A look at Top 3 French themed wedding ideas

Some people dream of tying the knot in a foreign land, but it is costly affair and everybody cannot afford it. For them, theme wedding makes this dream a reality. Once such foreign theme, which is extremely popular with Indian couples is French Wedding theme. It adds an elegant touch of romance to the big day. The French cuisines are lip smacking and the French wedding outfits will make you look stylish.  Now you must be wondering how you can incorporate French inspiration to your wedding scheme. Let us take a look at three of the most popular French theme for wedding.


CafT de Paris:

If you are planning to organize less formal wedding then choose CafT de Paris theme. In this theme, the aim is to recreate Montmartre. It was the last village of beautiful Paris. Decorate the place using wrought iron furniture, striped canopies, flowers, vintage posters and lots of potted plants. Hire a caricaturist for drawing pictures of guests.  Place café style and on them place French wine bottles and lit up candles. Don’t forget to place French breads on every table. A live performance by accordion player while you are enjoying the meals will light up the evening.

Marie Antoinette theme:

This theme is about splendid surroundings, expensive attire and mouthwatering delicacies. The right venue for it would be something that is not much modern. Decorate the place using bright colors. Strictly avoid dark shades. Use Satin drapes in yellow, orange and Neon, put them over top mouldings.  Put Chandeliers in different sizes throughout the place. The colors for Marie Antoinette are yellows, blues, pinks and peaches. To highlight in between you can use dusky rose.  The other shade you should use is vintage gold in the wedding palette. Use different kind of clothing like silk, stain, damask and lace. Put layered clothes on the table and also put some feathers for creating a dramatic impact. Also, create a decorative display using food. Get few towering cake stands of different heights and decorate sweet treats around it. It will create colorful display.

Rustic France:

If the aim is to create a warm ambiance for the evening then rustic France is the inspiration you need. It will help you create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where everyone can have a good time. Use dark furniture and fittings of supreme quality. The main colors for this particular theme are yellow and red. The red can be anything from burgundy to tomato similarly the yellow can be light butter yellow to golden mustard. You can try out any color combination from these two shades.

French Wedding Theme

Place large flower pots throughout the venue. Remember don’t make them the centerpieces otherwise the charm will be lost. Place red, gold and silver goblets over the table. The right venue for this is a large indoor hall with textured walls. You can place some upholstered chairs, chose bright colors. Also put few open cabinets and in them put some antiques, marble idols, ornamental ironwork & basketwork. Last but not the least, for inviting guests you can go with scroll wedding invitation cards.

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