Bar-Bat Mitzvah ceremony planning steps

Jewish Invitaions

Jewish Invitaions

The Jewish celebration – Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah is a one of the biggest day for a child in his/ her life. There is a lot of planning which need to be done in order to make this a memorable and successful event. The planning for this event starts the day the child takes birth as parents plan how they will celebrate this when their child reaches this stage.

It is a well known fact that events lacking planning are not so successful and are bit messy too. This event calls for a long term planning. One should divide his planning as per the time span.

Start planning early – One should start planning at least 2 to 3 years before actual date, as there are many kids who will be eligible for this day so the arrangements and booking for important things should be done well in advance. The first thing which one should consider is the budget for this event as everything else follows this.

Before First Year-

  • This year calls for arrangements of caterer, photographer and the location as well. It is very common that the best available in the market get booked in advance so don’t miss a chance and act pro actively.
  • Keep a track of all themes which you like in past and chose one from them or opt for a fresh one. Planning in advance will help you manage everything in time and will be more cost effective too.
  • It is very important for a child to learn all the important lessons prior to this event and he must be well versed with these so make sure that you give him the required time to learn important lessons and read Torah properly.

Six Months before- This is the time when your planning results will start coming out as execution time is near.

  • Selection of Bar- Bat Mitzvah invitations needs to be done.
  • Contact all the vendors and make sure that they remember the date venue and necessary things.
Bar Mitzvah Invitaions

Bar Mitzvah Invitaions

Three months before-
First thing is meeting the tutor and making sure that child is comfortable with the Torah and lessons. Second this is arranging for accommodations in hotels, guest houses for outsiders as last time arrangement will be surely very expensive one. Getting the final invitation card in hand and do editing if any required.

One month before – This is time to recheck all arrangements for the big day. Sending invitations to far staying relatives. Arrangements of all the items and things which are necessary to complete the ceremony that day so that nothing falls short.

One week before –
Now the result is very near so call for revision of all the arrangements and a check from relatives that they received invitation or not. Try to confirm actual number of guests as they will help you avoid wastage.

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