Box Scroll Invitations: How To Select The Best One?

The wedding day is the most anticipated date in a couple’s life. It is specially set aside to begin a new journey in life as husband and wife. Every couple wants their big day to be special and memorable. Everything from the venue to the entertainment is carefully planned. Considering how special this day is going to be, you’d want to announce this upcoming occasion in the most befitting way possible.

A box scroll invitation is the best way to make your special announcement. This type of invite is available in many styles such as long scrolls, wooden, small and traditional.

If you want to feel like a royal courier when you distribute your box scroll invitations, consider the following tips when making your decision:


Due to their fancy and often regal appearance, box scrolls are beautiful in a wide range of colours. Shades of purple, gold, red, forest green and even white with gold or silver highlights works very well with scroll style invitations. If you’re unsure about which color to choose, you can opt for the same colours as your dress or wedding theme. Another route to consider is selecting a colour that reflects your personality.

box scroll invitations

For example, if you’ve got a bold outlook, choose vibrant colours such as lime green or bright pink. If you prefer something more traditional, then earthy colours such as neutral will be best.


To determine how your card will look, use your wedding theme as a guide. For example, if your venue is a mansion or a castle, consider box scroll invitations in a medieval theme. You may even want the scrolls to be made of wood. If your wedding is a black-tie affair that is being held in a hotel, you may want to choose a scroll made of faux silk or velvet. A simple garden wedding is best captured by a dainty scroll featuring lace trim and pastel colours.

Deciding how your scroll will look is a matter of personal taste. It can be as rustic, sophisticated or simple as you wish.


Your range of options with box scroll invites continues with a wide range of materials to choose from. Popular examples include silk, velvet, satin, handmade paper, cardstock and wood.

box scroll cards


The range of embellishment options is plenty. These include rhinestones, charms, satin/silk bows, tassels, precious and semi-precious stones.

Font Style:

Your font style is determined by the style of your box scroll invite. For a traditional wedding, an elegant, handwritten type font is most suitable. A contemporary or modern style wedding is best captured by a typed font.

Box scroll invitations are sophisticated, stylish and elegant. To shop for your wedding card now, visit Scroll Wedding Invitations.

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Buy Here The Most Special ‘Thank You’ Wedding Cards

Finally, the wedding bells have rung and you find yourself relaxed and happy that everything that you had taken so much pain to plan went off well and your efforts paid off. All the guests who came to attend your big day went home happy and satisfied with the warmth and hospitality that you displayed. Now, is there anything still left? Yes, a personally written, Thank You card.

Why Is It Important To Send Thank You Cards?

Well, one of the most important wedding etiquettes and something which should be the part of that intricate wedding planning is still to be done. Sending a thank you note to all your guests who came to attend your wedding and share your happiness must be made to feel special in every way. They are never going to forget this warm gesture of yours which speaks volumes of your caring attitude. Moreover, these cards showcase how much importance you give to your guests’ presence at your big day. This is truly going to prove inspirational for others as they will look up to you to take guidance in civilities that are not so common.

Wedding thank you cards

How To Prepare Without Being Hassled?

It is important to prepare well for any big event of your life, especially something as special as your wedding where you want things to go perfect. Sending Post Wedding thank you cards mean you have to prepare in advance so that in the rush of the events you do not forget and this is an additional task which will consume your time and effort as you are going to make a The handwritten note. The best way to ensure that this task is complete without being stressed is to get these cards designed and printed at the time when wedding cards are being prepared. You can even get the address of your guests printed so that you don’t have to undergo any additional work. Leave only the personal note for the last minute.

Why Handwritten Note?

Handwritten note is the most preferred one as it adds personal touch to your message where you express your heartfelt thanks not only for attending the wedding but also appreciate the gift brought by them. You may also like to mention as to how you are going to utilize this gift.

Thank You Cards

Each Note Is Different:

There is no doubt that you will have to make note of the gifts received from different guests and mention them specifically in your note as this is going to indicate how much you value their love and affection for you. Here, it is important that the thank you note is even received by those who did not get any gift and those too who are somewhere formally related to you, may be your father’s boss or colleague.

Though writing a handwritten note is a little tedious and time consuming but if you have planned well, you will not face much difficulty in implementing this fantastic idea which is surely going to win you many friends for life. Browse through our collection at Scroll Wedding Invitations and make your choice.

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Create An Ethereal Effect With Laser Wedding Invitations

Cutting the paper into different shapes has always fascinated us since childhood. Remember the time when tearing a paper from your notebook and cutting it with scissors from the corners and the centre would bring so many different and interesting results that you wanted to further explore it on a sheet of colored paper to discover the richness so well tagged with daintiness achieved in no time. But then you grew up and forgot all about this amazing art which when fell in professional hands brought the most interesting and mesmerizing results. These beautifully cut paper with a tool that gives it precision and a royal touch are called laser cut designs.

Laser Wedding Invitations

Times have seen laser cut designs becoming more and more popular, especially to be used in Wedding Invitations, where they display their high aesthetic value and an incredibly modern and trendy style. Being delicate and dainty, these invites display a unique personal touch of the sender or the host. It is definitely that keepsake invitation that a guest would never like to part with because somehow it has created the aura of beauty and elegance without much effort. Such invitation cards are best used where some contrasting colour schemes are being followed as the wedding theme colours.

Here, designing the invites in Laser Cut with the same colour scheme will add a sense of oomph factor to your event. Using laser machine to create a beautiful lace to adorn this invite is surely going to create a magical effect. In short, be it any theme, Laser Cut Invites do remain timeless and have always been successful in enhancing those magical moments which make your event special.

Themed Wedding Cards

Imagine, your Floral Theme syncing so well with intricately cut floral designs on the invite or the Vintage Theme well defined with the elegant lace that gracefully adds charm to those classy coloured paper, creating a retro style.

These Laser Cut Patterns have been put to best use for Designer Invitation Cards which are fine-spun and rich in appearance. There is no way that any other invite can lend elegance and grace that one witness here. These wedding invitations come under the category of the Designer Cards which are tastefully designed and their superior and sophisticated looks leave everyone spellbound and awe-struck.

We at Scroll Wedding Invitations present to you the most stunning collection of Laser Wedding Invitations that are available in the number of thematic versions which can turn your wedding into a very special affair. No wonder our laser invites are high in demand and one of the most sought-after wedding invitations. We hold experience and expertise to design these cards according to your requirement, taste, and choice though we have a long list of our own if you find it difficult to decide. Our designing team comprises of designers who can be trusted fully in creating something that your heart desires and that too at the most reasonable prices.

Browse through our collection and order your free sample today.

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Live The Moment With These Sweet 15 Invitation Cards

As the world is shrinking due to globalization, all the traditions and customs are merging to become common. Many celebrations now may be the part of those cultures also where one never had such celebrations or they existed with some other names. In the Hispanic tradition to celebrate a girl’s Fifteenth Birthday signifies her coming of age to take up the family and social responsibilities. Traditionally, a girl who turns sweet fifteen is ‘Quinceañera’, and the event is known as Fiesta de quince años. This celebration has its roots in Latin America. This term is associated with religious customs and family traditions to it. On this occasion, the girl is given the choice of inviting her close friends and cousins to what is termed as the ‘Court of Honour’. The celebrations begin with a religious ceremony followed by food and dance. Cake cutting ceremony and dance with one’s friends which include both girls and boys hold special significance.

Birthday Scroll Invitations

India, though a patriarchal country, too celebrates this eventful birthday with a traditional announcement, in some of the Indian states. It is surely a great thought to revive or propagate any such celebrations where the girls, stepping into youth are given importance and made to feel special. What’s more exciting for a young girl than to celebrate her fifteenth birthday with her friends? To mark the occasion of moving ahead in her journey of life where she is ready to step into youth and leave her childhood behind. It surely calls for a celebration with one’s friends and sending invites for this special birthday should indeed be done in trendy and modern style, which reflects the youthful energy and enthusiasm. It can be bright, vibrant, and lively; must trigger the joyful emotions.

Scroll Wedding Invitations makes an endeavor to create magic in this global celebration by giving a wide range of variety of the invitation cards to choose from. We are the pioneers in the field who can materialize your thoughts into reality by making it a special occasion. Our exclusive collection to celebrate a Sweet Fifteenth Birthday is surely going to mesmerize you. Our range of Designer Scroll Cards is designed specially to mark the occasion and make your celebrations extraordinary. You can choose from our splendid collection or give your ideas which can be put into action by our extremely skillful designers. Customising our cards according to what you fancy is our specialty. Our experience and expertise in the field will give you the reason to trust us and for us, it is very important that your party is successful from the moment you send the invites as they are going to set the mood of the party.

Sweet Fifteenth Birthday

We at Scroll Wedding Invitations give importance to our client’s requirements and sentiments and create our cards for any occasion. Our premium quality handmade paper and paper manufactured for the most beautiful invites produce the cards which are splendid in looks and give you a reason to smile. Our clients, in India and overseas have found us to be dependable and trustworthy. Our cards speak volumes of our dedication, passion, and involvement.

Browse through our most sought-after sweet 15 invitation cards and order your free sample today.

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Glamourize The Past With These Scroll Invitation Boxes

Scrolls are believed to have been used first in ancient Egypt. They were the earliest form of documents. A scroll is a roll of papyrus, parchment or paper containing writing. Shorter pieces of parchment are called rolls and one can say that these rolls have been reincarnated in the form of modern Scroll Invites. Though they have acquired a new face, their popularity with a novel character, is no less than their older avatar. Scrolls are the trendiest invites which give a romantic and royal touch to an event making it very special and traditional. Scrolls, also known as Farmans, are the most impressive of any invitations. Say it in style with these invites. Any event gets a majestic touch and we undergo a mystical journey into that ancient romantic era, adding to our adventure and thrill.

Scroll Invitation Boxes

Remember the times of Kings and Queens who would send these Farmans in the most elegant and stylish manner, packed in the matching boxes, truly personifying their majestic and royal background. Present trends have seen the revival of past in its most glamorous face. Imagine, the silk or fabric scrolls invitation of your wedding or a theme party being sent to the invitees in equally stunning scroll boxes. It is not difficult to imagine the look of awe and wonder on the face of the guests who feel spellbound at the sight of this perfect ensemble of beauty and glamour.

These Scroll Invitation Boxes which enhance the finesse and your invites are etched forever in everyone’s memory. These are not restricted to any time period or theme. You may choose the traditional or modern design and these scroll cards blend themselves in any background making them their own. They are the highlight of any wedding and for the receiver, a Farman with a box leaves an indelible impression in one’s heart and adds something special to his/her collection of the memories in the form of keepsakes.

Fabric Scroll Wedding Invitation

Scroll Wedding invitations personify elegance and grace. It proudly displays its wonderful and splendid collection of scroll invitation cards which are so aptly complemented with boxes. These Box Scroll Invitations can be customized in an array of colours which showcase your personality. Variety is immense when it comes to designs and patterns. They are classy and impressionable. Many ideas on add-ons are right here in the form of colourful ribbons or tassels, golden, silver or bronze embellishments. Traditional ones with religious motifs or the modern one with creative designs, we have all the variety to meet your requirements and choice.

We at Scroll Wedding invitations design, manufacture and bring to your doorstep the most exquisite and unique collection of scroll invitations in the variety of fabrics like silk, velvet, linen, etc. in the designs which are classy and vibrant. We bring to you our unmatched, exceptionally embellished scroll boxes. We feel extremely privileged to be of service to you and design our invitation cards as per your requirements at the most affordable and competitive prices.

Scroll invitations

To know more about our scroll invitations and to order your free samples, visit us at Indian Wedding Card.

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Create The Most Wonderful Memories With Cinderella Invitation Cards

Remember when you were a little girl and at that young impressionable age, fairy tales fascinated you the most. You learned small little lessons of life from these fairy tale characters especially the female protagonists like Cinderella, whom you found not only beautiful but also strong and full of goodness. You picked up traits like benevolence and kindness and at the same time you realized, that this girl’s suffering and struggles couldn’t take away her innocence and sweet disposition. Finally, despite all the odds she was rewarded, as she found the love of her life in the most romantic and thrilling manner. That innocent romance has somewhere left an indelible mark on you and now when you are going to be the bride, the only theme wedding that you want is inspired from Cinderella.

Cinderella Themed Invitations

Theme Weddings are very special and everything about them has to revolve around the theme chosen by the To-Be-Wedded Couple. There is no denying the fact that theme weddings need to be planned in a more meticulous and organized manner, otherwise it can be a disappointing affair. To begin with, Theme Based Invitations have to be designed so well that they set the mood of the wedding party and the guests to get a peek-a-boo through these invites and already feel the excitement of the event.

Cinderella Invitation Cards will do the same to your Cinderella theme based wedding. These invites will add glamour and uniqueness to your marriage and are going to make it the most memorable day not only for you but also for the guests who may not have witnessed any event like this. The design of this invite has to be well planned and involving professionals who have experience and expertise in guiding, advising and creating that incredible piece of ingenuity in the form of invitations, will be the first prudent step in making your theme wedding a successful affair.

Themed Wedding Cards

We at The Scroll Wedding Invitations understand your fantasies and dreams and help you fulfill them in the most hassle-free manner. Our collection of Cinderella Invitations is going to leave you spellbound, giving you many reasons to smile and feel reassured that you have come to the right place. Apart from the exquisite collection that we proudly display for you, we also give you the freedom to create your design and we will customize it according to your choice and taste. These invitation cards, embellished with trendy style are going to steal everyone’s heart. Sure enough, they are going to cast an impression of awe and wonder, lighting a spark of envy in every heart which comes across this unique creation.

Your big day will be remembered and cherished forever as a trend setter day. Be it the Scroll Card with a box which personifies romance and glamour or a Cut-out Card in the form of Cinderella’s Castle or a card embellished with Ribbons, Tassels and Intricate, with the dainty design most aptly related to the princess in love.

Browse through our most wonderful collection and order your free samples.

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What Is Fascinating About Wooden Scroll Invitations?

Have you ever received an invitation card for a wedding or any other occasion that left you so mesmerized and enchanted with its uniqueness that you wanted to preserve it as a keepsake or as a beautiful memory to be cherished forever? If it had sometimes happened with you, it must be something as royal and majestic as a scroll invites which, though belonging to the bygone era still hold the fascination in the modern times.

Scrolls, which were in earlier times also known as ‘farmaans’, were exchanged by the royal families to announce an event or send a message. These Wooden Scroll cards were traditionally sent to friends and family as invites and till date, their regal appearance steals the hearts of those who receive them. That is why sending invitations in the form of wooden scrolls has never lost its charm and attraction even in the times when modern values and customs have become the way of life with us. Somewhere, these beautiful invites could not fade out with time. They will be etched in the memories of your guests forever as the most unique and exclusive invitation they have ever received. Only the people with royal taste can understand the impact they leave on others through the rare ensemble of beauty and ingenuity at its best.

Wooden Scroll Invitations

We at Scroll Wedding Invitations know and understand how to create an everlasting impact through these immensely creative invites which remain unmatched and exceptional in every manner. Our most amazing variety offers superior quality at the most affordable prices. Our designers skilfully construct and design these wooden scrolls in the most alluring and winsome designs with the help of embellishments that are breathtakingly beautiful and no doubt, if the event is theme based these wooden scrolls are going to act as icing on the cake. We offer the variety that leaves no doubt in your mind that you have come to the right place. We feel happy if our customers want their own ideas to be materialized in the form of Customised Invites and our designers leave no stone unturned in bringing to life, the ideas conceived by you.

Our scrolls are available in the multitude of shapes and designs and can be given a contemporary or traditional look, as per our esteemed customers’ taste, choice and preference. Our constant endeavour is only to create magic with these royal scrolls that no other invites can do as no resurgence from the past is as beautiful as these spellbinding wooden scrolls.

Wooden Scroll cards

Scroll Wedding Invitations truly believes that perfection can be achieved through supreme efforts, which must reflect in the superior quality material and innovative ideas. Our traditional and contemporary designs are classy and sophisticated. We have been bringing trendy and innovative invites at your doorstep as we know that though old is gold but change is also welcomed by many. Our passion is the major driving force in motivating us. As a result, we have gained popularity and admiration from our customers all over the world.

Visit us and browse through our amazing collection of wooden scrolls and order your free sample today!!

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Leave A Lasting Impression With Immaculate RSVP Wording

Repondez s’il vous plait, a French phrase which means, “Please respond”, gives an indication as to where it must be used. It is mentioned in the invites to request for confirmation from the guests. This phrase came into existence in 1845, used by the elite. Its journey is said to begin from the courts in Europe and eventually reached North America. We can say that RSVP is still used for invitations but the responses have declined.

RSVP cards

In order to overcome this difficulty as it is essential for the host to know what number of guests to expect, they have started attaching a small reply card but even that has not proved to be a very successful solution. It seems the solution lies in how to frame RSVP that it brings maximum responses. It means words or the text should be so emphatic and effective as to bring the immediate reply for the host.

Here are a few tips on Rsvp Invitation Wordings which would help the hosts in planning their event well but one must understand a few points. Firstly, it is better not to send RESPONSE cards with the invitation. They can be sent later when the due date is close by. This gives the guests time to decide. Secondly, the host must send a self- addressed envelope or postcard duly stamped. This would make it convenient for the guests to respond. Thirdly, the host must set a deadline for the guests to send their reply by e.g.

“Kindly respond by December 10 on the link provided below or Kindly respond online by December 10”. Fourthly, in the RSVP cards, do mention the menu and ask for the guests choice of food, may be as vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Wordings in your RSVP cards which can be printed for a YES or NO response:

  1.  We’d love to attend.
    Regrets. Will not be able to make it.
    2. Graciously accept.
    Regretfully decline.

Some funny examples:

  1.  Not for you but for yummy food, I’ll be there.
    Oh! No! Will live to regret this forever.
    2. Waiting to hit the dance floor or the bar.
    Will terribly miss the dance floor or the bar.

Wedding Invitation Rsvp

For more such tips and ideas do visit Scroll Wedding Invitations, which is one destination online store, to help you in planning your invites with lots of innovative and creative. You will get your RSVP cards as per your requirement, be it a theme party or a destination wedding or a formal occasion. Your search ends here where you find the solution to any of your apprehensions and confusions regarding the colour or texture of the invite, the kind of text, whether to have a simple and elegant one or a flashy and vibrant. At unmatched prices, you get what you are looking for and much more.

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How To Make Your Ring Ceremony The Most Memorable?

Ring ceremony alias sagai is an important pre-wedding ceremony where bride and groom-to-be exchange rings as a promise of a lifelong commitment. In India, this ceremony has become a perfect blend of traditional and modern where the ceremony is initiated by some religious rituals and may culminate with a dance party. These days due to the paucity of time, the ring ceremony may be held a day or two prior to the wedding so that all the relatives and friends who have come to attend the wedding are present to bless the couple.

Indian weddings, are the brightest, most vibrant and accompanied with lots of rituals to be performed according to the customs and traditions of that particular region or province.

Ring ceremony Invitations

Ring ceremony is an event in itself and involves many arrangements to be made ranging from decorations, food, entertainment and much more. When two persons get engaged or wedded in India, it is the wedding of their families too. Indian weddings are unique in a way that they give importance to each and every relative and friend involving and specifying their roles in the various ceremonies.

Engagement of a couple is witnessed by many guests who come to wish them well and bless them. Ring ceremony is not a very old pre-wedding custom which has its influence from the western culture. It can be said to be more urban in character.

The Betrothal Ceremony guests need to be invited with lots of warmth and affection which can be very effectively catered for by Scroll Wedding Invitations in the most beautiful and creative manner. With its unique and exclusive collection of most enthralling and enticing Ring ceremony Invitations, your event is surely going to stand out to be cherished as a beautiful memory forever.

RSVP cards

We personalize and customize your invites according to your taste and preference giving it a traditional or contemporary look as per the choice. Attractive religious motifs or symbols in an array of colors or some modern abstract design, we have all the variety. We provide add-ons like RSVP cards to make your event hassle-free and convenient. We understand your needs and give importance to the smallest detail so that you get the best outcome and most fulfilling results with your online shopping experience.

To enjoy the most reasonable prices and quality unmatched, visit Scroll Wedding Invitations and experience the rich collection.

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