Top 7 Tips to Organize Wedding in the Woods

Would you like to exchange your wedding vows in the midst of nature, with Mother Earth blessing you from all directions? If yes, then you can plan a wedding in the woods. It offers an eternally romantic ambiance; you would require less artificial decorations since the natural beauty of the forests would do the much needed to provide a classic wedding ambiance. All that you need to arrange a marriage in the wood will be a catering and seating arrangements. We bring to you a few easy-to-implement tips that will help you in organizing a wedding in the woods.

1.   Wedding invitation cards:  A rustic themed wedding Scroll cards would be the right choice for the marriage theme. A lovely dense forest background with calligraphic fonts written in white or golden color would look attractive. You can try printing a scroll wedding invitations card for the theme.

Scroll Cards

2.  Wedding venue:  Bring in the best of nature while finalizing a wedding venue. You can try a forest area near your house. A place that is surrounded by tall and dense trees will give you a perfect backdrop. Make sure you finalize an area that is open and is large enough for guests.

3.  Wedding decorations:  Since, nature will be at its best show you would have to include a lot of decorations. A little bit of props here and there can do the necessary enhancement to the ambiance. Make sure the seating arrangement is cozy and plenty enough to accommodate all the guests. You can consider placing eclectic chairs, vintage couches, etc.

4.  Other decorations:  You can have lovely, colorful floral strings hanging from the tree branches. If it is a late evening or night wedding, then you can have lights strategically placed on the trees that will create a charming impression. You can also consider lighting lanterns to give the place perfect forests feel.

Royal weddings

5.  Music:  Silent and soothing music would suit the ambiance. Try getting forest themed songs that will also have calm animal and bird sounds. Do not hire a DJ, who would play a loud pop or rock music. Melodious tunes and jazz music can also be a good choice.

6. Wedding rings:  Say ‘I do’ by exchanging nature inspired wedding finger rings. The rings can have a classic leaf imprinted on it. The initials of the bride and groom’s name can be embossed on it. You can also try a wood finish engagement ring that will have a rustic appearance.

7.  Wedding cake:  A rustic look three-tier cake with a brown texture will be the ideal choice for the wedding theme. Fondant toppings of leaves flowing across the tiers will make the cake look elegant and charming. You can also arrange for cup cakes with log shaped fondant toppings on it.

Wedding in the woods is a unique and attractive concept. It is affordable, and is easy to organize too.

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Top 4 Tips to Arrange an Alice in Wonderland Theme Wedding

Sprinkle in some magic to your love life, by tying the knot in the most delightful fairytale ambiance. Organize an Alice in Wonderland theme marriage ceremony, and show the world your love for the best fable you had heard in your childhood days. Take your guests back the memory lane by conceptualizing a marriage that best depicts the style and elegance of Alice in Wonderland. The best part of organizing this theme is that it is perfect for summer-spring wedding. Arranging the wedding is easy, and looks simple with a royal and classy touch. You must be wondering that the arrangements might be expensive.

However, an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding is economical and can be customized to suit your requirement as per the budget. Read more to find out how –

1.   Wedding Invitation Cards:

With a neat pastel colored background that has a rustic finish to it, an Alice in Wonderland wedding invitation cards looks charming. Try incorporating multi-colored floral designs, either as a minimalistic border or as an overall background. Let the content written on the card be in the form of a fairytale. You can try designing scroll wedding invitations card that will give a perfect feel of the theme. You can also design the card with the fairytale characters in the background.

Scroll cards

2.   Wedding Dress:

Beautiful and traditional are the best words to describe an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding dress. If you wish to give a miss to the commonly used white color, then you can consider pastel shades of pink, cream, blue, or green. Make sure your hairstyle is simple. Let the long, straight tresses flow elegantly over your shoulders. Or else if you want to keep it comfortable, especially to suit the summer climate then tie a bun with lovely hair accessories to enhance its look. The groom can wear a formal suit, and pair it up with a hat.

3.  Wedding Venue Decorations:

The theme gives an opportunity to customize the wedding venue in a number of ways. Try to incorporate the various elements present in the fairytale, like the giant teacup and saucer, colorful door entrances, bridge prop, etc. Bring in the perfect forest look and ask your wedding hall decorator to design different characters of the fairytale, and place them randomly across the hall. It will certainly be a spectacle, not only to the guests, but the kids too. Arrange table mats printed with the different scenes of the fairytale.

Theme Wedding invitations

4.   Wedding cake:

A wedding cake is an essential part of a marriage ceremony. Ask your bakery chef to bake your favorite flavored cake in multiple-tier with toppings of the characters of the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale. If you want to keep it simpler, then you can try the printed cake options too. Not only will it be economical, but will also be perfect for the theme.

Think of different ways to integrate the Alice in Wonderland theme in the best possible manner in your wedding arrangement. After all, you wedding is nothing less compared to a lovely fable.

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Top 5 Cool Tips to Organize a Fanatics Beach-Side Wedding

If you have a winter wedding, then the best destination to choose for a glamorous and scenic wedding backdrop would be a beach. Beach weddings are topping the chart when it comes to theme/destination weddings. After all, who does not love the infinite sea, and the extravagant landscape displayed in the form of the blue sky. Either opts for a lonely beach or go for the most famous ones, but be ready to get mesmerized by the cool breeze and the wet sand on your feet. What better than saying ‘I do’ amidst the best that nature can offer.

Wedding invitation cards

Wondering how to plan a beachside wedding? Then read more to find out -

1.   Wedding Venue:

The venue can be either a lonely beach or a beach resort. A beach resort might be the ideal place as you do not have worry about the service staff, and managing the food and other important preparations for the wedding. If you want to get adventurous, then you can hire wedding venue decorators and caterers to do the needful. Keep the place closer to your house. It will help in easy traveling for your family and guests.

2.   Wedding invitation card:

A beachside wedding theme invitation card is easy to design. You can customize it and make it look gorgeous by attaching shells on it. You can also insert a bracelet made using sea shells in the invitation card envelope and ask your guests to put it on the wedding day. Also, you can try a scroll wedding invitation card to offer a unique way to announce your wedding date.

Scroll Cards

3.   Wedding dress:

Say no to traditional sarees and Lehengas and get yourself a perfect beachside wedding gown. A flowy gown or a sundress with floral designs on it will be perfect attire for a beachside wedding. Let the colors be fresh and bright, and try incorporating multiple colours on the fabric. Keep it simple yet attractive and appealing. The groom can be dressed in cotton shirts and pants that are specially designed for the occasion.

4.   Accessories:

The best accessories to suit the wedding are headbands, bracelets, necklaces etc that are either made using artificial flowers or sea shells. Flip flops or flat sandals that are comfortable to walk on the beach can be perfect footwear. You can ask your guests to dress up in casual yet classy beach dresses. Mention the color code in the invitation card with pastel shades as the preference.

5.  Return gifts:

Gift your guests and beloved family members with the best memories for the wedding. A showpiece or a wall hanging made using sea shells or artificial flowers might be liked by all. If not, you can also gift photo frames accessorized with sea shells and including photos of the guests at the wedding. This will be a lifelong memory of the wedding for your guests.

The mantra to organize the beach side wedding will be to keep it light, simple, and making sure nature plays the best part in your wedding venue.

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Top 5 Budget Wedding Ideas 2016

The budget wedding is gaining popularity all across the globe these days. Couples tend to spend more on their honeymoon or their new house rather than arranging a big fat wedding.

Following are some ideas that will ensure you too can arrange for a budget wedding.

1.   Venue:

One of the most important elements of a wedding preparation, where the couple spends a lot of money is the wedding venue. However, one way of saving up some money on the site is by getting married on a weekday, rather than a weekend. Moreover, if it is a simple wedding, with lesser number of guests, then a backyard wedding venue is an excellent idea.

2.   Food and Drinks:

Another significant aspect, as concerns spending on the wedding, is the food and drinks for the guests. To save up on some money, you can always serve heavy and filling appetizers to the guests so that less money is spent on the full-course meal. Moreover, it also ensures less food is wasted after the ceremony. You can also search for a place, which allows you to get your liquor. Thus buying alcohol from outside will save up on a lot of bucks.

wedding invitations

3.   Wedding Photographers:

Every couple wants this big day of their life clicked in the best possible means. However, hiring a professional photographer can turn out to be an expensive affair. Instead, you can hire a photographer, who has just started his/her business or someone who is really good at it, yet not professional.

4.   Wedding dress:

Couples tend to spend a lot on their wedding attire. However, one thing we must remember is that most of the times, we do not wear the wedding outfit even once after the ceremony. Hence, it is best suggested to either design a dress that can be worn a few times after marriage or create attire that is simple and in your estimated budget also.

5.   Wedding invitation:

Nowadays every card store offers exclusive collection of budget wedding invitation cards. They look elegant and stylish. Best part is that they are not expensive. They are specially designed for couples looking for cheap invitation card that also looks good. They are not costly because they don’t have expensive embellishments on them. The price of card goes up with cuts, designs and embellishments. You will easily get one that is within your budget. A wedding invitation scroll card can also be an innovative and inexpensive option.

scroll card

6.   Wedding return gifts:

Return gifts are an integral part of a wedding. However, if the invitees are large in number, then spending on return gifts can get taxing. However, you can hire someone who runs a gifting business at home to make it economical. You can also consider giving the guests a CD, which you can burn at home. If not, a bagful of candy or sweets can be easy on the pocket. Come up with a return gift idea that is easy to arrange and economical.

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Six Cool Adventure Theme Wedding Ideas

Bring in the adrenaline rush on your wedding day by planning an adventure based theme wedding. Invite the guests using a perfect cheap wedding scrolls invitation that matches with the wedding theme. Be it just the two of you, or get in the whole family for a never-to-forget adventure ride/sport, this theme is certainly going to leave everyone amazed. In fact, these days many couples are planning an adventure theme wedding, and it is quite popular all across the globe.

You need to come up with an adventure theme that will be suitable both in terms of you and your spouse’s health and safety. Ensure you take proper guidance and training from experts before finally tying the knot the exciting way. Moreover, surprises for such a theme do not many times seem pleasant and hence the concept needs to be discussed way before the preparations are made.

scroll card

Some of such adventure concepts you can indulge into are mentioned below:

1.  Air Balloon:

Drift smoothly high above the ground and say ‘I Do’ to the love of your life, amidst the clouds and birds. A hot air balloon decorated with lovely flowers and ribbons, to carry you and your love in a world that has just the two of you- doesn’t it sound eternally romantic? You can arrange hot air balloons for your close relatives and friends too, so that you exchange the vows in the presence of your family and friends applauding the precious moment in complete excitement.

2.  Paragliding:

If heights don’t scare you and your partner, then a paragliding adventure theme would be a perfect choice. If you plan the wedding during the time of sunrise or sunset, then get ready to be mesmerized by the flamboyant and vibrant colors of the sky. You would, however, need an accurate training session before the D-day. Fly high with your partner and shout out ‘I do’ to let the world know about the lovely bond you share.

3.  Cycling:

If you and your spouse is a fitness freak, then cycling up a hill and expressing ‘I do’ seems to be an enthralling choice. You can arrange for transportation for your guests to reach the hill top, before the ceremony. If your guests are equally enthusiastic, then you can get them to cycle up the hill along with you.

bar mitzvah scroll

4.  Bungee Jumping:

This adventure theme goes well with the phrase – ‘Falling in Love’. Climb up the cliff and experience a steep bungee jump, shouting out the love for your soul mate. If you are looking out for more adventure, then you can exchange the rings staying upside down too.

5.  Scuba Diving:

If beaches excite you and your spouse, then you can engage into a scuba diving session on your wedding day. Say those magical words to your fiancée underwater in the most calm and serene environment ever. Let the colorful underwater species be the witness of your marriage.

6.  Rock climbing:

Climb up a rock and exchange vows at the top of the mountain high above the ground level. You might sweat out a lot, however, the reason to do so will certainly be a booster for you.

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6 Cool Football theme wedding Ideas

Express your love for football by arranging a football theme wedding. A memorable experience that is one-of-its-kind; you can ditch the traditional wedding ceremonies for a contemporary and sporting wedding arrangement like never before! Right from the wedding venue, cake, color scheme, decorations etc., say ‘yes’ to the love of your life in the midst of your second love – football. The bride can make similar arrangements for her football-crazy groom, and if both, the bride and the groom are football fans then the excitement simply doubles.

Following are some ideas you can try your hands on to get the most amazing experience of your lifetime.

1.  Pre-wedding shoot:

A lot of couple these days arrange for a pre-wedding shoot, where they can express their love for each other in the most intimate and creative manner. In this case, how about conducting one in a football ground, dressed up in your favorite football team jersey and playing a friendly game of football. Ask your friends or family members to volunteer and play the role of cheerleaders or fans. If casual dressing does not interest you, then you can dress up in your wedding gown and suit and get clicked.

Scroll Cards

2.  Venue:

Try hiring a local football ground for the wedding or reception party. Ask the decorator to create a football ground theme, with each section of the bride and groom sitting on the opposite sides, and the couple exchanging vows in the middle of the field. Ask the priest to dress up like a referee, to further enhance the theme. Decorate both the sides with colors that depict the couple’s favorite teams. Let the flower arrangements, seating arrangements etc be in the desired color.

3.  Wedding Cake & Food:

Bake a cake in the shape of a football, or a football ground depicting the flags of both the teams on each side. You can also design the cake to illustrate an on-going football game. You can customize the cake to best suit the theme; the choice is yours! As concerns the food, consider serving your guests with food that is generally available during a football match. For eg: burgers, nachos, hot dogs etc. This will not only be cheap to your pockets, but also a unique proposition.

4.  Return gifts:

Some return gift options include football shaped chocolates filled in a decorative box, or miniature footballs. You can also consider gifting flags or jerseys of various football teams to your guests. Let the guests choose their favorites and carry a valuable memory of your wedding back home.

5.  Family introductions:

Let the thanksgiving session, during the reception; be in the form of a football team. Introduce every member in the list with special mention to their height, city where they stay etc. You can also ask your friends to come up with a football theme wedding song.

Scroll card

6.  Invite:

Invite tops the list for a wedding, since it is football theme wedding go for wedding invite in shape of football pass or ticket. The other option is to go for a Wedding Invitation Scroll Cards that has a logo of football on it.

In addition, you can also give your guests flags of football teams when they enter the wedding hall. This will make the whole venue look colorful and vibrant.

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Seven Steps for a Beauty & Beast Wedding Theme

Every girl dreams of looking like a princess on her wedding. A classic fairytale themed wedding with all her childhood favorite Disney characters coming into reality – what more can a girl ask for? Her Prince charming comes riding in a horse to take her away in to their world of love and compassion – is what comes to every girl’s mind when you talk about marriage to her.

You can still make this dream come true by arranging a Beauty & Beast themed wedding. Easy to arrange and creating a fantastic ambiance, this wedding theme is certainly a popular and most liked among wedding planners. Invite the guests using a lovely wedding invitation scroll card. Some details that you can include in your Beauty and the Beast wedding theme are mentioned below:

Scroll Card

1.  Pre-wedding photo shoot:

Hire a photographer to get some pre-wedding Beauty and the Beast themed photo shoot. Dress up like Belle and along with your Prince get some candid moments shot in a nearby castle. Some of the moments can be shot in a library, since the Prince in the fairytale owns one.

2.  The Wedding dress:

Well, as per the fairytale, Belle wears a stunning yellow colored ballroom dress with pleats at the lower hem. If yellow is not your color, then you can get a classic white or cream colored dressed designed in the same pattern as in the fairytale.

3.  Roses:

Rose, being a primary aspect of the fairytale, your theme wedding is incomplete without incorporating roses in it. Get the wedding hall decorated with either dual colored roses (pink and red, to be precise) or multi-colored roses to make the mood look and smell worldly. As per the fairytale, pink and red color best suit the theme. You can also adorn jewelry with roses incorporated in them.

4.  Hair:

Get your hair tucked like the beautiful Belle in the Beauty and the Beast. The hairstyle is partly pinned at the back and lays low on the sides, along with the voluminous look at the top. You can complete the hairstyle by accessorizing it with a hair band with small shaped roses on it. Get some curls to the hair that is let loose and see the magic you spread across.

5.  Drinks:

A French wine is a perfect drink for the Beauty and the Beast theme. If an enhancement to the rose theme is what you are looking for, then consider a rose flavored wine. A cocktail dinner served would be a finger licking proposition.

6.  A Beauty and the Beast corner:

Get a corner of your wedding hall decorated with artificial characters and your favorite scenes from the fairytale. Click pictures with your family and friends and let that be your invaluable collection for life. Let your guests click some selfies that they can carry along after the wedding.

scroll invitations wholesale

7.  A ball room session:

Ask your wedding planner to arrange for a small ball room session in the wedding schedule. Dance along with your soul mate, friends, and family and rejoice the moment.

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5 Tips for Selecting the Wedding Theme

Wedding is one of the biggest events in any person’s life. The rituals, the vows, the blessings, the gathering, the joy, everything makes the occasion an event to remember for the couples. The moments they share in the weddings remain with them for their entire life.

Weddings hence form a wonderful journey for them. Couples want to make their weddings a memorable event and design it according to their taste and preference. The concept of theme wedding has been popularised in recent times. Several wedding themes are there like fairytale wedding, safari style wedding, ice and fire theme wedding, beach wedding, whimsical wedding etc. The choice of themes depends on the personality and taste of individual couples. Adventurous couples like safari theme weddings, couples with inclination towards seas and ocean go for the beach theme weddings etc. The tips for selecting the right wedding theme are:

1.  Taste of the couple:

The taste and preference of the couple is utmost important while configuring the right wedding themes. People of different personalities choose different wedding themes. Adventurous couples go for the safari style, while young couples like the whimsical theme of wedding, people who love sea are fond of beach weddings, girls who have loved fairytales all through her childhood like fairytale theme of wedding.

2.  Mood of the couple:

Selection of wedding theme depends on the mood of the couple. During summers couples usually prefer whimsical or beach theme weddings. Safaris are mainly winter wedding themes. Fire and ice theme wedding is also for winter. Fairytale weddings are weddings for all season. People can choose from a varied range of wedding themes as per their mood.

3.  Budget of the wedding:

The budget of the wedding is one prime factor behind selection of the theme. The guest list, menu of food, drinks and other snacks and drinks, decoration, the wedding ritual, etc everything has to be planned within the fixed budget. Theme weddings involve various things apart from the main event. Creation of the entire look, feel and ambience includes a lot of expenses. Couples are advised to calculate the expenditure before selecting any particular theme.

Indian scroll wedding cards

4.  Rituals of the wedding:

Certain communities have certain rituals of their own. Wedding themes need to be selected considering those. The rituals form an important part of the wedding. These need to be accustomed with the wedding theme and themes should be wisely chosen.

5.  Guest list of the wedding reception:

The guest list also has effects on the wedding themes. Some wedding these requires particular wedding destinations. While choosing those destinations one should keep in mind about the arrival, stay and accommodation of his guest list there. Communication of that place should be connected with the places the guests will be coming from. Also there has to be proper arrangement for their stay in that particular place.

indian wedding scrollsThese are top five tips to select the wedding theme. Whatever wedding themes you are choosing make it a point to talk to your fiance. Secondly, choose a wedding scroll invitation cards that blend with the theme of nuptial.

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If you want your wedding day to seem traditional but yet to roll you back to the most famous blockbuster, then you must go for a Bollywood theme based wedding. The magnificence and the extravagance is taken to the next level is such weddings. While the ideas can be drawn from a song or a stream of scenes in one of the movies in the mid-90’s, the peppy music, and the colorful ambience makes the event like never before. Here are top 3 inspired themes from cinemas to make the wedding ceremony unusual.

1.  ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’:

While this blockbuster still remains to entertain everyone till the end, it completely captures the spirit of a traditional, splendid wedding conducted in North India. The Antakshari and the Jhute Do Paise Lo’ not only spells fun but also is the hottest trend setter to ensure that every aspect has been included in the nuptial. You would be definitely inspired by Madhuri-Salman pair as they boast their traditional style with a backless Choli and an elegant wedding suit. Since that year, these attires have been stashed in the closet of every boy and girl’s wardrobe. They have made up their minds to adorn themselves on their wedding day. Have you?

scroll card invitations

2.  ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’:

Thanks to the director, Aditya Chopra, the movie which stars Shahrukh Khan and Kajol starts with love and then turns out to be an roller coaster ride enough to strike a chord between them. It takes you back to the tranquil beauty and the traditions of Punjab. Everything from fantasizing in a towel dance, romantic love songs, to the notes of Shahrukh’s guitar to connect with Kajol in the fields of yellow flowers weaves the movie into a wonderful wedding epic. As the newly-wed couple starts off its journey for the forthcoming years, they can plan for any of the low-lying countries spread across ‘Europe’ as their honeymoon destination. Europe is portrayed as the movie starts when actor and the actress are trying to submit their love and hearts to each other. The ‘Mendhi Saaja ke Raakhana’ song gives you the beats on which you could celebrate the occasion on a ‘Bhangda’ dance.

3.  ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’:

As this movie depicts actors and actresses younger than their ages, ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ can be nicknamed as ‘Modern Ramayana’. Nevertheless, dharma has been best conveyed through the bondage between family relationships, the holiness with which the marriage is to be performed, and the importance of customs. Besides the ceremony, it portrays the affection that has been poured throughout the plot. A brother, sister, wife, mother-in-law; whatever might be the relationship with the boy or the girl, the stars have enacted in the movie to bring the true meaning of an ideal relative. The dresses of the trio, Karishma Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, and Tabbu give a great idea of the bride’s wedding trousseau.

scroll invitation card

If you are a big Bollywood fan then go for any of these themes to have a Bollywood style wedding. Decorate the venue by placing cutouts of actors from the movie. Get the Scroll wedding invitation cards printed in form Bollywood Movie ticket. The wedding will surely win the heart of everyone because of blockbuster B-town touch.

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9 Rose Scented Ideas for Rose Theme Wedding

Every flower exudes beauty. Far most importantly, rose is the most admired among flowers and each shade signifies something different. While yellow roses epitomize friendship, the red rose shows off love. A rose theme wedding is one of the hottest across any season worldwide. Here are top ideas for this theme wedding to awe-strike the guests as they arrive.

1.   First, comes wedding invitation, here you have two options either go for a rose shaped wedding card or go for a gracious red wedding scrolls. You can send the send Wedding scroll cards invitation with a bunch of roses.

indian wedding scrolls

2.   For decorating tables, you can deck them with a glass vintage inspired lantern encircles with roses of different colors. This adds romance as the men along with their wives have a whale of their time during the social event. Alternatively, you can keep gold plated vases with roses tucked inside as prominent centerpieces.

3.   As you warmly welcome your guests, you can present the ladies with either a single rose or a bunch of roses. The notes of aromatic roses tucked in the archway will surely refresh and rejuvenate them.

4.   For the wedding favors, you can offer them small roses laced with silk ribbons. These can be of any color and it totally depends on your choice. Either rose scented soaps or candles too can be given off to the guests whether they can be bought easily from the local market and the expenses fit into your budget.

5.   As you tick off the every task on the to-do list, for the venue, you can select a rose garden or a backyard next to the bride’s apartment adorned with rose plants.

6.   A small heart shaped figure can be used as the backdrop of stage packed with rose petals. This would bring is a feeling of performing a ‘Heart-N-Roses’ ceremony. As the ceremony is due to be blessed, the bride can show her joy by throwing rose petals in the air followed by the Groom. These would symbolize an eternal relationship and bondage of love and promises even both of them have to traverse through different thickets in their married life.

wedding invitation scroll cards

7.   During the initial moment of celebration, guest pleasers could either be dazzling pair of macaroons which sandwich tasty cream in the middle. Alternatively, simply chocolate cupcakes iced with fresh sweet cream too can be served.

8.   At the reception, you can add an extra touch of romance by decorating the tables with rose petals for the magnificence to ooze out to the greatest extent. As the tableware is arranged, you can place a light shaded napkin tied with a matching thick ribbon to make the outlook much more elegant.

9.   If the venue is huge hall, then you could coordinate with the caretaker to design or arrange for big balls packed with either pink or red roses. These can be strung at places between the lights all across the ceiling. This would bring in enthralling and a bit of an additional grandeur to the occasion. Again, this would matter if you comfortable with no limits to the expenditure.

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