3 Best Ways to Propose a Girl

Every girl dreams of a perfect proposal. Proposing it not easy as it seems to be, with the changing time, the old way of proposing a girl with red rose and going down on the knee is outdated. Men are also looking for unique ways to propose, it is evident from the fact that more a more men are searching on internet to find out a way that can make their sweetheart say yes for the wedding. Let us find out some latest ways to win the heart of your beloved.

Bes Way to Propose a Girl

Be it yourself

This is the first rule you need to clearly understand when proposing the girl. Never overdo the proposal. Make sure it is simple yet interesting and sweet. Listen to your heart then follow hers, hold her hands, look into her eyes and says how she makes you complete. Just be sincere and tell your heartfelt feelings, surely the ice is going to melt.  In the end gently pop up the question “Will you marry me”.

Do It Yourself

Candle lit Dinner

This is the classic way of proposing the girl. The dim light of candles and soft romantic song playing in the background set up the ambiance for a perfect romantic evening.  A candle light dinner is the most passionate way for proposing anyone who holds a special feeling in your heart and you wish to spend rest of your life with. You can take her out for a dinner to amazing restaurant before that make sure to make the arrangement at the place. In case, if you want to do it at home then first prepare some lip sacking recipe for your sweetie. Get a customized Scroll Wedding Invitation Card made from velvet cloth and encased in a silver casing. It should have “your name” Weds “lady name”.  Turn of the lights and then lit candles play a romantic song, ask your lady to slowly open the beautifully encased wedding invitation card, you will see happiness and surprise in her eyes, well this is right moment ask her to marry you, surely you are going to hear a “yes” until and unless you are not proposing the right girl.

Candle Lite Dinner With GirlFrinend

Radio Proposal

Girls love brave guys. Any girl would love to have a guy who proposes her in front of thousands of people. If your girl loves listening radio everyday then this is the best way to propose her over the radio waves when thousands of people are listening up to their favorite music. First find out the time when she is hooked to radio then approach her favorite local FM radio station or the one you know she is going to listen. What you would say on the radio is entirely up to you, just make sure it is something extremely sweet and memorable, then dedicate your love of life her favorite song. The radio jockey will have her on the line then gently propose her with the golden words; like you the listeners would be waiting to hear the answer with bated breath.  Feel the emotions in her voice, she is definitely going to say yes and treasure this moment for lifetime.

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