A Look at Essential Of Black & White Themed Wedding

Weddings are full of life and colours that excite and enchant everyone. It’s the sheer brilliance of colours that infuses life into a wedding. So, if we were to take those colours out, the whole affair would become lifeless and dull. Well, it won’t because there are two shades in nature that can pair up and still make things interesting: black and white. Black and white go hand in hand and count for some of the most striking colour combinations.

White symbolizes peace, calmness, and purity while black signifies darkness. When the two are combined, there is an explosion of ideas and concepts that might cross your mind. So, how about a wedding based on these two opposite colours? A black and white themed wedding can turn out to be the most unique experience of your life and the most enthralling one for your guests. Right from the wedding dress to fabric scroll wedding invitations to wedding décor, everything can be soaked in the pure beauty of these colours.

Fabric scroll wedding invitations
Wedding Decor:

You can hang curtains of alternating black and white colours from the ceiling or wrap them around pillars around the venue. The overhanging curtains will create an amazing visual appeal that will catch the attention of everyone. Decorate the space with black and white balloons and strings. The stage can be decorated with flowers in the same combination. Go for a pair of black and white coloured chairs for the bride and the groom.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot:

Hire a professional photographer to conduct a nice pre-wedding photoshoot. It’s a great activity to engage with your other half and capture those memories just before you tie the knot. Ask the photographer to process your photos in black and white tone to stick to your theme. Black and white photos possess an unmatched charm which sometimes even the coloured ones cannot exude.

Wedding Dress:

The groom can go for a black tuxedo or suit and the bride can look pretty in a pure white gown. However, if you want to go the traditional way, an exquisite ‘sherwani’ in black will draw the attention of everyone towards the groom. While a white ‘Lehenga’ accented with black borders for the bride will engulf her in eternal beauty.

Wedding Invitation Card:

Design your unique wedding invitations in such a way that it conveys your theme to the guests at first glance. You can go for simple and subtle design by having a pure white background and written matter in black with the silhouette of the bride and the groom occupying the center. Or you can add more glamour to the design by including floral patterns, bow tie knots or a black and white picture of yours from the pre-wedding photo collection. A satin bow tie knot holding the card can make it even more luxurious.

unique wedding invitationsWedding Cake:

This has to be one of the most iconic messengers of your theme. Go for a multi-tiered classic black forest cake that will not only capture the theme but also delight the guests by its looks and later with its taste.

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