A look at Best Recycled Sources for Wedding Scrolls

With the growing pressure on the nature with the use of papers and plastics, the wedding scrolls that are made from recycled materials are on the rise. The young couples are willing to explore the nature’s potential with a tag of recycled materials flashing in the theme. Work out an invitation using the wedding scrolls made from materials that are easy to dispose and reuse in the long term. There is no compromise on the quality and the colour of the wedding scrolls. Make an enriching experience with the camouflaged themes using self-centred themes.

indian wedding scrolls

Here is a peek into the sources that can give the Cheap wedding scrolls an innovative highlight with minimum hassle. Sketch out the complete layout of the wedding scroll using recycled sources in a detailed fashion. We tell you where to search for the fresh sources of recyclable items.

1.  Rugs and carpets:

Cut out the precious rugs and carpets that have swayed from the sides. The wedding scrolls made from the rugs and carpets can be a beautiful background for making an announcement as important as the wedding date and venue. You can also use curtains hardened by bleaching. Give it a pristine touch by stitching the information on the screen. Threads and wires can give a smart look to the wedding scrolls made from used fabrics. Sprinkle a bit of fragrance on the rugs so as to remove the damped odour. Use conditioners to bring out the hue naturally. Though there are limitations of restricted number of wedding scrolls available, make sure that best ones go the guest who would appreciate the effort of innovations.

2.  Newspapers Collage:

Make the announcement using the collage made from magazines and newspapers. You can also use Polaroid films to make wedding scrolls. Customized wedding scroll made from top grade papers using natural hues into the bundle highlighting the information using glasses and bouquet styles. The enticing wedding scrolls made from collages can give an exotic feel enforcing the strength of the matrimony. Another shot can be the numerous love letters that you have shared with the partner or the memories down the bygone years. Let the guests see what they have in store for wedding scroll and the following occasion.

3.  Pillows and Cushions:

Rather unique in its bearing, the pillows and the cushions are enticing platform to send out invitations. Use the chits and small scraps of paper bits to make announcements. The wedding scroll inserted inside the cushions can work well when you have to send them to the same set of people and family members in large numbers. A single point of contact, say buddies invitations or for colleagues in the office can be lovingly experimented using this medium. It is more like a ‘Fishpond’ game with invitations sent in common that everyone can read. The thrill is exciting and refreshingly inimitable. Use colourful chits with gloss and sparklers hidden inside the cushion.

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Scrolls inserted inside used brackets and pens can also be looked into as a cherished memory for years to come!!!

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