8 Wonderful Ideas for Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding, the coming together of two beautiful hearts for a lifetime is a happy moment, but it has become big threat to the environment. The firecrackers, loud music and use of plastic utensils have become a matter of concern. It is time that every would-be-couple should come forward and do their part for saving the environment.

Here we reveal 8 Wonderful Ideas for Eco-Friendly Wedding.

1.  Green Wedding Venues:

Well, if you want to have the beauty of nature in your wedding then choose the outdoor location as the venue. A beach, beautiful garden, waterfall and woods can be the ideal location for a green wedding scroll invitations . Keep the ceremony during the day time. The time between 9 am to 3:30 is just right as you will get ample natural light. It means you won’t need electrical energy to light up the venue. Moreover, there would be sufficient sunlight to take photographs.

2.  Avoid Firecrackers:

It is seen as a tradition to burst crackers in India to celebrate happiness whether it is birthday party, Diwali, winning of the world cup or the wedding. Have we ever though how harmful gases these firecrackers release in the air? What makes it even more dangerous especially in Indian scenario is that firecrackers are burst on the road, ahead of the slowly moving wedding procession. It hindrances the traffic and anytime can lead to a serious accident. Dear Modern would-be-couples, please say, “No” to crackers.

3.  Wedding Photograph:

Ask your wedding photographer to use memory cards in place of traditional rolls. Later, you can easily put all wedding photographs on your wedding website. It will help you to save paper that is used for printing the photograph. Another biggest advantage is that your guests can log on the site to see the snaps. You can even share those using apps like what’s up.

4.  Green Wedding Invitations:

As it a green wedding scroll invitations made from recycled paper would be the perfect choice. If you are thinking why scroll then let us tell you scroll invites made from recycled paper will add class and sophistication to the ceremony.

5.  Decor Ideas:

If the wedding is taking place in an exotic venue like waterfall, riverbank, wood or a garden then you hardly need any decor as these places are naturally beautiful. In case, you still want to decorate the venue then use organically grown flowers. The other option would be to go for seasonal flowers. They grow naturally in the season, so need no chemical fertilizers. Further, you can even place potted place throughout the venue.

scroll wedding invitations

6.  Food and drinks:

Ask your caterer to prepare food using organic vegetables and cereals. Strictly avoid alternated drinks in the ceremony. When it comes to hard drink serve the guests organic wine & organic beer.

7.  Avoid disposable utensil:

Strictly say no to disposable utensils, it is seen disposable utensils like disposable plates and glasses are preferred by caterers as they don’t need to clean it. Ask your caterer to use reusable utensils.

8.  Tell your guests why Eco-friendly wedding:

It would be wonderful if you set out five minutes to tell your guests why you have opted for environment-friendly wedding. It will inspire other young couples to go for Eco-friendly wedding.

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