5 Tips for Selecting the Wedding Theme

Wedding is one of the biggest events in any person’s life. The rituals, the vows, the blessings, the gathering, the joy, everything makes the occasion an event to remember for the couples. The moments they share in the weddings remain with them for their entire life.

Weddings hence form a wonderful journey for them. Couples want to make their weddings a memorable event and design it according to their taste and preference. The concept of theme wedding has been popularised in recent times. Several wedding themes are there like fairytale wedding, safari style wedding, ice and fire theme wedding, beach wedding, whimsical wedding etc. The choice of themes depends on the personality and taste of individual couples. Adventurous couples like safari theme weddings, couples with inclination towards seas and ocean go for the beach theme weddings etc. The tips for selecting the right wedding theme are:

1.  Taste of the couple:

The taste and preference of the couple is utmost important while configuring the right wedding themes. People of different personalities choose different wedding themes. Adventurous couples go for the safari style, while young couples like the whimsical theme of wedding, people who love sea are fond of beach weddings, girls who have loved fairytales all through her childhood like fairytale theme of wedding.

2.  Mood of the couple:

Selection of wedding theme depends on the mood of the couple. During summers couples usually prefer whimsical or beach theme weddings. Safaris are mainly winter wedding themes. Fire and ice theme wedding is also for winter. Fairytale weddings are weddings for all season. People can choose from a varied range of wedding themes as per their mood.

3.  Budget of the wedding:

The budget of the wedding is one prime factor behind selection of the theme. The guest list, menu of food, drinks and other snacks and drinks, decoration, the wedding ritual, etc everything has to be planned within the fixed budget. Theme weddings involve various things apart from the main event. Creation of the entire look, feel and ambience includes a lot of expenses. Couples are advised to calculate the expenditure before selecting any particular theme.

Indian scroll wedding cards

4.  Rituals of the wedding:

Certain communities have certain rituals of their own. Wedding themes need to be selected considering those. The rituals form an important part of the wedding. These need to be accustomed with the wedding theme and themes should be wisely chosen.

5.  Guest list of the wedding reception:

The guest list also has effects on the wedding themes. Some wedding these requires particular wedding destinations. While choosing those destinations one should keep in mind about the arrival, stay and accommodation of his guest list there. Communication of that place should be connected with the places the guests will be coming from. Also there has to be proper arrangement for their stay in that particular place.

indian wedding scrollsThese are top five tips to select the wedding theme. Whatever wedding themes you are choosing make it a point to talk to your fiance. Secondly, choose a wedding scroll invitation cards that blend with the theme of nuptial.

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If you want your wedding day to seem traditional but yet to roll you back to the most famous blockbuster, then you must go for a Bollywood theme based wedding. The magnificence and the extravagance is taken to the next level is such weddings. While the ideas can be drawn from a song or a stream of scenes in one of the movies in the mid-90’s, the peppy music, and the colorful ambience makes the event like never before. Here are top 3 inspired themes from cinemas to make the wedding ceremony unusual.

1.  ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’:

While this blockbuster still remains to entertain everyone till the end, it completely captures the spirit of a traditional, splendid wedding conducted in North India. The Antakshari and the Jhute Do Paise Lo’ not only spells fun but also is the hottest trend setter to ensure that every aspect has been included in the nuptial. You would be definitely inspired by Madhuri-Salman pair as they boast their traditional style with a backless Choli and an elegant wedding suit. Since that year, these attires have been stashed in the closet of every boy and girl’s wardrobe. They have made up their minds to adorn themselves on their wedding day. Have you?

scroll card invitations

2.  ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’:

Thanks to the director, Aditya Chopra, the movie which stars Shahrukh Khan and Kajol starts with love and then turns out to be an roller coaster ride enough to strike a chord between them. It takes you back to the tranquil beauty and the traditions of Punjab. Everything from fantasizing in a towel dance, romantic love songs, to the notes of Shahrukh’s guitar to connect with Kajol in the fields of yellow flowers weaves the movie into a wonderful wedding epic. As the newly-wed couple starts off its journey for the forthcoming years, they can plan for any of the low-lying countries spread across ‘Europe’ as their honeymoon destination. Europe is portrayed as the movie starts when actor and the actress are trying to submit their love and hearts to each other. The ‘Mendhi Saaja ke Raakhana’ song gives you the beats on which you could celebrate the occasion on a ‘Bhangda’ dance.

3.  ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’:

As this movie depicts actors and actresses younger than their ages, ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ can be nicknamed as ‘Modern Ramayana’. Nevertheless, dharma has been best conveyed through the bondage between family relationships, the holiness with which the marriage is to be performed, and the importance of customs. Besides the ceremony, it portrays the affection that has been poured throughout the plot. A brother, sister, wife, mother-in-law; whatever might be the relationship with the boy or the girl, the stars have enacted in the movie to bring the true meaning of an ideal relative. The dresses of the trio, Karishma Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, and Tabbu give a great idea of the bride’s wedding trousseau.

scroll invitation card

If you are a big Bollywood fan then go for any of these themes to have a Bollywood style wedding. Decorate the venue by placing cutouts of actors from the movie. Get the Scroll wedding invitation cards printed in form Bollywood Movie ticket. The wedding will surely win the heart of everyone because of blockbuster B-town touch.

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9 Rose Scented Ideas for Rose Theme Wedding

Every flower exudes beauty. Far most importantly, rose is the most admired among flowers and each shade signifies something different. While yellow roses epitomize friendship, the red rose shows off love. A rose theme wedding is one of the hottest across any season worldwide. Here are top ideas for this theme wedding to awe-strike the guests as they arrive.

1.   First, comes wedding invitation, here you have two options either go for a rose shaped wedding card or go for a gracious red wedding scrolls. You can send the send Wedding scroll cards invitation with a bunch of roses.

indian wedding scrolls

2.   For decorating tables, you can deck them with a glass vintage inspired lantern encircles with roses of different colors. This adds romance as the men along with their wives have a whale of their time during the social event. Alternatively, you can keep gold plated vases with roses tucked inside as prominent centerpieces.

3.   As you warmly welcome your guests, you can present the ladies with either a single rose or a bunch of roses. The notes of aromatic roses tucked in the archway will surely refresh and rejuvenate them.

4.   For the wedding favors, you can offer them small roses laced with silk ribbons. These can be of any color and it totally depends on your choice. Either rose scented soaps or candles too can be given off to the guests whether they can be bought easily from the local market and the expenses fit into your budget.

5.   As you tick off the every task on the to-do list, for the venue, you can select a rose garden or a backyard next to the bride’s apartment adorned with rose plants.

6.   A small heart shaped figure can be used as the backdrop of stage packed with rose petals. This would bring is a feeling of performing a ‘Heart-N-Roses’ ceremony. As the ceremony is due to be blessed, the bride can show her joy by throwing rose petals in the air followed by the Groom. These would symbolize an eternal relationship and bondage of love and promises even both of them have to traverse through different thickets in their married life.

wedding invitation scroll cards

7.   During the initial moment of celebration, guest pleasers could either be dazzling pair of macaroons which sandwich tasty cream in the middle. Alternatively, simply chocolate cupcakes iced with fresh sweet cream too can be served.

8.   At the reception, you can add an extra touch of romance by decorating the tables with rose petals for the magnificence to ooze out to the greatest extent. As the tableware is arranged, you can place a light shaded napkin tied with a matching thick ribbon to make the outlook much more elegant.

9.   If the venue is huge hall, then you could coordinate with the caretaker to design or arrange for big balls packed with either pink or red roses. These can be strung at places between the lights all across the ceiling. This would bring in enthralling and a bit of an additional grandeur to the occasion. Again, this would matter if you comfortable with no limits to the expenditure.

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4 Cool Tips to Organize a Magical Fairytale Theme Wedding

Usually, a fairytale always end with a marriage. A result of everlasting love between the lead character and the blonde depicted in the tale.The plot intrigues every young girl to envision herself to put on the airs of ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Princess Jasmine’ and fantasize herself getting married in a fairytale theme based wedding. The nuptial is as synonymous as the one held in the age old churches and reminds you of the golden periods of the Victorian Era. If you want to fulfill that dream, then here are tips and ideas that would make the occasion memorable and keep that mesmerizing effect all years long.

1.  Some Wedding Decor Ideas:

If the venue is a hall sprawled across a good amount of floor space, then you deck it with soft, pretty, bouquet of fairly large roses. Alternatively, buy fresh dahlias or peonies. The color is preferable white, but if these flowers are not easily available in the market then, contact your wedding coordinator for substitutes or take his suggestion as to what would look stunning. The entrance, ceiling just above the aisle, and the marriage alter is all that you need to decorate. For the bride, go for a tailor made pumpkin coach as she imagines herself to be Cinderella while seated to receive gifts. You would have to splash white, the symbol of peace everywhere right from the chairs, and tables for the guests. This can be achieved by suitable regal, linen or silk cloth. Without these thoughts, the ceremony would appear incomplete. However, if white seems to be odd to your style then you could go for bright and vivid shaded items to suit your taste.

2.  Venue:

Depending on the traditions, apparently, every nuptial can’t be held in a palace. A hall of vintage inspired hotel can serve you to its best. If expenses are troubling you, then you could opt for an airy open garden. A garden that is quite huge enough to accommodate that large number of invitees who have been eagerly waiting to shower their blessings of prosperity on the couple.

3.  Invitation Cards:

A white wedding scroll cards invitation is the right choice for a fairytale theme wedding. It is just prefect to invoke that magical ambiance.
scroll wedding invitation cards

4.  Attires:

For the girl, you could take your pick from one of the wedding gowns that are magical and radiant as the sun. To mirror her like those brides in fairy tales, you can go for a single tier veil that draws its inspiration again from ‘Cinderella’. Embroidered and studded with dazzling small rhinestones, this attire captures the grace and beauty of a girl. For the groom, you could purchase a waist length tuxedo to complement it with a white silk shirt, black trousers, and a black bow. When it is the time to select foot wear, for the bride, you could go for sparkling high heels to manifest sophistication and aristocracy. The extra tinge of elegance for the groom can be added by accessorizing his dress with dark colored shoes tipped at the front end.

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A look at Best Recycled Sources for Wedding Scrolls

With the growing pressure on the nature with the use of papers and plastics, the wedding scrolls that are made from recycled materials are on the rise. The young couples are willing to explore the nature’s potential with a tag of recycled materials flashing in the theme. Work out an invitation using the wedding scrolls made from materials that are easy to dispose and reuse in the long term. There is no compromise on the quality and the colour of the wedding scrolls. Make an enriching experience with the camouflaged themes using self-centred themes.

indian wedding scrolls

Here is a peek into the sources that can give the Cheap wedding scrolls an innovative highlight with minimum hassle. Sketch out the complete layout of the wedding scroll using recycled sources in a detailed fashion. We tell you where to search for the fresh sources of recyclable items.

1.  Rugs and carpets:

Cut out the precious rugs and carpets that have swayed from the sides. The wedding scrolls made from the rugs and carpets can be a beautiful background for making an announcement as important as the wedding date and venue. You can also use curtains hardened by bleaching. Give it a pristine touch by stitching the information on the screen. Threads and wires can give a smart look to the wedding scrolls made from used fabrics. Sprinkle a bit of fragrance on the rugs so as to remove the damped odour. Use conditioners to bring out the hue naturally. Though there are limitations of restricted number of wedding scrolls available, make sure that best ones go the guest who would appreciate the effort of innovations.

2.  Newspapers Collage:

Make the announcement using the collage made from magazines and newspapers. You can also use Polaroid films to make wedding scrolls. Customized wedding scroll made from top grade papers using natural hues into the bundle highlighting the information using glasses and bouquet styles. The enticing wedding scrolls made from collages can give an exotic feel enforcing the strength of the matrimony. Another shot can be the numerous love letters that you have shared with the partner or the memories down the bygone years. Let the guests see what they have in store for wedding scroll and the following occasion.

3.  Pillows and Cushions:

Rather unique in its bearing, the pillows and the cushions are enticing platform to send out invitations. Use the chits and small scraps of paper bits to make announcements. The wedding scroll inserted inside the cushions can work well when you have to send them to the same set of people and family members in large numbers. A single point of contact, say buddies invitations or for colleagues in the office can be lovingly experimented using this medium. It is more like a ‘Fishpond’ game with invitations sent in common that everyone can read. The thrill is exciting and refreshingly inimitable. Use colourful chits with gloss and sparklers hidden inside the cushion.

wedding card scroll

Scrolls inserted inside used brackets and pens can also be looked into as a cherished memory for years to come!!!

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8 Wonderful Ideas for Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding, the coming together of two beautiful hearts for a lifetime is a happy moment, but it has become big threat to the environment. The firecrackers, loud music and use of plastic utensils have become a matter of concern. It is time that every would-be-couple should come forward and do their part for saving the environment.

Here we reveal 8 Wonderful Ideas for Eco-Friendly Wedding.

1.  Green Wedding Venues:

Well, if you want to have the beauty of nature in your wedding then choose the outdoor location as the venue. A beach, beautiful garden, waterfall and woods can be the ideal location for a green wedding scroll invitations . Keep the ceremony during the day time. The time between 9 am to 3:30 is just right as you will get ample natural light. It means you won’t need electrical energy to light up the venue. Moreover, there would be sufficient sunlight to take photographs.

2.  Avoid Firecrackers:

It is seen as a tradition to burst crackers in India to celebrate happiness whether it is birthday party, Diwali, winning of the world cup or the wedding. Have we ever though how harmful gases these firecrackers release in the air? What makes it even more dangerous especially in Indian scenario is that firecrackers are burst on the road, ahead of the slowly moving wedding procession. It hindrances the traffic and anytime can lead to a serious accident. Dear Modern would-be-couples, please say, “No” to crackers.

3.  Wedding Photograph:

Ask your wedding photographer to use memory cards in place of traditional rolls. Later, you can easily put all wedding photographs on your wedding website. It will help you to save paper that is used for printing the photograph. Another biggest advantage is that your guests can log on the site to see the snaps. You can even share those using apps like what’s up.

4.  Green Wedding Invitations:

As it a green wedding scroll invitations made from recycled paper would be the perfect choice. If you are thinking why scroll then let us tell you scroll invites made from recycled paper will add class and sophistication to the ceremony.

5.  Decor Ideas:

If the wedding is taking place in an exotic venue like waterfall, riverbank, wood or a garden then you hardly need any decor as these places are naturally beautiful. In case, you still want to decorate the venue then use organically grown flowers. The other option would be to go for seasonal flowers. They grow naturally in the season, so need no chemical fertilizers. Further, you can even place potted place throughout the venue.

scroll wedding invitations

6.  Food and drinks:

Ask your caterer to prepare food using organic vegetables and cereals. Strictly avoid alternated drinks in the ceremony. When it comes to hard drink serve the guests organic wine & organic beer.

7.  Avoid disposable utensil:

Strictly say no to disposable utensils, it is seen disposable utensils like disposable plates and glasses are preferred by caterers as they don’t need to clean it. Ask your caterer to use reusable utensils.

8.  Tell your guests why Eco-friendly wedding:

It would be wonderful if you set out five minutes to tell your guests why you have opted for environment-friendly wedding. It will inspire other young couples to go for Eco-friendly wedding.

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The way the letters are carved on the parchment paper used in the wedding scrolls can have long lasting influence on the way people look forward to attending a wedding event. The popular lettering styles used in the wedding scrolls go hand in hand with the designing script. Choose the best styles for wedding scrolls that can be applied in a compatible way. The availability of digital graphic designing and refined polishing tolls has enabled the wedding scroll designers to experiment with their creative instinct and enforce a smart characteristic feature all throughout the work.

Scroll Wedding Invitations

Take a look at the 5 best lettering styles used by the top wedding scroll designers today.

1.  Brush script:

Easily the most artistic of font designs, the Brush script is used widely in the wedding scrolls to make a graphical impact on the audience. It is carved with calligraphic pen or a laser cut knife. The item can be used with block cut brush script. The lettering style is used in the wedding scrolls that have themes like Valentine’s Day and friendship’s day. It is also used in the themes that make use of pastel shades like pink, lime and olive.

2.  Copper Plate Gothic:

Bold and light, the Copperplate gothic lettering style is used in those themes that have minimum content. It is used like a flashing light to highlight the aspects of venue, meal and occasion. This lettering style is used in the scroll invitation card to bring in a feeling of rustic imperialism associated with royalty and feudal lordship. Whenever you use Copperplate gothic, ensure that you make use of thin reed to roll the wedding scrolls and tie it with creeper coiling.

3.  Papyrus:

“Old is gold” and no other lettering style projects the beauty of this line than the Papyrus font used in the wedding scrolls. Papyrus is used in the wedding scrolls that are meant to be sent to the close friends and relatives who like to dwell in the realm of customs and traditions.

Papyrus wedding cards

4.  Segoe Script:

Curls and curves like a feminine sculpture. The Segoe Script is a popular theme-based lettering style used in wedding scrolls that have more content than visuals. It is a graphical attraction and projects high-value liveliness to the whole idea of involving words for attraction. Segoe print is easy to manage and requires a pointed pen to script the whole content. To cut down on cost, make use of this lettering style on wedding scroll. You will not only save some bucks, you would hardly feel the pinch on the style.

5.  Stencil:

Stencil art remains a perfect tool to bring out the beauty of the invitation message sent to the guests through the wedding scrolls. It is easy to perfect over the wedding scroll template and can be used for bulk printing. It is suitable for short wedding scrolls that have less content on the page. It also remains stiff in terms of styling. Stencil blocks are available in stationary shops. You can make wedding scrolls out of stencil art even at home.

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Seven Super Cool Ideas for Green Wedding

Million of nuptials take place every year, making wedding a big industry in itself. The wedding is hardly a quiet ceremony, music, fireworks, décor, flowers and lighting all are an integral part of it. What makes the joyous moment a genuine matter of concern is the tons of greenhouse gas that is released into the atmosphere.

Here the would-be-couples can do there bit by going for an environment friendly green wedding. There are numerous amazing ways to plan a green wedding. Here are 7 super cool ideas to plan an environment friendly nuptial.

1.  Avoid Firecrackers:

Firecrackers are an important part of every kind of wedding especially in the northern part of India. These causes immense air and noise pollution. If you have elderly people or guests with the breathing problem, you will see them grasping for breath. First step you can take towards green ceremony is by saying “No” to firecrackers.

2.  Green Wedding Venue:

Getting into wedlock in the outdoor location is a right way to celebrate the beauty of nature. A beautiful garden where flowers are on full bloom will be a stunning location. In case, you want something more adventurous then make it a small affair with limited friends near a natural waterfall.

3.  Time of Ceremony:

The north Indian wedding takes places late in the evening and goes on till early morning hours. Bulbs, tube lights and decorative lights are used to light up the venue; you can imagine how much energy is utilized. To save energy, schedule the program during the day time. Morning and afternoon are ideal as there is an abundance of natural light, and you will not need additional lighting for clicking pictures.

4.  Green Wedding Invitations:

Now there are numerous Indian wedding invitation card stores that sell paper invitation made from recycled paper, means you don’t have to step away from tradition by going for an e-invite. Give the cards the elegance of nature by sticking rose petals and seeds on them. If you want something more sophisticated then go for a Green scroll invitation made from recycled handmade paper.

5.  Organic Wedding Flowers:

The décor is considered to be incomplete without flowers and to meet the growing demands fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides are used. Here, ignoring flowers would be difficult; the alternate is to go for organically cultivated flowers. Another good choice is to go seasonal flowers. They naturally grow during the season hence no chemicals and fertilizers are needed.

6.  Food and drinks:

The wedding ceremony is going to be incomplete without mouthwatering delicacies. The normal food served in the party is delicious, but you cannot say that they are healthy. For your nature nuptial, use organically grown fruits, vegetables and cereals. If you are planning to serve hard drinks then go for organic beer and organic wine.

7.  Avoid disposable stuff:

Generally, plates and glasses made from disposable plastic are used to serve food and drinks. It leads to a pile of wastes that takes millions of years to decay. The nature-friendly way is to go for reusable plates and glasses.

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Top 4 Adventurous Ways to get married

You must have seen numerous times on television bride & groom hanging from skyscrapers and taking vows of wedding in mid sky. Taking marriage vows and exchanging wedding rings thousands of feet above from the ground makes it an enthralling experience. The cameraman and couples are seen hanging from the rope. You will see passers stopping by to watch the proceedings.

The couples who love thrill and excitement are seen constantly looking for something exciting. They are not happy in doing simple things, even for wedding they want something audacious. If you are one of those couple who love daring acts then here are four thrilling wedding theme ideas for you to get into wedlock.

1. Underwater Wedding:

Saying I do or reviving marriage vows deep under the water is an amazing experience. You will have special guests from marine world to witness the ceremony. There are numerous company that organize underwater trips. Contact them – they will make arrangements for tying up knot thousands of feet under the water. There would be an expert photographer and life coach accompanying you underneath. The photographer will ensure that every moment is clicked.  What makes it exhilarating is the fact that there would fishes, turtles and other creatures in various shapes and sizes to be part of the ceremony.  The marine flora and fauns further enhances the beauty of the place. The best thing is that you would be getting a water proof marriage certificate as a marvelous proof of this lifelong testimony.

2. Wedding at Aquarium:

In case you like water but don’t want to tie knot inside then you should go for a wedding at aquarium. Most of the aquariums have wonderful dining areas. While taking vows you will find that marine creatures are your guests. It will be wonderful scene in your wedding photographs when you will have a big shark directly looking into you in the background.

The invites needs to have the elegant touch of marine life. You can go for a customized scroll wedding invitation.

3. Water Raft Wedding:

If you like the rush & thrills of adventure sports then go for a water raft marriage. It redefines the concept of nuptial making it enlivening and exhilarating. The electrifying speed at which the raft moves, the sudden twists & turn sets the platform for a memorable wedding. You can put a stunning diamond ring in your bride’s finger while the guests cheer you up in other raft.

4. Tying the knot in mid sky:

As children most of us have been fascinated by birds, some of us have even intimated flying by spreading our hands like wings and running.  In case, you dreamed of flying then tying up knot know while sky diving is a wonderful idea. To make it a reality, contact a sky drive operator. They are the ones who will give wing to this unusual dream. It would be like giving a thrilling start to your new life. Get ready to take a leap with your beautiful bride from famous drop zones.  Don’t forget to share the first kiss in the sky.

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8 Wedding Invitation Trends

Gone is the time when invite was seen only as a means of inviting people. Today it is linked with the status of the families involved. The exquisiteness of the card depicts the splendor of the coming event. The importance of the invite can be judged from the fact that now people have started keeping aside budget for invite like they do for venue, food and decoration. The cards are also on continuous journey of evaluation. New designs and patterns are combing on constant basis. Most of the card shops have team of card designers working continuously to come with unique eye-catching patterns. Let us take a look at 8 popular trends when it comes to invites.

Wedding Invitation Trends

1) Old is gold: One unique thing about fashion is that anything that goes out fashion, comes back with a bang after few years. It is true with old invites also, the vintage textile pattern and brocaded designs are back. They are given a delicate touch of modernity by use of bright colors, appealing textures and stylish borders.

2) Wordings: The wordings have become less formal. You will see couples going for funny wordings or something that they have written themselves. The rules to follow when writing yourself – firstly it is should be polite. Secondly, it should not hurt anyone’s feelings.

3) Show creativity: Love can make anyone poet. If you have written poems for your sweethearts then get it printed on the invite. It is beautiful way to let the world know about your feelings. It is trend that is quite popular with young couples.

4) Embellishments: Earlier a good card means one that is printed on glossy paper using multiple colors but today embossed 3 D designs are the trend. Embellishments like colorful laces, stones, (sometimes semi precious), velvet, are used for decorating the card. For eco friendly invites twigs, leaves, petals are used.

5) Themed wedding cards: Simple invites looks out of place for theme weddings. The card shops offer huge variety of cards that matches with the theme of nuptial. Like if you are going for palace or royal theme then scroll wedding invitation will look perfect. Like for nature theme, a card in shape of leaf or tree will look good.

6) Personalise that card: Earlier personalization was like a distinct dream. Today the advent online card shop have made personalization a reality. You can change every element of the card whether its wordings, color schemes and font, to meet your taste.

7) Couples Picture: Modern couples love to have their own picture on the card. They either use engagement snap or go for exclusive photo session for the same. The picture of couple looking lovingly at each other looks awesome.

8) Add on Accessory: The couples are paying lot of attention to add on accessory. Today they go for envelopes that have the same pattern that of invitation.

The carry bags, sweet boxes and coin boxes are not plain as it earlier used to be. Today it has the names of couples on them.

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