A look at Top 5 Wedding Themes popular among Indian Couples

Every couple has their own dream on how to get into wedlock. The wedding themes make it a reality. It surely enhances the beauty of wedding. Let us take a look at top wedding themes famous with Indian bride & groom.

1.   Traditional Wedding Theme:

The traditional wedding ceremony tops the list of wedding themes selected by couples. It is not only the favorite of Indian but also foreign couples planning to get into wedlock in India. The foot tapping music, delicious food, stunning decor makes it a really memorable. The wedding ceremony takes place according to the auspicious time (Muhraoot) and every traditional ritual is followed religiously.

2.   Valentine Theme Wedding:

The day meant for celebration of love has been quickly becoming the favorite day to get into wedlock for the couples in love. Heart shaped cutouts, balloons, cakes, red roses, scented candles all make the February 14 nuptial really special. The guests eagerly look forward be part of the ceremony. Guests are invited to the ceremony by using heart shaped wedding invitation card. The guests are given wedding favors like heart shaped keychain, photo frame, soft toys etc.  If you are in love and want the day to be special then get into wedlock on the day meant to celebrate love. Believe, us it will make you feel special.

Wedding invitation cards

3.   Beach Wedding in Goa:

Destination wedding in the serene beaches of Goa has caught the fascination of modern Indian bride & groom. Beach wedding is a close knit affair with close friends and relatives. You don’t need to spend a whooping amount on decor as beaches look beautiful in the natural way.  When it comes to food live food counters serving hot snacks are a huge hit. Beach wedding is going to be incomplete without some fine wine. The guests are served some the exotic hard drinks. Of course for teetotalers there are soft drinks and fresh juices. The guests with the newlywed have gala time on beaches indulging in various water sports.

4.   Palace Wedding:

Getting into wedlock in a royal palace makes it into the list of wedding themes popular with Indian couples. Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bangalore and Hyderabad have some of the most stunning palace in India. Wedding in royal way is a dream comes true. Ever element of wedding has a gracious touch of majesty and novelty whether is scroll wedding invitation card used for inviting guests or long list of cuisines. Your guests are going to remember the ceremony for ever.
wedding themed cards

5.   Bollywood Theme wedding:

Get into wedlock into total Filmi style with all the Jhkatas Matkas and twist of B-town Masala Movies. The movies famous with couples for Bollywood Wedding Theme include Joda-Akbar, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Hum Saath Saath Hai, to name a few. The venue looks like a perfect replica of movie set. The guests come in dressed in Bollywood attires. The bride & groom and guests perform on some chartbuster Bollywood numbers.

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