6 Steps for Temple Weddings

Temple wedding are quite famous in southern India. Many people think there cannot be a better place to get into wedlock then god’s own home. Temples are known for their tranquility and serenity. Along with that some of famous temple are centuries old, so they have their own saga tell. These kinds of wedding are soulful. It is far away from the pomp and show you will see in some of the wedding.


Here are 6 steps for temple wedding.

1 Book in Advance:

According to Hindu mythology there are days/ months that are considered auspicious for marriage, sometimes these days  are just less so make sure that you make booking for the wedding well in advance.  Also find about the charges, generally it is very less. Also make it a point to talk to the temple administration   to know about the rules and regulations. Every temple has its own set of rules and code of conduct, knowing them will save you from unfavorable situations.

2 Decorations, Food & Music:

Generally the wedding takes place in the auditorium, so you can decorate it is using flowers. You can also make a Mandap. The food has to be vegetarian; you can keep some of the mouthwatering regional delicacies. When it comes to music Filmi, band or loud music are a strict no, instead you have Shehani or flute during the marriage ceremony.

3 Wedding Attire:

The wedding for the bride is sari. When selecting the sari, you can go for auspicious red or its different shades. Avoid black and bright colors. If you can opt floral jewelry instead of gold & diamond jewelry then noting like it. You can keep the precious ornaments and stylish attires for reception. The dress code for the groom is traditional attire. They can opt for attire prevalent in that particular region like in southern India you will see man dressed in white Dhoti with golden borders.  Like the bride the groom can keep designer outfit for reception.

4 Invitation:

Selection of card is bit tricky; since the nuptial is taking place at such a holy place you need a card that match with magnificence of the place. Scroll invitation card can be the right choice, as it looks elegant and graceful at the same time. You can opt for a crème colored scroll card with the text written in silver color.

5 Guests:

Invite only your close friends and relatives for the ceremony in shrine. Find how many persons can be accommodated in the auditorium. You can invite the rest to reception. This way no one will be left out.

Hindu Temple Wedding

6 Strictly follow the rules:

Temple is holy place, so it is essential that everyone from the bride & groom to guests follow the rules laid by the administration.  Your behavior in no way should cause any kind of inconvenience to other devotees. Once the wedding is over, take blessings of Lord and then leave the premises immediately.

Getting into wedlock in tranquil temple is the most beautiful way to start family life. Taking vows in God’s own place makes it an enchanting experience.

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