Anniversary Party Invitations

Anniversary is a word that fills everyone with the sweet-sour memories of the past. It comes from the Latin term which has a combination of the word year and the phrase turning. It refers to the yearly recurrence of an event and hence the word marks the remembrance of the event which occurred the same day in the previous year.

Wedding anniversaries are the most awaited and celebrated events after birthdays. Gone are the days, when only silver (25th) and golden (50th) anniversaries were celebrated. With advancing times, people do not want to miss a single chance to be happy, to enjoy and to celebrate, resulting in grand celebration of Wedding Anniversaries every year.

Throwing a party to celebrate wedding anniversaries requires proper management. Choosing a right wedding anniversary party invitation is a very important step in the process of planning.

A few important things need to be taken into consideration in finding the anniversary party invitations. They are:

Anniversary Party Invitations & Themes

The best idea for a wedding anniversary party is to decide a theme and work accordingly. The theme can either be general like love, romance, music etc. It can be related to the era when couple met, or the specific season or things which have a special place in their journey. For example, if a couple met in the rainy season and sharing of umbrella was the incident which brought them together, then monsoon can be a theme of the party where all the decorations and dress code of the guests and even the servers should be based on the same. You can even recap the incidents of lives of the couple through a video.

Your anniversary invitation should be in accordance to the theme. It is supposed to give a clue to guests that what the party is going to be like.


After deciding the theme, you should choose a location which fits according to the mood of the party. For an intimate mood, choose home as the venue otherwise any party hall can be rented. You can even rent choose public zoos or botanical gardens to make the party memorable. The choice should fit your budget.

Personalized Invitations

Wedding anniversary party invitations have to be different and special just as your close ones are. It is not always necessary to send boring and typically traditional cards. It is your chance to create a fantastic first impression on your guests. It is an option to look for online invitation options from a larger selection. You even have the option of using photo anniversary invitations. You can also look for readily available ones through online vendors. Shopping online obviously is always convenient than going to any store.

Please ensure that you get the anniversary cards early. It is better sending anniversary party invitations at least two weeks prior the event. It gives your guests enough time to make arrangements for attending the party.

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