A Look at Some Fascinating Marriage Superstitions

Weddings are the beautiful blend of rituals, customs, and belief that are followed from ages. Every faith has its own belief and superstitions. All these makes wedding unique and fun. Here, we bring to you some of the superstation followed worldwide.

  • Most of the people break things in a fit of rage but can you imagine it is a famous Italian wedding custom. It is believed that if the newlyweds break glass objects on the wedding day then they will have a lasting marriage. Don’t you think, it is better to break some glasses for an everlasting love filled the married life.
  • According to Old English belief, the unluckiest day to get into wedlock is Saturday. It might come as a surprise to many of you as Saturday is considered as the ideal day to get into wedlock because it is a weekend and guests finds it comfortable to be present.
  • Romans and Greeks believe veil of the bride protects her from evil eyes during the wedding ceremony. Now if you have got a wedding invitation cards for a Christian wedding then you know the reason why the bride is wearing a veil.

wedding invitation card

  • Here comes one of the surprising and creepiest wedding beliefs, finding a spider on your wedding trousseau is a good sign. It brings happiness and prosperity. If you see a spider on your wedding attire, don’t scream; remember it is a sign of good luck.
  • Here comes a painful tradition, in Egyptian wedding ceremony, the ladies pinch the bride just before the wedding. If you are going to be a bride then you can feel the pain – Ouch!
  • The bride should avoid crossing the path of nuns, saints, monks or any religious figure because it will bring infertility and sorrows in life. Well, pretty hard to believe? But people do believe it in various part of the world.
  • The people of England consider Wednesday as the auspicious day to get into wedlock. They believe tying knot on the day will bring bliss in life.
  • How will you feel if there is a probability of rain on your wedding day or the weather is overcast? Most of you would pray it should not rain because it may spoil all your plans but do you know Hindus see rain on the wedding day as a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Fascinating Marriage Superstitions

Well, we are sure some of you won’t mind if in rains on your big day.

  • Middle East brides apply Henna Designs on the arms and feet to save themselves from the evil eye, while in Indian applying Mehendi is a part of the tradition.
  • In Indian marriage, family members welcome the newlyweds by throwing rice on them. The same custom is followed by Czech but with a twist. They throw peas instead of rice.
  • Planting a Pine tree outside the house is the first thing Holland couples do to bring happiness, prosperity and good luck. Also, the pine is the symbol of fertility.
  • The Moroccan bride takes bath in milk to purify her before the marriage.  Well, it seems like a luxurious custom, right! A similar custom is followed in India where turmeric paste is applied on the bride.
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