8 Message Ideas To Include In Scroll Sweet 16 Invitations

Writing the most appropriate message in scroll Sweet 16 invitations is a challenging task. You want the message to strike an age-appropriate maturity level for your teenager. Many Sweet 16 invite messages focus on certain legal milestones as the major focus, i.e. being able to drive. In some cultures, turning 16 is a stepping stone to adulthood which means the teen is obligated to carry out certain responsibilities, i.e. at his/her synagogue.

If you’re looking for unique message ideas to include in your teen’s scroll Sweet 16 invitations, then consider the following:

Message #1

You’re especially invited to (teen’s name) Happy 16th Birthday! Don’t Text ‘N Drive!

scroll Sweet 16 invitations

Message #2

Congrats on turning 16. We know you’ll be a safe and capable driver because you’ve had ample experience driving us crazy for the past 15 years! Happy 16th Birthday!

Help our son/daughter get the last bit of craziness out at his/her Sweet 16 bash!

Message #3

Happy Sweet 16! You will get many opportunities to play an adult from now on, but why waste your precious childhood on adult responsibilities? Enjoy your year ahead!

Message #4

Turning 16 means you’re four years from being 12 and 4 years from turning 20! Enjoy your middle teenage years! Help (child’s name) kick-start his/her middle teen years by coming to his/her Sweet 16 celebrations!

Sweet 16 birthday invitations

Message #5

It’s time to put away the attitude and demonstrate the ‘sweet’ in turning Sweet 16. Happy Birthday! You’re invited to a special out with the ‘tude celebrations!

Message #6

Happy Sweet 16! The law has declared (name of the teen) old enough to operate a vehicle, but we know he/she is just a really smart 10 years old, with 6 years of driving experience. Come and enjoy (teen’s name) special day!

Message #7

On this special occasion of our son/daughter’s 16th birthday, we are inviting you to witness our child become immersed in his/her faith in God. Your presence is requested at this blessed occasion as we celebrate this special milestone in our child’s life.

Message #8

Seeing our dear son/daughter turn 16 makes us feel like proud parents because we know what they’ve accomplished in these last few years. We are excited by the progress they are making and will strive to continue as they mature. We cordially invite you to share in our child’s joyous, coming-of-age celebrations!

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