A Guide to Types of Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

The mirror work and parchment along with beautifully crafted words enhance the beauty of any occasion. Marriage ceremony is a great pride and honor not only for the couples, but for the families too. Special attention is paid to select a card that perfectly blends with the culture and tradition of the hosting family. Couples select beautiful designs and send the ornately printed cards to friends and relatives.

A lot of Indian families are living abroad these days, and some of them hold marriage ceremonies outside only or they rush here for the ceremony. In both cases, it is vital to get print job done well ahead of the scheduled date.

Marriage invitation can be designed and printed in two ways. The first option is to approach a marriage invitation printing company near your home, and get the printing done from them. However, if you reside outside India and want to look for an array of designs to choose from, then this option will not fulfill your need. The other option is to opt for online wedding invitation stores. Online stores are advantageous as they showcase cards from around the world. The variety of traditional as well as contemporary cards you will find here is simply amazing.

Make sure to check the sample and previous work of the invitation provider because Indian wedding cards have traditional and religious significance and someone who has got ample experience in designing cards can do justice to it.

Indian nuptials invitations can be divided into various categories:

Different styles, colors and designs, are preferred by people of different communities. Therefore, there is a wide variety of invitation cards for the Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Christian Wedding and so on. However, whether the cards are for the Sikh Anand Karjat or, Muslim Nikaah or, a traditional Hindu Vivah or Anniversary cards, one expects eye-catching designs and beautiful ornaments on the invitation card itself. In fact, vivacious colors, beautiful designs and rich decoration are an important and inseparable part of Indian marriage invitation.

Sikh’s are fun loving people; in these online stores, you will get “best” cards for every ceremony, Sikh Nuptials invitation cards, Ek- Omkar cards, Anand karaj cards in marvelous designs with a blend of tradition and style. When it comes to Muslim Nikaah cards, they have Nikaah ceremony cards Valima cards, etc. These cards can be customized by putting religious images, verses and symbols as per your desire.

When designing Indian marriage invitations, make sure the cards have the right textures, designs, colors, and decorations that give it an Indian look, and it is necessary to have matching envelopes for the cards.

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