Seven Super Cool Ideas for Green Wedding

Million of nuptials take place every year, making wedding a big industry in itself. The wedding is hardly a quiet ceremony, music, fireworks, décor, flowers and lighting all are an integral part of it. What makes the joyous moment a genuine matter of concern is the tons of greenhouse gas that is released into the atmosphere.

Here the would-be-couples can do there bit by going for an environment friendly green wedding. There are numerous amazing ways to plan a green wedding. Here are 7 super cool ideas to plan an environment friendly nuptial.

1.  Avoid Firecrackers:

Firecrackers are an important part of every kind of wedding especially in the northern part of India. These causes immense air and noise pollution. If you have elderly people or guests with the breathing problem, you will see them grasping for breath. First step you can take towards green ceremony is by saying “No” to firecrackers.

2.  Green Wedding Venue:

Getting into wedlock in the outdoor location is a right way to celebrate the beauty of nature. A beautiful garden where flowers are on full bloom will be a stunning location. In case, you want something more adventurous then make it a small affair with limited friends near a natural waterfall.

3.  Time of Ceremony:

The north Indian wedding takes places late in the evening and goes on till early morning hours. Bulbs, tube lights and decorative lights are used to light up the venue; you can imagine how much energy is utilized. To save energy, schedule the program during the day time. Morning and afternoon are ideal as there is an abundance of natural light, and you will not need additional lighting for clicking pictures.

4.  Green Wedding Invitations:

Now there are numerous Indian wedding invitation card stores that sell paper invitation made from recycled paper, means you don’t have to step away from tradition by going for an e-invite. Give the cards the elegance of nature by sticking rose petals and seeds on them. If you want something more sophisticated then go for a Green scroll invitation made from recycled handmade paper.

5.  Organic Wedding Flowers:

The décor is considered to be incomplete without flowers and to meet the growing demands fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides are used. Here, ignoring flowers would be difficult; the alternate is to go for organically cultivated flowers. Another good choice is to go seasonal flowers. They naturally grow during the season hence no chemicals and fertilizers are needed.

6.  Food and drinks:

The wedding ceremony is going to be incomplete without mouthwatering delicacies. The normal food served in the party is delicious, but you cannot say that they are healthy. For your nature nuptial, use organically grown fruits, vegetables and cereals. If you are planning to serve hard drinks then go for organic beer and organic wine.

7.  Avoid disposable stuff:

Generally, plates and glasses made from disposable plastic are used to serve food and drinks. It leads to a pile of wastes that takes millions of years to decay. The nature-friendly way is to go for reusable plates and glasses.

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Top 4 Adventurous Ways to get married

You must have seen numerous times on television bride & groom hanging from skyscrapers and taking vows of wedding in mid sky. Taking marriage vows and exchanging wedding rings thousands of feet above from the ground makes it an enthralling experience. The cameraman and couples are seen hanging from the rope. You will see passers stopping by to watch the proceedings.

The couples who love thrill and excitement are seen constantly looking for something exciting. They are not happy in doing simple things, even for wedding they want something audacious. If you are one of those couple who love daring acts then here are four thrilling wedding theme ideas for you to get into wedlock.

1. Underwater Wedding:

Saying I do or reviving marriage vows deep under the water is an amazing experience. You will have special guests from marine world to witness the ceremony. There are numerous company that organize underwater trips. Contact them – they will make arrangements for tying up knot thousands of feet under the water. There would be an expert photographer and life coach accompanying you underneath. The photographer will ensure that every moment is clicked.  What makes it exhilarating is the fact that there would fishes, turtles and other creatures in various shapes and sizes to be part of the ceremony.  The marine flora and fauns further enhances the beauty of the place. The best thing is that you would be getting a water proof marriage certificate as a marvelous proof of this lifelong testimony.

2. Wedding at Aquarium:

In case you like water but don’t want to tie knot inside then you should go for a wedding at aquarium. Most of the aquariums have wonderful dining areas. While taking vows you will find that marine creatures are your guests. It will be wonderful scene in your wedding photographs when you will have a big shark directly looking into you in the background.

The invites needs to have the elegant touch of marine life. You can go for a customized scroll wedding invitation.

3. Water Raft Wedding:

If you like the rush & thrills of adventure sports then go for a water raft marriage. It redefines the concept of nuptial making it enlivening and exhilarating. The electrifying speed at which the raft moves, the sudden twists & turn sets the platform for a memorable wedding. You can put a stunning diamond ring in your bride’s finger while the guests cheer you up in other raft.

4. Tying the knot in mid sky:

As children most of us have been fascinated by birds, some of us have even intimated flying by spreading our hands like wings and running.  In case, you dreamed of flying then tying up knot know while sky diving is a wonderful idea. To make it a reality, contact a sky drive operator. They are the ones who will give wing to this unusual dream. It would be like giving a thrilling start to your new life. Get ready to take a leap with your beautiful bride from famous drop zones.  Don’t forget to share the first kiss in the sky.

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8 Wedding Invitation Trends

Gone is the time when invite was seen only as a means of inviting people. Today it is linked with the status of the families involved. The exquisiteness of the card depicts the splendor of the coming event. The importance of the invite can be judged from the fact that now people have started keeping aside budget for invite like they do for venue, food and decoration. The cards are also on continuous journey of evaluation. New designs and patterns are combing on constant basis. Most of the card shops have team of card designers working continuously to come with unique eye-catching patterns. Let us take a look at 8 popular trends when it comes to invites.

Wedding Invitation Trends

1) Old is gold: One unique thing about fashion is that anything that goes out fashion, comes back with a bang after few years. It is true with old invites also, the vintage textile pattern and brocaded designs are back. They are given a delicate touch of modernity by use of bright colors, appealing textures and stylish borders.

2) Wordings: The wordings have become less formal. You will see couples going for funny wordings or something that they have written themselves. The rules to follow when writing yourself – firstly it is should be polite. Secondly, it should not hurt anyone’s feelings.

3) Show creativity: Love can make anyone poet. If you have written poems for your sweethearts then get it printed on the invite. It is beautiful way to let the world know about your feelings. It is trend that is quite popular with young couples.

4) Embellishments: Earlier a good card means one that is printed on glossy paper using multiple colors but today embossed 3 D designs are the trend. Embellishments like colorful laces, stones, (sometimes semi precious), velvet, are used for decorating the card. For eco friendly invites twigs, leaves, petals are used.

5) Themed wedding cards: Simple invites looks out of place for theme weddings. The card shops offer huge variety of cards that matches with the theme of nuptial. Like if you are going for palace or royal theme then scroll wedding invitation will look perfect. Like for nature theme, a card in shape of leaf or tree will look good.

6) Personalise that card: Earlier personalization was like a distinct dream. Today the advent online card shop have made personalization a reality. You can change every element of the card whether its wordings, color schemes and font, to meet your taste.

7) Couples Picture: Modern couples love to have their own picture on the card. They either use engagement snap or go for exclusive photo session for the same. The picture of couple looking lovingly at each other looks awesome.

8) Add on Accessory: The couples are paying lot of attention to add on accessory. Today they go for envelopes that have the same pattern that of invitation.

The carry bags, sweet boxes and coin boxes are not plain as it earlier used to be. Today it has the names of couples on them.

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6 Steps For Planning Valentine Themed Wedding

The couples who are head over heels in love will agree that the most romantic day to get into wedlock is “February 14” the day meant to celebrate love. Tying knot on this day is like making your love immortal. You don’t need to check horoscope or auspicious time, just take a node from your partner to unite on valentine. The theme of course is going to be valentine. Decorate the venue in such way that it beautifully reflects the magic and ecstasy of love & romance. Here we are going to tell you 6 steps for planning valentine themed wedding.

 1 Invitation:

 The world will know about your wedding via invites. Give a skip to traditional invite and go for one that matches with the theme. The first obvious choice is going to be heart shaped themed invite. Card perfectly in shape of heart will justify the ceremony in every sense. The other option is to select cupid theme. In case you want your invitation to have a look that is entirely different then choose a small size scroll wedding invitation card. A red color scroll made from translucent paper with the wording written golden color will mesmerize the guests.

 2 Decoration:

 It is decoration that creates the ambiance for the event. As it is valentine day theme, decorate the place using heart shaped balloons in various sizes; use ribbons in pink red & white; and lots of heart shaped cutout in various sizes. The biggest heart shaped cutout should have a large size photograph of both of you kissing. Further use scented candles, floating candles and dim lights to create the mystical atmosphere.

 3 Music:

 Romance & romantic song goes hand in hand. You would have sung numerous romantic numbers for your sweetheart or gifted her CD full of evergreen romantic songs. It is time for you to first make a list of all love songs that both of you like and handover it to the DJ. It would be great, if you perform on one of the songs in the ceremony. If you are planning to have live band performance then inform them well in advance the kind music you like.

 4 Food:

 The food also needs to have that elegant touch of love. The heart shaped cake topped with red cherry on it will look and taste delicious. When it comes to drink, how about having some exotic red wine? It is perfect way to raise a toast for love. The menu should contain few dishes that are favorites of newlywed.

 5 Dress:

 The Indian bride can wear a traditional red saree & groom can opt for red Sherwani. The options are maroon and pink.

 6 Favors:

It is vital to thank the guests for being part of your celebration, so marriage ceremony is going to be incomplete without giving some cool wedding favors to the guests. Gift heart shaped chocolates & cookies with a thank you note attached to it saying “Thanks a billion for being our valentine”.

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6 Steps for Temple Weddings

Temple wedding are quite famous in southern India. Many people think there cannot be a better place to get into wedlock then god’s own home. Temples are known for their tranquility and serenity. Along with that some of famous temple are centuries old, so they have their own saga tell. These kinds of wedding are soulful. It is far away from the pomp and show you will see in some of the wedding.


Here are 6 steps for temple wedding.

1 Book in Advance:

According to Hindu mythology there are days/ months that are considered auspicious for marriage, sometimes these days  are just less so make sure that you make booking for the wedding well in advance.  Also find about the charges, generally it is very less. Also make it a point to talk to the temple administration   to know about the rules and regulations. Every temple has its own set of rules and code of conduct, knowing them will save you from unfavorable situations.

2 Decorations, Food & Music:

Generally the wedding takes place in the auditorium, so you can decorate it is using flowers. You can also make a Mandap. The food has to be vegetarian; you can keep some of the mouthwatering regional delicacies. When it comes to music Filmi, band or loud music are a strict no, instead you have Shehani or flute during the marriage ceremony.

3 Wedding Attire:

The wedding for the bride is sari. When selecting the sari, you can go for auspicious red or its different shades. Avoid black and bright colors. If you can opt floral jewelry instead of gold & diamond jewelry then noting like it. You can keep the precious ornaments and stylish attires for reception. The dress code for the groom is traditional attire. They can opt for attire prevalent in that particular region like in southern India you will see man dressed in white Dhoti with golden borders.  Like the bride the groom can keep designer outfit for reception.

4 Invitation:

Selection of card is bit tricky; since the nuptial is taking place at such a holy place you need a card that match with magnificence of the place. Scroll invitation card can be the right choice, as it looks elegant and graceful at the same time. You can opt for a crème colored scroll card with the text written in silver color.

5 Guests:

Invite only your close friends and relatives for the ceremony in shrine. Find how many persons can be accommodated in the auditorium. You can invite the rest to reception. This way no one will be left out.

Hindu Temple Wedding

6 Strictly follow the rules:

Temple is holy place, so it is essential that everyone from the bride & groom to guests follow the rules laid by the administration.  Your behavior in no way should cause any kind of inconvenience to other devotees. Once the wedding is over, take blessings of Lord and then leave the premises immediately.

Getting into wedlock in tranquil temple is the most beautiful way to start family life. Taking vows in God’s own place makes it an enchanting experience.

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A look at Top 3 French themed wedding ideas

Some people dream of tying the knot in a foreign land, but it is costly affair and everybody cannot afford it. For them, theme wedding makes this dream a reality. Once such foreign theme, which is extremely popular with Indian couples is French Wedding theme. It adds an elegant touch of romance to the big day. The French cuisines are lip smacking and the French wedding outfits will make you look stylish.  Now you must be wondering how you can incorporate French inspiration to your wedding scheme. Let us take a look at three of the most popular French theme for wedding.


CafT de Paris:

If you are planning to organize less formal wedding then choose CafT de Paris theme. In this theme, the aim is to recreate Montmartre. It was the last village of beautiful Paris. Decorate the place using wrought iron furniture, striped canopies, flowers, vintage posters and lots of potted plants. Hire a caricaturist for drawing pictures of guests.  Place café style and on them place French wine bottles and lit up candles. Don’t forget to place French breads on every table. A live performance by accordion player while you are enjoying the meals will light up the evening.

Marie Antoinette theme:

This theme is about splendid surroundings, expensive attire and mouthwatering delicacies. The right venue for it would be something that is not much modern. Decorate the place using bright colors. Strictly avoid dark shades. Use Satin drapes in yellow, orange and Neon, put them over top mouldings.  Put Chandeliers in different sizes throughout the place. The colors for Marie Antoinette are yellows, blues, pinks and peaches. To highlight in between you can use dusky rose.  The other shade you should use is vintage gold in the wedding palette. Use different kind of clothing like silk, stain, damask and lace. Put layered clothes on the table and also put some feathers for creating a dramatic impact. Also, create a decorative display using food. Get few towering cake stands of different heights and decorate sweet treats around it. It will create colorful display.

Rustic France:

If the aim is to create a warm ambiance for the evening then rustic France is the inspiration you need. It will help you create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where everyone can have a good time. Use dark furniture and fittings of supreme quality. The main colors for this particular theme are yellow and red. The red can be anything from burgundy to tomato similarly the yellow can be light butter yellow to golden mustard. You can try out any color combination from these two shades.

French Wedding Theme

Place large flower pots throughout the venue. Remember don’t make them the centerpieces otherwise the charm will be lost. Place red, gold and silver goblets over the table. The right venue for this is a large indoor hall with textured walls. You can place some upholstered chairs, chose bright colors. Also put few open cabinets and in them put some antiques, marble idols, ornamental ironwork & basketwork. Last but not the least, for inviting guests you can go with scroll wedding invitation cards.

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Wedding Invitation – Adding To Splendor of Indian Weddings

The invites are integral part of wedding ceremony. It is used for cordially inviting guests to be part of the happy occasion and shower their blessing and well wishes on the bride & groom. In Indian community, the invites are of great importance. The host generally goes and hands over the card personally to the guests. It contains complete information about every colorful event related to wedding in detail.

Wedding ceremony Invitations

Selection of the invite is an integral part of wedding preparation. It is believed that the choice of cards depicts the status of the family. It also gives a slight glance to the grandeur of upcoming event. Here are some wonderful tips to help you in the selection of invite for once in a life time occasion.


Set up the budget before you commence with planning and other related process. Once you have decided on the funds then allocate it intelligently like how much you are going spent on venue, decoration and invitation card. If the budget is bit tight then it would be intelligent to opt for a budget invitation card. They look fabulous the main difference between them and expensive card is that you will not get intricate patterns on them.

Design: Now it is the time to decode on the design. Here, you have two options in hand, one is to go for the traditional and the other is to go with a contemporary design. The traditional cards have an authentic Indian touch to it but with the changing time the modern patterns have caught the fascination of young generation. Both the designs have their own advantage.

  • The traditional invite comes in different patterns like the most common being a picture of betel leaf at the center of card and then there is picture of Lord Ganesha over it. The other popular design have picture of Ganesha, Baraat and Palki on it.
  • Generally the contemporary invites are made using fine quality handmade paper. It gives it a rich look. Apart from the regular shape they are available in semicircular shape. The most spectacular thing about these invites is that you can get them customized.  You can give it a unique look by having the photograph of bride & groom on the card.
  • Another kind of invite that is perfect for theme based wedding is scroll invites. They give a gracious royal touch to the event. Made from velvet and handmade papers with lot of embellishments these roll cards are a symbol of beauty and sophistication.

Where to buy?

Moving with time and technology is the mantra in the current age. Today is the age of online shopping, so visit online wedding invitation cards stores to choose any kind of card whether it is traditional, contemporary or a blend of both. The advantage of online card store is that you will come across huge variety of cards from every nook & corner of world. The prices are reasonably, customer service is remarkable, just order the cards and relax, it will be delivered at the place you want. You can even get add on matching items like envelopes, coin box, sweet boxes from the same place.

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Top 3 popular places Destination Weddings

The modern couples are showing much interest in destination wedding. The craze of this kind of wedding is not just limited to foreigners but the Indian couples also love to get into wedlock at exotic venues. India is one of the top destinations for this kind of nuptial as it blessed with pristine beaches to royal palaces; breathtakingly beautiful hill stations to amazing jungles; golden deserts to tranquil temples.  It is the only country in the world where you can experience such natural diversities. Let us take a look at 3 top destinations in India as per popularity.

1 Goa:

Wedding Destination Goa

The moment you think about beaches the first name that comes to mind is Goa. It is famous for its exotic beaches and tying nuptial on beaches is amazing experience. Choose Agonda beach as the wedding venue if you are looking for a place that is not crowed. You along with your guests can have a nice time after the wedding without being bothered about people. The next venue on the list is Anjuna beach, a beach that was very famous for hippies. It is one of the most happening beaches of Goa. If you are looking for a quiet venue then you will like Patnem beach.  Don’t forget to take permission for beach wedding. If you have hired a wedding planner then the planner will take care of it. After the wedding you can indulge in various water sports like Windsurfing, Dinghy Sailing and Scuba Diving. 

2. Udaipur:

Udaipur Wedding Destination

Known as city of magnificent palaces & shimmering lakes – Udaipur is the first choice of international celebrities when it comes destination wedding. Its popularity can be judged by the fact that shooting of some of the block buster Hollywood movies has taken place here. Some of the popular venue can be majestic Shiv Niwas Palace, opulent Deogarh Palace, grand Fathe Prakash palace and City palace. It will leave you and your guests mesmerized with their beauty and hospitality. If you are tying the knot at any of these regal locations then you should go with a royal theme wedding. Give glimpse of royal upcoming event to the guest by sending them imperial scroll wedding invitation card and get into nuptial in palaces of Udaipur in a royal way.

3. Jaipur

Jaipur Wedding Destination

The venue that comes next in the list of popular marriage venue is the city known as pink city – Jaipur. It has some of the most popular historical palaces like renowned Rambagh Palace, ornate Raj Place, and luxurious Rambagh Palace. Some of other popular palace for wedding that is just around like Samod Palace and Chomu palace.

In case you want to go for a rural theme wedding then also Jaipur is the right place as it has places like Choki Dhani and Aapno Gaav that has the perfect ambiance of village. The groom will arrive at the venue on a decorated horse and the guests on camel & bullock carts.  The traditional Rajasthani mouth watering dishes served by waiters dressed in traditional attires makes it an event to remember.

These are Top 3 popular places Destination Weddings

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5 essentials traditional Indian Royal Wedding

The royal theme wedding lately has caught the fascination of rich & famous. The Bollywood celebrities, business bigwigs and non resident Indians seemed to be completely smitten by the grandeur and opulence of royal wedding. Even the Hollywood celebrities are not far behind. In the recent years, there are numerous celebrities who visited India to get into nuptials this way.

Although every wedding is unique but getting into wedlock like kings & and queens is magical experience. Most of us have heard the stories of royals and their rich lifestyle. The homes they lived in known as forts and palaces, still tell the saga of that time. The dignitaries invited for such weddings were only blue blooded people. So, you can imagine how grand it is.

Royal Invitations

Unlike the olden times, today you can with smart planning easily have a grand wedding like this. There are wedding planners who can help you out with every element of royal Indian wedding. Let us take a look at the 5 essentials of traditional Indian royal wedding.

1-     Wedding invitation:

First comes the wedding invitation card for this regal event. The kings & emperors used beautiful scroll invitation cards for inviting the royal dignitaries. It gave glimpse of the grand upcoming event. You also need to opt for this card. Now you must be thinking from where I can get them? The answer is online Indian wedding card invitation stores. Most of these online shops offer exclusive collection of these cards. They offer them in array of colors from auspicious red to royal blue in attractive casing. The most important thing is that they are within affordable range.

2 – Venue:

The right venue of course is going to be historic palace or fort. A number of these have been turned into luxury heritage hotel. Most of them provide wedding package. Once you opt for it then you don’t need to worry about anything.   If you find them costly then there is second option also, that are hotels and firm houses built like palaces. A lot of these are two and three star hotel, so it is going to be within your budget.

3 – Ambiance:


Use innovative ideas to create a magical majestic ambiance.  Flowers are must. Use roses in various shades for decorating the stage. You can also combine flowers like Tulip, Lilies and lotus. When the guests enter the venue shower Rose petals on them.

4 – Wedding favors:

If budget is not constrain then it would be great if you can give gold coins with your wedding date embossed on it. The second option is going for Silver coins. Both these gifts are unique and your guests will surely treasure it.

5 – Transportation:

The vintage cars are perfect means for ferrying guest to and forth the venue. In ancient times the regal used elephants, so you also enter the venue along with the guests enter on decorated elephants. If the wedding is taking place in Rajasthan then go for camels. The camel ride is unique experience.

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Top 4 Adventurous Ways to get married

Have you seen couples hanging from a skyscraper and taking wedding vows in the mid air? The taking of wedding vows, and exchanging rings, thousands of feet above the ground. Hanging on a rope is an experience of life time for the couples as well as the guests, and cameraman. Even the by passers can be seen stopping for watching the proceeding with bated breath. Adventure loving couples are always on lookout for something truly adventurous and exiting. They are not happy in tying the knot in a traditional way. Here are 4 unique ways for daring couples to get into wedlock.

4 Underwater Wedding:

Underwater Wedding

Saying “I do” or revising your wedding vows thousands of feet under the water, surrounded by fishes and other amazing animals of marine world is a thrilling experience.  There are lots of trip organizing companies with tremendous experience and expertise to make your dream a reality. Their expert photographer will make sure that every moment is captured in frames. The couples will be accompanied by a life coach. In the exotic water wedding hall there would be fishes in all the shapes & sizes as guests. You will have the marine flora & fauna as witness while turtles sing the choir. You will also get water proof wedding certificate as a proof for this lifelong testimony.

3  Wedding at Aquarium:

Wedding at Aquarium

If you love water but don’t want to get married inside then tying the knot at a poplar aquarium surrounded by close friends and thousands of fishes and sea life is going to be wonderful experience. Most of these aquariums have dining area with world class hospitality service.  Make sure the wedding invitation cards have a touch of marine life. You can go for customized scroll invitation card.

2 Water Raft Wedding:

Water Raft Wedding

If you like the thrill & rush of adventure sports then you should go for water rafting for your wedding. It is surely going to redefine the concept of marriage by making it exhilarating and thrilling. The perfect place would be the water flowing from Himalayas at high velocity. The speed, the gust of water and sudden twist and turns will set the ambiance for a memorable wedding. You can put a beautiful wedding ring into your sweetheart’s hand while your close friends follow you cheering in other rafts.

1 Tying the knot in the mid sky:

Tying the knot in the mid sky

Most of us are fascinated by seeing birds fly in the sky and felt we could fly like that, some of us even spread over hands like wings and ran, imitating a flight.  If you have a childhood dream of flying and love adventure to the core of your heart then you can get married while sky diving. The sky dive operator will make your unusual wish true. There cannot be more magical start to your new life, taking a leap with your sweetheart from famous drop zones. The most amazing experience would be sharing the first kiss in the mid sky.

These top 4 Adventurous Ways to get married is going to an experience of lifetime.

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