6 Steps For Planning Valentine Themed Wedding

The couples who are head over heels in love will agree that the most romantic day to get into wedlock is “February 14” the day meant to celebrate love. Tying knot on this day is like making your love immortal. You don’t need to check horoscope or auspicious time, just take a node from your partner to unite on valentine. The theme of course is going to be valentine. Decorate the venue in such way that it beautifully reflects the magic and ecstasy of love & romance. Here we are going to tell you 6 steps for planning valentine themed wedding.

 1 Invitation:

 The world will know about your wedding via invites. Give a skip to traditional invite and go for one that matches with the theme. The first obvious choice is going to be heart shaped themed invite. Card perfectly in shape of heart will justify the ceremony in every sense. The other option is to select cupid theme. In case you want your invitation to have a look that is entirely different then choose a small size scroll wedding invitation card. A red color scroll made from translucent paper with the wording written golden color will mesmerize the guests.

 2 Decoration:

 It is decoration that creates the ambiance for the event. As it is valentine day theme, decorate the place using heart shaped balloons in various sizes; use ribbons in pink red & white; and lots of heart shaped cutout in various sizes. The biggest heart shaped cutout should have a large size photograph of both of you kissing. Further use scented candles, floating candles and dim lights to create the mystical atmosphere.

 3 Music:

 Romance & romantic song goes hand in hand. You would have sung numerous romantic numbers for your sweetheart or gifted her CD full of evergreen romantic songs. It is time for you to first make a list of all love songs that both of you like and handover it to the DJ. It would be great, if you perform on one of the songs in the ceremony. If you are planning to have live band performance then inform them well in advance the kind music you like.

 4 Food:

 The food also needs to have that elegant touch of love. The heart shaped cake topped with red cherry on it will look and taste delicious. When it comes to drink, how about having some exotic red wine? It is perfect way to raise a toast for love. The menu should contain few dishes that are favorites of newlywed.

 5 Dress:

 The Indian bride can wear a traditional red saree & groom can opt for red Sherwani. The options are maroon and pink.

 6 Favors:

It is vital to thank the guests for being part of your celebration, so marriage ceremony is going to be incomplete without giving some cool wedding favors to the guests. Gift heart shaped chocolates & cookies with a thank you note attached to it saying “Thanks a billion for being our valentine”.

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