A Persian Flavor Wedding with the Arabian Night Theme

When you dream of a fairytale wedding, inspired from the Arabian Nights saga, Aladdin & Jasmine Themed wedding idea fits in perfectly. It is colorful, easy on the eyes and most importantly, fairly easy to organize. But that happens only when you have good knowledge about the story of Aladdin and Jasmine and the supporting cast.

Anyhow, let us explore 5 elements of the Aladdin & Jasmine themes that you can effectively plant into the backdrop of the wedding preparation.

1.  Getting the color scheme right:

What colors do you deem fit for the fairytale-inspired wedding? Are you ready for a dreamy, mesmerizingly electrifying setup? If yes, start pulling the curtains down on the usual blacks, white and grey. Choose your color palette in purple, lilac, bright green, fuchsia, aquamarine and lavender.

Dash of gold and silver will add the sparkle into the wedding ambience, no matter where and how you use them.

2.  Wedding invites:

Aladdin & Jasmine Themed Wedding Invitation cards can be handcrafted using velvet paper and silken lace, engraved with golden lettering in Arabic calligraphy. The background could be either lavender or purple, brightened with bold Persian patterns.

wedding scrolls

If you wish to explore something more magical and astonishingly unprecedented, go for unique wedding invites sent inside the Aladdin’s Magical Lamp. The miniature lamp can be opened up, like a fortune cookie!

Another novel idea is to send the wedding invites in the form of wedding scrolls or carpets. Wedding cards and Save the Date cards can also be rolled and sent inside the hour glass and bottled messages, fitted with cork.

3.  Jazzing up the ambiance:

Now, you can finally work on the ambience at the venue. Pick an open sky venue, ideally a destination with the clear sky, staying away from the city horizons. A rooftop amidst hilly tops is the perfect wedding destination to match the wonderland affair of Aladdin and Jasmine.

Jazz up the ambiance with Persian and Cashmere carpets, specifically hand-crafted or embroidered machine woven for wedding events. You can even hang them on the side or the walls. Light up the venue with low-hanging Moroccan lamps. Well, it goes without saying, that guests will expect a lot of floor seating space, with loads of square cut cushions and bolsters.

Arabian Night Theme

4.  Aladdin Themed  cakes:

Arabian Nights themed cake with pearly white toppings and a blue-purple creamy layer is a treat for the eyes. The three-tier cake with Jasmine and Aladdin on the top of the cake, playing gleefully with the other characters like Raja-the Tiger, Sultan, Genie, Abu- the thief monkey and carpet. For each guest, reserve a special face mask, so that they can enjoy the theme like a character themselves.

5.  Persian flowers:

Flowers and wedding are inseparable. Move beyond the regular rose and tulip bouquets. Exotic Persian flowers like calendula, Maryam, carnations, Iris, Zinnia, Paradise, hyacinth and inverted tulips make up a formidable group, gracing your Aladdin and Jasmine themed wedding.

Dazzle the center piece with Iranian elements like the tea and kettle set, with special snacks basket, and boxed favor packs for guests.

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