Create The Most Wonderful Memories With Cinderella Invitation Cards

Remember when you were a little girl and at that young impressionable age, fairy tales fascinated you the most. You learned small little lessons of life from these fairy tale characters especially the female protagonists like Cinderella, whom you found not only beautiful but also strong and full of goodness. You picked up traits like benevolence and kindness and at the same time you realized, that this girl’s suffering and struggles couldn’t take away her innocence and sweet disposition. Finally, despite all the odds she was rewarded, as she found the love of her life in the most romantic and thrilling manner. That innocent romance has somewhere left an indelible mark on you and now when you are going to be the bride, the only theme wedding that you want is inspired from Cinderella.

Cinderella Themed Invitations

Theme Weddings are very special and everything about them has to revolve around the theme chosen by the To-Be-Wedded Couple. There is no denying the fact that theme weddings need to be planned in a more meticulous and organized manner, otherwise it can be a disappointing affair. To begin with, Theme Based Invitations have to be designed so well that they set the mood of the wedding party and the guests to get a peek-a-boo through these invites and already feel the excitement of the event.

Cinderella Invitation Cards will do the same to your Cinderella theme based wedding. These invites will add glamour and uniqueness to your marriage and are going to make it the most memorable day not only for you but also for the guests who may not have witnessed any event like this. The design of this invite has to be well planned and involving professionals who have experience and expertise in guiding, advising and creating that incredible piece of ingenuity in the form of invitations, will be the first prudent step in making your theme wedding a successful affair.

Themed Wedding Cards

We at The Scroll Wedding Invitations understand your fantasies and dreams and help you fulfill them in the most hassle-free manner. Our collection of Cinderella Invitations is going to leave you spellbound, giving you many reasons to smile and feel reassured that you have come to the right place. Apart from the exquisite collection that we proudly display for you, we also give you the freedom to create your design and we will customize it according to your choice and taste. These invitation cards, embellished with trendy style are going to steal everyone’s heart. Sure enough, they are going to cast an impression of awe and wonder, lighting a spark of envy in every heart which comes across this unique creation.

Your big day will be remembered and cherished forever as a trend setter day. Be it the Scroll Card with a box which personifies romance and glamour or a Cut-out Card in the form of Cinderella’s Castle or a card embellished with Ribbons, Tassels and Intricate, with the dainty design most aptly related to the princess in love.

Browse through our most wonderful collection and order your free samples.

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What Is Fascinating About Wooden Scroll Invitations?

Have you ever received an invitation card for a wedding or any other occasion that left you so mesmerized and enchanted with its uniqueness that you wanted to preserve it as a keepsake or as a beautiful memory to be cherished forever? If it had sometimes happened with you, it must be something as royal and majestic as a scroll invites which, though belonging to the bygone era still hold the fascination in the modern times.

Scrolls, which were in earlier times also known as ‘farmaans’, were exchanged by the royal families to announce an event or send a message. These Wooden Scroll cards were traditionally sent to friends and family as invites and till date, their regal appearance steals the hearts of those who receive them. That is why sending invitations in the form of wooden scrolls has never lost its charm and attraction even in the times when modern values and customs have become the way of life with us. Somewhere, these beautiful invites could not fade out with time. They will be etched in the memories of your guests forever as the most unique and exclusive invitation they have ever received. Only the people with royal taste can understand the impact they leave on others through the rare ensemble of beauty and ingenuity at its best.

Wooden Scroll Invitations

We at Scroll Wedding Invitations know and understand how to create an everlasting impact through these immensely creative invites which remain unmatched and exceptional in every manner. Our most amazing variety offers superior quality at the most affordable prices. Our designers skilfully construct and design these wooden scrolls in the most alluring and winsome designs with the help of embellishments that are breathtakingly beautiful and no doubt, if the event is theme based these wooden scrolls are going to act as icing on the cake. We offer the variety that leaves no doubt in your mind that you have come to the right place. We feel happy if our customers want their own ideas to be materialized in the form of Customised Invites and our designers leave no stone unturned in bringing to life, the ideas conceived by you.

Our scrolls are available in the multitude of shapes and designs and can be given a contemporary or traditional look, as per our esteemed customers’ taste, choice and preference. Our constant endeavour is only to create magic with these royal scrolls that no other invites can do as no resurgence from the past is as beautiful as these spellbinding wooden scrolls.

Wooden Scroll cards

Scroll Wedding Invitations truly believes that perfection can be achieved through supreme efforts, which must reflect in the superior quality material and innovative ideas. Our traditional and contemporary designs are classy and sophisticated. We have been bringing trendy and innovative invites at your doorstep as we know that though old is gold but change is also welcomed by many. Our passion is the major driving force in motivating us. As a result, we have gained popularity and admiration from our customers all over the world.

Visit us and browse through our amazing collection of wooden scrolls and order your free sample today!!

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Leave A Lasting Impression With Immaculate RSVP Wording

Repondez s’il vous plait, a French phrase which means, “Please respond”, gives an indication as to where it must be used. It is mentioned in the invites to request for confirmation from the guests. This phrase came into existence in 1845, used by the elite. Its journey is said to begin from the courts in Europe and eventually reached North America. We can say that RSVP is still used for invitations but the responses have declined.

RSVP cards

In order to overcome this difficulty as it is essential for the host to know what number of guests to expect, they have started attaching a small reply card but even that has not proved to be a very successful solution. It seems the solution lies in how to frame RSVP that it brings maximum responses. It means words or the text should be so emphatic and effective as to bring the immediate reply for the host.

Here are a few tips on Rsvp Invitation Wordings which would help the hosts in planning their event well but one must understand a few points. Firstly, it is better not to send RESPONSE cards with the invitation. They can be sent later when the due date is close by. This gives the guests time to decide. Secondly, the host must send a self- addressed envelope or postcard duly stamped. This would make it convenient for the guests to respond. Thirdly, the host must set a deadline for the guests to send their reply by e.g.

“Kindly respond by December 10 on the link provided below or Kindly respond online by December 10”. Fourthly, in the RSVP cards, do mention the menu and ask for the guests choice of food, may be as vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Wordings in your RSVP cards which can be printed for a YES or NO response:

  1.  We’d love to attend.
    Regrets. Will not be able to make it.
    2. Graciously accept.
    Regretfully decline.

Some funny examples:

  1.  Not for you but for yummy food, I’ll be there.
    Oh! No! Will live to regret this forever.
    2. Waiting to hit the dance floor or the bar.
    Will terribly miss the dance floor or the bar.

Wedding Invitation Rsvp

For more such tips and ideas do visit Scroll Wedding Invitations, which is one destination online store, to help you in planning your invites with lots of innovative and creative. You will get your RSVP cards as per your requirement, be it a theme party or a destination wedding or a formal occasion. Your search ends here where you find the solution to any of your apprehensions and confusions regarding the colour or texture of the invite, the kind of text, whether to have a simple and elegant one or a flashy and vibrant. At unmatched prices, you get what you are looking for and much more.

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How To Make Your Ring Ceremony The Most Memorable?

Ring ceremony alias sagai is an important pre-wedding ceremony where bride and groom-to-be exchange rings as a promise of a lifelong commitment. In India, this ceremony has become a perfect blend of traditional and modern where the ceremony is initiated by some religious rituals and may culminate with a dance party. These days due to the paucity of time, the ring ceremony may be held a day or two prior to the wedding so that all the relatives and friends who have come to attend the wedding are present to bless the couple.

Indian weddings, are the brightest, most vibrant and accompanied with lots of rituals to be performed according to the customs and traditions of that particular region or province.

Ring ceremony Invitations

Ring ceremony is an event in itself and involves many arrangements to be made ranging from decorations, food, entertainment and much more. When two persons get engaged or wedded in India, it is the wedding of their families too. Indian weddings are unique in a way that they give importance to each and every relative and friend involving and specifying their roles in the various ceremonies.

Engagement of a couple is witnessed by many guests who come to wish them well and bless them. Ring ceremony is not a very old pre-wedding custom which has its influence from the western culture. It can be said to be more urban in character.

The Betrothal Ceremony guests need to be invited with lots of warmth and affection which can be very effectively catered for by Scroll Wedding Invitations in the most beautiful and creative manner. With its unique and exclusive collection of most enthralling and enticing Ring ceremony Invitations, your event is surely going to stand out to be cherished as a beautiful memory forever.

RSVP cards

We personalize and customize your invites according to your taste and preference giving it a traditional or contemporary look as per the choice. Attractive religious motifs or symbols in an array of colors or some modern abstract design, we have all the variety. We provide add-ons like RSVP cards to make your event hassle-free and convenient. We understand your needs and give importance to the smallest detail so that you get the best outcome and most fulfilling results with your online shopping experience.

To enjoy the most reasonable prices and quality unmatched, visit Scroll Wedding Invitations and experience the rich collection.

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8 Message Ideas To Include In Scroll Sweet 16 Invitations

Writing the most appropriate message in scroll Sweet 16 invitations is a challenging task. You want the message to strike an age-appropriate maturity level for your teenager. Many Sweet 16 invite messages focus on certain legal milestones as the major focus, i.e. being able to drive. In some cultures, turning 16 is a stepping stone to adulthood which means the teen is obligated to carry out certain responsibilities, i.e. at his/her synagogue.

If you’re looking for unique message ideas to include in your teen’s scroll Sweet 16 invitations, then consider the following:

Message #1

You’re especially invited to (teen’s name) Happy 16th Birthday! Don’t Text ‘N Drive!

scroll Sweet 16 invitations

Message #2

Congrats on turning 16. We know you’ll be a safe and capable driver because you’ve had ample experience driving us crazy for the past 15 years! Happy 16th Birthday!

Help our son/daughter get the last bit of craziness out at his/her Sweet 16 bash!

Message #3

Happy Sweet 16! You will get many opportunities to play an adult from now on, but why waste your precious childhood on adult responsibilities? Enjoy your year ahead!

Message #4

Turning 16 means you’re four years from being 12 and 4 years from turning 20! Enjoy your middle teenage years! Help (child’s name) kick-start his/her middle teen years by coming to his/her Sweet 16 celebrations!

Sweet 16 birthday invitations

Message #5

It’s time to put away the attitude and demonstrate the ‘sweet’ in turning Sweet 16. Happy Birthday! You’re invited to a special out with the ‘tude celebrations!

Message #6

Happy Sweet 16! The law has declared (name of the teen) old enough to operate a vehicle, but we know he/she is just a really smart 10 years old, with 6 years of driving experience. Come and enjoy (teen’s name) special day!

Message #7

On this special occasion of our son/daughter’s 16th birthday, we are inviting you to witness our child become immersed in his/her faith in God. Your presence is requested at this blessed occasion as we celebrate this special milestone in our child’s life.

Message #8

Seeing our dear son/daughter turn 16 makes us feel like proud parents because we know what they’ve accomplished in these last few years. We are excited by the progress they are making and will strive to continue as they mature. We cordially invite you to share in our child’s joyous, coming-of-age celebrations!

To order your Sweet 16 scroll invites today, visit Scroll Wedding Invitations.

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How To Select The Perfect Designer Wedding Invitations?

The gravity of selecting designer wedding invitations is similar to selecting your wedding dress; it has to be perfect! Your wedding invitation will set the theme and tone for your special day. You want to create the best first impression.

The following guide will help you select the finest designer wedding invitations for your big day:


Designer wedding cards feature sleek and contemporary finishes. They may have a touch of religious and traditional motifs, but these do not take centre stage. The layout of the card is also quite different. For example, the invite may resemble a small book with a jacket. The jacket itself may feature an intricate patterned laser cut jacket. The font of the wording is elaborate and cursive. The entire card may be presented as a box, a book, a wooden scroll, any elaborate presentation style.

Laser-Cut Designs
Color Scheme:

Designer wedding invites favour color schemes with rich shades and metallic hues, i.e. deep purple with gold, red and gold, blue and silver, etc. The colors are typically dark, complemented by bright metallic to reflect the celebratory mood of the occasion.


Designer wedding invitations often feature semi-precious or precious stones and crystals in their presentation. They may have a ribbon or bow attached to the card. The card may feature elaborate, laser-cut invitations designs and the use of luxurious fabrics such as silk and velvet.

Designer wedding cards


Designer themed invites are typically made from special materials. These can be thick card paper, velvet, handmade paper, vellum, wood etching, etc.


Perhaps the most striking feature of a designer invite is the add-on component. Couples who choose this theme for their invitation will often pair it with a box of chocolates, Indian sweets, a bottle of wine or sparkling juice, a basket of exotic fruits, etc.

Selecting just one from the myriad of designer wedding invitations that are out there can be a difficult task. The trick is to choose one that jumps out at you immediately. To view a beautiful and unique selection of designer wedding invites, visit Indian Wedding Card.

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Why Are Scroll Party Invitations Becoming A Popular Choice For Weddings?

Scroll invitations have regained their once prevalent status and it seems like their popularity is here to stay. The scroll style has been around from the time of kings, queens, and dynasties when announcements were written and read on elegant scroll-like fabrics. The messages that were relayed on them were called Farman. These were commonly exchanged between members of the royal family.

Today, scroll invitations are becoming the most sought-after invitation style for announcing upcoming weddings and parties. Ever wonder, what’s so special about scroll invitations that makes them an age-old favorite?

Classic Design:

Scroll invitations have a beautiful design that almost always receives a look of awe. These invitations come in a myriad of patterns, designs, colors, and motifs. In addition, scroll invitations can be customized. You may if you wish to add fringes or tassels to your invite or have the entire thing printed on the velvet-backed card. This all depends on your budget and the type of wedding you are planning.

Scroll invitations


Part of the charm in receiving a scroll invitation is its packaging. They are often placed in an attractive velvet string pouches or wooden covers and boxes. These have elaborate motifs and designs on them as well. Unlike regular wedding invitations, the receiver of the invite truly feels special upon receiving a scroll invitation. In this case, the packaging is as beautiful as the invite itself.


Scroll invitations are available in many style options. You may order them as a small scroll, high-end scroll, box scroll, traditional scroll, fabric scroll, contemporary scroll, wooden scroll, colored scroll, theme scroll, framed scroll, etc.

Scroll wedding invitations


One of the biggest benefits of using a scroll is that you don’t have to change the wording of your invite. It can be very simple or elaborate. The general details will be the same such as the names of the bride and groom, their respective parents, details of the venue, time of the ceremony, details about other wedding events, etc. You can adjust the font of your scroll invite to suit the occasion as well. Cursive fonts suit scroll invitations quite well.

To order your scroll party invitations, visit Scroll Wedding Invitations.


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Birthday Party Theme: Angry Birds

Birthdays parties ought to be special and parents make it sure that the kids and friends have fun and enjoy this day to the fullest. The birthday party theme is set keeping the choice of child in mind and these days cartoon characters have taken an important place and the party theme and cakes are planned according to them.

 Birthday Invitations

The latest to create a buzz is the game Angry Birds. This is a game that is favorite of all the kids and it has become the latest birthday party theme. The decorations for this theme need to be bright and generally primary colors are used. Further the plates, napkins; cups can have the pictures of Angry Birds and the Pigs characters of the game. Although this is not compulsory still if you want these are easily available in the market. Apart from these the birthday party invitations can be shaped like angry birds or it can be a regular invite with the pose of the Angry Birds character on it. Everything at the party can have the theme of angry birds over them.

 Birthday Invitations

The kids would love if you plan some activities related to this game, you can easily hire a blow up slide and can place it in the open space with all angry birds and pigs a part of them kids will definitely enjoy the setup and it would give the real gaming experience. There are many other games that can be planned like Pig stomp, Star gatherer, Golden pig hunt, etc.

You can hide goodies and other stuff in the yard and kids would love to search them. Next comes the cake, you can order a simple cake and then can decorate it with angry bird figures and balls or you can get a cake on the same theme ordered, you can also make a cake yourself the details are easily available over the internet.

 Birthday Invitations

The goodies can also be planned around this theme you can yourself design them with birds figurine or you can give bird nests, or golden egg shaped erasers. You can also design goodie bags with angry bird’s goodies in it. This kind of party would be a memorable and enjoyable experience not only for your kid but all his friends, this kind of birthday party would require proper planning and careful organizing. There are various stores that would make everything available to you at cheap prices.

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Some Basic Details about having a Theme Wedding

It is lots of fun to have a theme wedding than the traditional wedding. Not only fun but a theme wedding is also an easy way to get married. The events are more involving and don’t look like homework you have to do anyway. What really takes time is the decision to settle on a particular theme because there are so many of them and all of them are equally exciting.

There are themes wedding invitations about everything you can think of. There are the traditional themes or unusual themes like the Star Wars theme, and they all look good as it is executed. Themes like Star Wars or Pirates sounds a little weird but people do wed in these themes and they look fine doing it.

Theme Based Invitations

Do your research well, and finalize the wedding theme as soon as possible. This way you can move on to work on the details. In a theme wedding, everything should be according to the theme only. The decorations, the costumes, the scroll wedding invitation cards, even the food and liquor should be used according to the theme.

It is important to have the invitation card which reflects your theme because it will give invitees an idea of how to dress for your wedding event. It will also help them in selecting a present for you which goes with the theme.

Scroll Invitations

Apart from that, make sure the return gifts you will give to your guests should be reflecting the theme. This will leave a mark on your guest’s memory and they will always have cherishing memories of your wedding. You cannot choose to follow the theme with the return gift, but your guests will forget those gifts. On the other hand, a memorable themed gift will always make them remember the most beautiful day of your life.

Apart from the invitation card and return gift, all other little details must be tuned according to the theme wedding Invitations. Working on details start with the bridal gown for the bride, it is extremely important that you have the best bridal gown that goes with the theme.

Box Scroll Invitations

You should ask the decorators to make sure that the flowers arranged for decoration of the venue is matching with the theme of the wedding. It gives the wedding an authentic feel, but the decoration must not be overdone. There is a thin line between a unique decoration and a tacky one and you must take care that it only manages to look unique.

Choose a theme which is popular and your guest should relate with it in one way or the other. There are some themes that the guests may feel like an alien, being a part of it. Such as the Star Wars theme, it doesn’t make sense to have it if the guests know nothing about it. However having a more general theme like the Hollywood or Bollywood theme will give the guests many things to notice and talk about.

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