7 Steps for Organizing Golden Anniversary Party

Wedding anniversaries are always special. It is the day when two hearts joined hands and promised to stand with each other in thick & thin. Every anniversary is a milestone in itself, so make it a point to celebrate it with a bang.

And if it is a 50th anniversary then it ought to be really special. This means the couples have spent glorious 50 years together. It is undoubtedly a big achievement because during these years they have successfully faced lots of ups and downs together that is the reason they are standing here at this place.  In India, the party is generally thrown by children and grandchildren of the couple.  Here are 7 steps to successfully organizing a Golden anniversary party.

Anniversary Invitations

Step 1 – Guest List:

Invite all relatives, friends and colleagues of the couple. You can talk to them take address of their friends. Invite each one of them personally. It would be great if you can invite people who attended their wedding because these are the people who have closely seen their relation strengthen with time.

Step 2 – Venue:

Depending on the number of the guest decide the venue. If the gathering is small then organizing it in restaurant will be great idea. A public park or community center will be perfect for long list of guest.

Step 3 – Invitations:

The best would be to go with a scroll invitation in golden color and golden casing. The 50th anniversary should be written in big italic fonts. Send it to the guest with a box full of 50 chocolates.

Step 4 – Decoration:

Place a large cutout of 50th wedding anniversary on the stage. Decorate the stage with roses and tulips. You can easily get big balloons with 50th anniversary written over it. Use shades of golden color for chairs covers and table covers. This will add spark to entire event.

Step 5 – Vow Renewal Ceremony:

Make the couple exchange garlands and revive their wedding vows. This will surely take them down the memory lane. It is going to an emotional moment for both of them. Don’t be surprised if you see tears of happiness in their eyes. After the ceremony make them cut a beautiful anniversary cake.

Step 6 – Gifts for the couple:

The ideal gift would be a gold coin or gold jewelry. You can even get their wedding photograph, enlarged and framed in photo frame with golden borders.  You can also gift them vacation at beautiful hill station. It will give them time relish and revive the old memories.

Step 7 – Celebration feast:

You can make the wedding menu unique by going for 50 unique dishes. Make it a mix of traditional Indian dishes, continental and Chinese. You can place number on every dish.  This way you have dishes of everybody’s liking.

Anniversary celebrations are special occasions be it the “1st” or “50th wedding anniversary”. Follow these 7 steps; they will make the event romantic & unforgettable experience for the couple.

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