Bachelorette party invitations

Every important step in your life calls for a party and same should be enjoyed with full fun and enthusiasm on such big day in every girls or bride’s life is her bachelorette party, the one which will occur immediately before she is getting married. In this party she will be with all her dear friends and enjoy this time to its fullest as after today this time will not come again.

Bachelorette party invitations Cards

A lot is heard about the bachelor party which is for a boy before his marriage, but the party for girls is not very common and famous. On this day the girl lives every moment of her life again as she is stepping in a new world. This is her last party as single unmarried female. This party is bit wild and full of fun.

Like any other party this party to calls for party invitations to be sent to the friends and all the guests. The selection of invitation cards is not an easy work as this card will give a glimpse of how the party will be like. The purpose of this party should be kept in mind while choosing the invitation. 

Color and pattern

The color should be girlish and soft, too loud colors will not look good. On can always opt for pink, red, yellow and if the party is in summer the colors which give a cool like green, sky blue, saffron etc. In order to make the card more attractive you can also add some bright colors and slogans. There are many slogans which are available on line. One can also add some inspirational lines to the invitation.

Themes and look

One can also plan a theme based party and the invitation should be in coordination with the theme. The card should contain all the information about the dress up and the game which will take place in this party, and the things which the guest are required to bring from their home.


Games add more fun to the party one can play truth and dare, antakshari; dance etc. This will be really exciting. There are many games which can be added to the list but make sure that everything gets completed on time.


While adding every information in the invitation don’t forget to mention all the important details such as venue, time, contact numbers. If the party is far from the city it is better to add the road map on the invitation as this will be very helpful; for the guests and will help them to reach on time.

Bachelorette party invitations

There are many other things which one can add to the invitation but again the budget is one thing which should be kept in mind. Many options which are available on line for this invitation, one can pick from these and alterations can be done or can personally create the special day card. The party invitation should not look simple but it should reflect your happiness and enthusiasm for the most awaited party.

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