5 Steps to Plan Royal Wedding

Everybody remembers the royal wedding of Kate & Williams – it was highlight of tabloids and news channels for weeks.  The media and paparazzi were racing neck to neck to come out with breaking news.  The tying of knot of this lovely royal couple was one of the most widely watched video of the world. It was a perfect fairy tale beginning where the handsome prince charming comes up on a horse and sweeps the beauty of her feet.

Most of the couple would love to tie knot in a royal fashion, but many think that it is a costly affair. You need to spend billions and everyone cannot afford such a big amount. Well, the good news is that you don’t need a billon in your bank account or be blue blooded or from a super rich business family to have a royal wedding of own. Well what is needed is a bit of smart planning and a little observation for planning out royal affair.

Step 1 Regal Location:

First you need to find a place that offers a backdrop of fantasy and drama. It is not necessary that it should be a fort or palace. It may be a big hall that can be easily transformed or Hawali, you can easily find one as there are lots of Hawalis in India.  The choice of destination is the first step as the right venue will setup the tone for the theme wedding.

Regal Location

Step 2 Right Decorations:

Once the location is finalized next on the line is most important element that is decoration. Use lots of flowers, roses are must along with that you can combine lilies, jasmine, camellia, with the seasonal flowers. The important thing to consider is that the color of flowers should complement the bridal attire. Further, you can create an artificial lake with swans, ducks and fishes in it. The antiques from brass lamps to candelabras, to magnificent thrones for the bride & groom will set the ambiance for the event.

Step 3  Grand Invitations:

For the royal bash the invitation needs to be regal. No ordinary invitation card will justify the grandeur of the occasion. Travelling to the era of royal you will see that they used scroll invitation card for inviting the dignitaries. You got it right, you have to go with a scroll wedding invitation card. You can invite guests along with a customized box of dry fruits with the initials of you and your spouse engraved on it in beautiful fonts.

 Step 4- Star-Studded Event Plan:

It doesn’t matter if your invitee list doesn’t have star guests. The important thing is the love between the couples and company of near & dear ones to cheer and celebrate the union of two loving hearts. To bring the party to live you can invite a star troupe or a band to perform on the big day. It will phenomenally increase the entertainment and fun quotient in your wedding.

Step 5 Wedding Trousseau

 The wedding trousseau depicts the royalty more than anything else; it is a blend of beautiful jewelry, right make up, and eye-catching bridal outfit that enhances your personality and gives you a look of a queen.  The man can go with Sherwani, nothing can be more appropriate than this attire.  If you don’t have a plan of buying it then you easily get it on rent, so things will be within your budget.

These five smart steps will surely help you in working out a royal wedding for yourself.

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