The way the letters are carved on the parchment paper used in the wedding scrolls can have long lasting influence on the way people look forward to attending a wedding event. The popular lettering styles used in the wedding scrolls go hand in hand with the designing script. Choose the best styles for wedding scrolls that can be applied in a compatible way. The availability of digital graphic designing and refined polishing tolls has enabled the wedding scroll designers to experiment with their creative instinct and enforce a smart characteristic feature all throughout the work.

Scroll Wedding Invitations

Take a look at the 5 best lettering styles used by the top wedding scroll designers today.

1.  Brush script:

Easily the most artistic of font designs, the Brush script is used widely in the wedding scrolls to make a graphical impact on the audience. It is carved with calligraphic pen or a laser cut knife. The item can be used with block cut brush script. The lettering style is used in the wedding scrolls that have themes like Valentine’s Day and friendship’s day. It is also used in the themes that make use of pastel shades like pink, lime and olive.

2.  Copper Plate Gothic:

Bold and light, the Copperplate gothic lettering style is used in those themes that have minimum content. It is used like a flashing light to highlight the aspects of venue, meal and occasion. This lettering style is used in the scroll invitation card to bring in a feeling of rustic imperialism associated with royalty and feudal lordship. Whenever you use Copperplate gothic, ensure that you make use of thin reed to roll the wedding scrolls and tie it with creeper coiling.

3.  Papyrus:

“Old is gold” and no other lettering style projects the beauty of this line than the Papyrus font used in the wedding scrolls. Papyrus is used in the wedding scrolls that are meant to be sent to the close friends and relatives who like to dwell in the realm of customs and traditions.

Papyrus wedding cards

4.  Segoe Script:

Curls and curves like a feminine sculpture. The Segoe Script is a popular theme-based lettering style used in wedding scrolls that have more content than visuals. It is a graphical attraction and projects high-value liveliness to the whole idea of involving words for attraction. Segoe print is easy to manage and requires a pointed pen to script the whole content. To cut down on cost, make use of this lettering style on wedding scroll. You will not only save some bucks, you would hardly feel the pinch on the style.

5.  Stencil:

Stencil art remains a perfect tool to bring out the beauty of the invitation message sent to the guests through the wedding scrolls. It is easy to perfect over the wedding scroll template and can be used for bulk printing. It is suitable for short wedding scrolls that have less content on the page. It also remains stiff in terms of styling. Stencil blocks are available in stationary shops. You can make wedding scrolls out of stencil art even at home.

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