Bar Mitzvah – A Celebration For ‘Coming To Age’

Jewish Wedding Invitations

Jewish Wedding Invitations

Bar Mitzvah is quite a popular word of Judaism religion. The literal meaning of this word is ‘Son of the commandment’. This is a stage when a young boy gains recognition of his adulthood and gets to understand his duties & responsibilities & is expected to comply with all the commandments of Torah. Generally, this stage is attained by a young boy at the age of 13.

Generally, it is believed by Judaist people that at the age of 13, a young boy attains required intellect of understanding a difference between right & wrong so he can be held responsible for his own acts. In the Judaism religion, there is a tradition of celebrating this occasion of attaining maturity or adulthood by a young boy, which is referred as ‘Bar Mitzvah Ceremony’. However, a formal celebration is not required since on the 13th birthday, a boy automatically becomes a Bar Mitzvah. This occasion is celebrated to make the society get acquainted that the boy has attained the ripe age of adulthood and now he is ready to be a socially responsible who is all set to take societal and familial activities. It is this occasion that marks a major shift in the status of the child from a carefree child to a responsible social being.

After a young boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah, he is called up to Torah to recite blessings. However, in the modern time Bar Mitzvah ceremony is organized by the family of Bar Mitzvah since it is the occasion which means a lot to the young boy & also to his family. Near & dear ones are invited for this ceremony. They generally carry a suitable gift also. There is also a provision of raising money for donation by the family of Bar Mitzvah & he is asked to donate that money. A Bar Mitzvah becomes eligible enough to recite ‘Shema’ & offer other Weekday prayers.

He is also required to wear ‘Tefillin’. However, the rules of reciting the blessings of Torah are not hard & fast. A boy may recite the Blessings prior to Torah Reading or after to the reading. He may choose to read a portion of Torah or may choose to read all portions of Torah. In order to celebrate this occasion in a successful manner, a little bit of preparation is recommended so that a young boy can gain enough confidence to read the portions from Torah.

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