5 Tips for Selecting the Wedding Theme

Wedding is one of the biggest events in any person’s life. The rituals, the vows, the blessings, the gathering, the joy, everything makes the occasion an event to remember for the couples. The moments they share in the weddings remain with them for their entire life.

Weddings hence form a wonderful journey for them. Couples want to make their weddings a memorable event and design it according to their taste and preference. The concept of theme wedding has been popularised in recent times. Several wedding themes are there like fairytale wedding, safari style wedding, ice and fire theme wedding, beach wedding, whimsical wedding etc. The choice of themes depends on the personality and taste of individual couples. Adventurous couples like safari theme weddings, couples with inclination towards seas and ocean go for the beach theme weddings etc. The tips for selecting the right wedding theme are:

1.  Taste of the couple:

The taste and preference of the couple is utmost important while configuring the right wedding themes. People of different personalities choose different wedding themes. Adventurous couples go for the safari style, while young couples like the whimsical theme of wedding, people who love sea are fond of beach weddings, girls who have loved fairytales all through her childhood like fairytale theme of wedding.

2.  Mood of the couple:

Selection of wedding theme depends on the mood of the couple. During summers couples usually prefer whimsical or beach theme weddings. Safaris are mainly winter wedding themes. Fire and ice theme wedding is also for winter. Fairytale weddings are weddings for all season. People can choose from a varied range of wedding themes as per their mood.

3.  Budget of the wedding:

The budget of the wedding is one prime factor behind selection of the theme. The guest list, menu of food, drinks and other snacks and drinks, decoration, the wedding ritual, etc everything has to be planned within the fixed budget. Theme weddings involve various things apart from the main event. Creation of the entire look, feel and ambience includes a lot of expenses. Couples are advised to calculate the expenditure before selecting any particular theme.

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4.  Rituals of the wedding:

Certain communities have certain rituals of their own. Wedding themes need to be selected considering those. The rituals form an important part of the wedding. These need to be accustomed with the wedding theme and themes should be wisely chosen.

5.  Guest list of the wedding reception:

The guest list also has effects on the wedding themes. Some wedding these requires particular wedding destinations. While choosing those destinations one should keep in mind about the arrival, stay and accommodation of his guest list there. Communication of that place should be connected with the places the guests will be coming from. Also there has to be proper arrangement for their stay in that particular place.

indian wedding scrollsThese are top five tips to select the wedding theme. Whatever wedding themes you are choosing make it a point to talk to your fiance. Secondly, choose a wedding scroll invitation cards that blend with the theme of nuptial.

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