8 Wedding Invitation Trends

Gone is the time when invite was seen only as a means of inviting people. Today it is linked with the status of the families involved. The exquisiteness of the card depicts the splendor of the coming event. The importance of the invite can be judged from the fact that now people have started keeping aside budget for invite like they do for venue, food and decoration. The cards are also on continuous journey of evaluation. New designs and patterns are combing on constant basis. Most of the card shops have team of card designers working continuously to come with unique eye-catching patterns. Let us take a look at 8 popular trends when it comes to invites.

Wedding Invitation Trends

1) Old is gold: One unique thing about fashion is that anything that goes out fashion, comes back with a bang after few years. It is true with old invites also, the vintage textile pattern and brocaded designs are back. They are given a delicate touch of modernity by use of bright colors, appealing textures and stylish borders.

2) Wordings: The wordings have become less formal. You will see couples going for funny wordings or something that they have written themselves. The rules to follow when writing yourself – firstly it is should be polite. Secondly, it should not hurt anyone’s feelings.

3) Show creativity: Love can make anyone poet. If you have written poems for your sweethearts then get it printed on the invite. It is beautiful way to let the world know about your feelings. It is trend that is quite popular with young couples.

4) Embellishments: Earlier a good card means one that is printed on glossy paper using multiple colors but today embossed 3 D designs are the trend. Embellishments like colorful laces, stones, (sometimes semi precious), velvet, are used for decorating the card. For eco friendly invites twigs, leaves, petals are used.

5) Themed wedding cards: Simple invites looks out of place for theme weddings. The card shops offer huge variety of cards that matches with the theme of nuptial. Like if you are going for palace or royal theme then scroll wedding invitation will look perfect. Like for nature theme, a card in shape of leaf or tree will look good.

6) Personalise that card: Earlier personalization was like a distinct dream. Today the advent online card shop have made personalization a reality. You can change every element of the card whether its wordings, color schemes and font, to meet your taste.

7) Couples Picture: Modern couples love to have their own picture on the card. They either use engagement snap or go for exclusive photo session for the same. The picture of couple looking lovingly at each other looks awesome.

8) Add on Accessory: The couples are paying lot of attention to add on accessory. Today they go for envelopes that have the same pattern that of invitation.

The carry bags, sweet boxes and coin boxes are not plain as it earlier used to be. Today it has the names of couples on them.

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