4 Cool Tips to Organize a Magical Fairytale Theme Wedding

Usually, a fairytale always end with a marriage. A result of everlasting love between the lead character and the blonde depicted in the tale.The plot intrigues every young girl to envision herself to put on the airs of ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Princess Jasmine’ and fantasize herself getting married in a fairytale theme based wedding. The nuptial is as synonymous as the one held in the age old churches and reminds you of the golden periods of the Victorian Era. If you want to fulfill that dream, then here are tips and ideas that would make the occasion memorable and keep that mesmerizing effect all years long.

1.  Some Wedding Decor Ideas:

If the venue is a hall sprawled across a good amount of floor space, then you deck it with soft, pretty, bouquet of fairly large roses. Alternatively, buy fresh dahlias or peonies. The color is preferable white, but if these flowers are not easily available in the market then, contact your wedding coordinator for substitutes or take his suggestion as to what would look stunning. The entrance, ceiling just above the aisle, and the marriage alter is all that you need to decorate. For the bride, go for a tailor made pumpkin coach as she imagines herself to be Cinderella while seated to receive gifts. You would have to splash white, the symbol of peace everywhere right from the chairs, and tables for the guests. This can be achieved by suitable regal, linen or silk cloth. Without these thoughts, the ceremony would appear incomplete. However, if white seems to be odd to your style then you could go for bright and vivid shaded items to suit your taste.

2.  Venue:

Depending on the traditions, apparently, every nuptial can’t be held in a palace. A hall of vintage inspired hotel can serve you to its best. If expenses are troubling you, then you could opt for an airy open garden. A garden that is quite huge enough to accommodate that large number of invitees who have been eagerly waiting to shower their blessings of prosperity on the couple.

3.  Invitation Cards:

A white wedding scroll cards invitation is the right choice for a fairytale theme wedding. It is just prefect to invoke that magical ambiance.
scroll wedding invitation cards

4.  Attires:

For the girl, you could take your pick from one of the wedding gowns that are magical and radiant as the sun. To mirror her like those brides in fairy tales, you can go for a single tier veil that draws its inspiration again from ‘Cinderella’. Embroidered and studded with dazzling small rhinestones, this attire captures the grace and beauty of a girl. For the groom, you could purchase a waist length tuxedo to complement it with a white silk shirt, black trousers, and a black bow. When it is the time to select foot wear, for the bride, you could go for sparkling high heels to manifest sophistication and aristocracy. The extra tinge of elegance for the groom can be added by accessorizing his dress with dark colored shoes tipped at the front end.

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