9 Rose Scented Ideas for Rose Theme Wedding

Every flower exudes beauty. Far most importantly, rose is the most admired among flowers and each shade signifies something different. While yellow roses epitomize friendship, the red rose shows off love. A rose theme wedding is one of the hottest across any season worldwide. Here are top ideas for this theme wedding to awe-strike the guests as they arrive.

1.   First, comes wedding invitation, here you have two options either go for a rose shaped wedding card or go for a gracious red wedding scrolls. You can send the send Wedding scroll cards invitation with a bunch of roses.

indian wedding scrolls

2.   For decorating tables, you can deck them with a glass vintage inspired lantern encircles with roses of different colors. This adds romance as the men along with their wives have a whale of their time during the social event. Alternatively, you can keep gold plated vases with roses tucked inside as prominent centerpieces.

3.   As you warmly welcome your guests, you can present the ladies with either a single rose or a bunch of roses. The notes of aromatic roses tucked in the archway will surely refresh and rejuvenate them.

4.   For the wedding favors, you can offer them small roses laced with silk ribbons. These can be of any color and it totally depends on your choice. Either rose scented soaps or candles too can be given off to the guests whether they can be bought easily from the local market and the expenses fit into your budget.

5.   As you tick off the every task on the to-do list, for the venue, you can select a rose garden or a backyard next to the bride’s apartment adorned with rose plants.

6.   A small heart shaped figure can be used as the backdrop of stage packed with rose petals. This would bring is a feeling of performing a ‘Heart-N-Roses’ ceremony. As the ceremony is due to be blessed, the bride can show her joy by throwing rose petals in the air followed by the Groom. These would symbolize an eternal relationship and bondage of love and promises even both of them have to traverse through different thickets in their married life.

wedding invitation scroll cards

7.   During the initial moment of celebration, guest pleasers could either be dazzling pair of macaroons which sandwich tasty cream in the middle. Alternatively, simply chocolate cupcakes iced with fresh sweet cream too can be served.

8.   At the reception, you can add an extra touch of romance by decorating the tables with rose petals for the magnificence to ooze out to the greatest extent. As the tableware is arranged, you can place a light shaded napkin tied with a matching thick ribbon to make the outlook much more elegant.

9.   If the venue is huge hall, then you could coordinate with the caretaker to design or arrange for big balls packed with either pink or red roses. These can be strung at places between the lights all across the ceiling. This would bring in enthralling and a bit of an additional grandeur to the occasion. Again, this would matter if you comfortable with no limits to the expenditure.

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