Golden Jubilee year. Hence you can consider gold as the theme for the venue décor. Place a bold and large banner outside the venue, welcoming the guests for the occasion. The banner can have the couple with folded hands welcoming the guests to offer a personal touch. Place balloon bouquets all over the venue with the numeral ‘50’ written on it boldly. These balloons can be in golden or silver color. If you want to place red heart shaped balloons, then you can have satin ribbons curled as the strings of the balloons.

With regards to the interior décor, you can have a wall dedicated to the couple’s journey since their wedding day. Let the couple and the rest of the guests go through the lovely journey the anniversary couple had experienced to date. Create a writing board corner, where guests can write testimonials mentioning all good things they feel about the couple. If not, pass scrapbooks to each guest where they can pen down their feelings about the couple.

Wedding invitations

Table decorations and party menu:

If gold is the theme, then golden colored linens and curtains will enhance the look of the décor. When it comes to table décor, then drinkware and plates with golden lining and crystal or white china material would look chic and elegant. Be it an indoor or outdoor décor, lanterns filled with candles either hung from the ceiling or placed on tables would look charming.

Ensure the menu suits the theme of the event. It can also be a favorite food list of the couple or a multi-cuisine platter that would suit all taste buds. Ensure the menu is loved by all, and cherished till the last bite.

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Top 7 Tips to Organize Wedding in the Woods

Would you like to exchange your wedding vows in the midst of nature, with Mother Earth blessing you from all directions? If yes, then you can plan a wedding in the woods. It offers an eternally romantic ambiance; you would require less artificial decorations since the natural beauty of the forests would do the much needed to provide a classic wedding ambiance. All that you need to arrange a marriage in the wood will be a catering and seating arrangements. We bring to you a few easy-to-implement tips that will help you in organizing a wedding in the woods.

1.   Wedding invitation cards:  A rustic themed wedding Scroll cards would be the right choice for the marriage theme. A lovely dense forest background with calligraphic fonts written in white or golden color would look attractive. You can try printing a scroll wedding invitations card for the theme.

Scroll Cards

2.  Wedding venue:  Bring in the best of nature while finalizing a wedding venue. You can try a forest area near your house. A place that is surrounded by tall and dense trees will give you a perfect backdrop. Make sure you finalize an area that is open and is large enough for guests.

3.  Wedding decorations:  Since, nature will be at its best show you would have to include a lot of decorations. A little bit of props here and there can do the necessary enhancement to the ambiance. Make sure the seating arrangement is cozy and plenty enough to accommodate all the guests. You can consider placing eclectic chairs, vintage couches, etc.

4.  Other decorations:  You can have lovely, colorful floral strings hanging from the tree branches. If it is a late evening or night wedding, then you can have lights strategically placed on the trees that will create a charming impression. You can also consider lighting lanterns to give the place perfect forests feel.

Royal weddings

5.  Music:  Silent and soothing music would suit the ambiance. Try getting forest themed songs that will also have calm animal and bird sounds. Do not hire a DJ, who would play a loud pop or rock music. Melodious tunes and jazz music can also be a good choice.

6. Wedding rings:  Say ‘I do’ by exchanging nature inspired wedding finger rings. The rings can have a classic leaf imprinted on it. The initials of the bride and groom’s name can be embossed on it. You can also try a wood finish engagement ring that will have a rustic appearance.

7.  Wedding cake:  A rustic look three-tier cake with a brown texture will be the ideal choice for the wedding theme. Fondant toppings of leaves flowing across the tiers will make the cake look elegant and charming. You can also arrange for cup cakes with log shaped fondant toppings on it.

Wedding in the woods is a unique and attractive concept. It is affordable, and is easy to organize too.

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Top 4 Tips to Arrange an Alice in Wonderland Theme Wedding

Sprinkle in some magic to your love life, by tying the knot in the most delightful fairytale ambiance. Organize an Alice in Wonderland theme marriage ceremony, and show the world your love for the best fable you had heard in your childhood days. Take your guests back the memory lane by conceptualizing a marriage that best depicts the style and elegance of Alice in Wonderland. The best part of organizing this theme is that it is perfect for summer-spring wedding. Arranging the wedding is easy, and looks simple with a royal and classy touch. You must be wondering that the arrangements might be expensive.

However, an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding is economical and can be customized to suit your requirement as per the budget. Read more to find out how –

1.   Wedding Invitation Cards:

With a neat pastel colored background that has a rustic finish to it, an Alice in Wonderland wedding invitation cards looks charming. Try incorporating multi-colored floral designs, either as a minimalistic border or as an overall background. Let the content written on the card be in the form of a fairytale. You can try designing scroll wedding invitations card that will give a perfect feel of the theme. You can also design the card with the fairytale characters in the background.

Scroll cards

2.   Wedding Dress:

Beautiful and traditional are the best words to describe an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding dress. If you wish to give a miss to the commonly used white color, then you can consider pastel shades of pink, cream, blue, or green. Make sure your hairstyle is simple. Let the long, straight tresses flow elegantly over your shoulders. Or else if you want to keep it comfortable, especially to suit the summer climate then tie a bun with lovely hair accessories to enhance its look. The groom can wear a formal suit, and pair it up with a hat.

3.  Wedding Venue Decorations:

The theme gives an opportunity to customize the wedding venue in a number of ways. Try to incorporate the various elements present in the fairytale, like the giant teacup and saucer, colorful door entrances, bridge prop, etc. Bring in the perfect forest look and ask your wedding hall decorator to design different characters of the fairytale, and place them randomly across the hall. It will certainly be a spectacle, not only to the guests, but the kids too. Arrange table mats printed with the different scenes of the fairytale.

Theme Wedding invitations

4.   Wedding cake:

A wedding cake is an essential part of a marriage ceremony. Ask your bakery chef to bake your favorite flavored cake in multiple-tier with toppings of the characters of the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale. If you want to keep it simpler, then you can try the printed cake options too. Not only will it be economical, but will also be perfect for the theme.

Think of different ways to integrate the Alice in Wonderland theme in the best possible manner in your wedding arrangement. After all, you wedding is nothing less compared to a lovely fable.

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Top 5 Cool Tips to Organize a Fanatics Beach-Side Wedding

If you have a winter wedding, then the best destination to choose for a glamorous and scenic wedding backdrop would be a beach. Beach weddings are topping the chart when it comes to theme/destination weddings. After all, who does not love the infinite sea, and the extravagant landscape displayed in the form of the blue sky. Either opts for a lonely beach or go for the most famous ones, but be ready to get mesmerized by the cool breeze and the wet sand on your feet. What better than saying ‘I do’ amidst the best that nature can offer.

Wedding invitation cards

Wondering how to plan a beachside wedding? Then read more to find out -

1.   Wedding Venue:

The venue can be either a lonely beach or a beach resort. A beach resort might be the ideal place as you do not have worry about the service staff, and managing the food and other important preparations for the wedding. If you want to get adventurous, then you can hire wedding venue decorators and caterers to do the needful. Keep the place closer to your house. It will help in easy traveling for your family and guests.

2.   Wedding invitation card:

A beachside wedding theme invitation card is easy to design. You can customize it and make it look gorgeous by attaching shells on it. You can also insert a bracelet made using sea shells in the invitation card envelope and ask your guests to put it on the wedding day. Also, you can try a scroll wedding invitation card to offer a unique way to announce your wedding date.

Scroll Cards

3.   Wedding dress:

Say no to traditional sarees and Lehengas and get yourself a perfect beachside wedding gown. A flowy gown or a sundress with floral designs on it will be perfect attire for a beachside wedding. Let the colors be fresh and bright, and try incorporating multiple colours on the fabric. Keep it simple yet attractive and appealing. The groom can be dressed in cotton shirts and pants that are specially designed for the occasion.

4.   Accessories:

The best accessories to suit the wedding are headbands, bracelets, necklaces etc that are either made using artificial flowers or sea shells. Flip flops or flat sandals that are comfortable to walk on the beach can be perfect footwear. You can ask your guests to dress up in casual yet classy beach dresses. Mention the color code in the invitation card with pastel shades as the preference.

5.  Return gifts:

Gift your guests and beloved family members with the best memories for the wedding. A showpiece or a wall hanging made using sea shells or artificial flowers might be liked by all. If not, you can also gift photo frames accessorized with sea shells and including photos of the guests at the wedding. This will be a lifelong memory of the wedding for your guests.

The mantra to organize the beach side wedding will be to keep it light, simple, and making sure nature plays the best part in your wedding venue.

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Top 5 Budget Wedding Ideas 2016

The budget wedding is gaining popularity all across the globe these days. Couples tend to spend more on their honeymoon or their new house rather than arranging a big fat wedding.

Following are some ideas that will ensure you too can arrange for a budget wedding.

1.   Venue:

One of the most important elements of a wedding preparation, where the couple spends a lot of money is the wedding venue. However, one way of saving up some money on the site is by getting married on a weekday, rather than a weekend. Moreover, if it is a simple wedding, with lesser number of guests, then a backyard wedding venue is an excellent idea.

2.   Food and Drinks:

Another significant aspect, as concerns spending on the wedding, is the food and drinks for the guests. To save up on some money, you can always serve heavy and filling appetizers to the guests so that less money is spent on the full-course meal. Moreover, it also ensures less food is wasted after the ceremony. You can also search for a place, which allows you to get your liquor. Thus buying alcohol from outside will save up on a lot of bucks.

wedding invitations

3.   Wedding Photographers:

Every couple wants this big day of their life clicked in the best possible means. However, hiring a professional photographer can turn out to be an expensive affair. Instead, you can hire a photographer, who has just started his/her business or someone who is really good at it, yet not professional.

4.   Wedding dress:

Couples tend to spend a lot on their wedding attire. However, one thing we must remember is that most of the times, we do not wear the wedding outfit even once after the ceremony. Hence, it is best suggested to either design a dress that can be worn a few times after marriage or create attire that is simple and in your estimated budget also.

5.   Wedding invitation:

Nowadays every card store offers exclusive collection of budget wedding invitation cards. They look elegant and stylish. Best part is that they are not expensive. They are specially designed for couples looking for cheap invitation card that also looks good. They are not costly because they don’t have expensive embellishments on them. The price of card goes up with cuts, designs and embellishments. You will easily get one that is within your budget. A wedding invitation scroll card can also be an innovative and inexpensive option.

scroll card

6.   Wedding return gifts:

Return gifts are an integral part of a wedding. However, if the invitees are large in number, then spending on return gifts can get taxing. However, you can hire someone who runs a gifting business at home to make it economical. You can also consider giving the guests a CD, which you can burn at home. If not, a bagful of candy or sweets can be easy on the pocket. Come up with a return gift idea that is easy to arrange and economical.

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Six Cool Adventure Theme Wedding Ideas

Bring in the adrenaline rush on your wedding day by planning an adventure based theme wedding. Invite the guests using a perfect cheap wedding scrolls invitation that matches with the wedding theme. Be it just the two of you, or get in the whole family for a never-to-forget adventure ride/sport, this theme is certainly going to leave everyone amazed. In fact, these days many couples are planning an adventure theme wedding, and it is quite popular all across the globe.

You need to come up with an adventure theme that will be suitable both in terms of you and your spouse’s health and safety. Ensure you take proper guidance and training from experts before finally tying the knot the exciting way. Moreover, surprises for such a theme do not many times seem pleasant and hence the concept needs to be discussed way before the preparations are made.

scroll card

Some of such adventure concepts you can indulge into are mentioned below:

1.  Air Balloon:

Drift smoothly high above the ground and say ‘I Do’ to the love of your life, amidst the clouds and birds. A hot air balloon decorated with lovely flowers and ribbons, to carry you and your love in a world that has just the two of you- doesn’t it sound eternally romantic? You can arrange hot air balloons for your close relatives and friends too, so that you exchange the vows in the presence of your family and friends applauding the precious moment in complete excitement.

2.  Paragliding:

If heights don’t scare you and your partner, then a paragliding adventure theme would be a perfect choice. If you plan the wedding during the time of sunrise or sunset, then get ready to be mesmerized by the flamboyant and vibrant colors of the sky. You would, however, need an accurate training session before the D-day. Fly high with your partner and shout out ‘I do’ to let the world know about the lovely bond you share.

3.  Cycling:

If you and your spouse is a fitness freak, then cycling up a hill and expressing ‘I do’ seems to be an enthralling choice. You can arrange for transportation for your guests to reach the hill top, before the ceremony. If your guests are equally enthusiastic, then you can get them to cycle up the hill along with you.

bar mitzvah scroll

4.  Bungee Jumping:

This adventure theme goes well with the phrase – ‘Falling in Love’. Climb up the cliff and experience a steep bungee jump, shouting out the love for your soul mate. If you are looking out for more adventure, then you can exchange the rings staying upside down too.

5.  Scuba Diving:

If beaches excite you and your spouse, then you can engage into a scuba diving session on your wedding day. Say those magical words to your fiancée underwater in the most calm and serene environment ever. Let the colorful underwater species be the witness of your marriage.

6.  Rock climbing:

Climb up a rock and exchange vows at the top of the mountain high above the ground level. You might sweat out a lot, however, the reason to do so will certainly be a booster for you.

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