Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Save the Date Cards

Bar Mitzvah Cards

Bar Mitzvah Cards

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah are Jewish ceremonies which denote the coming of age of girls and boys respectively. After this ritual, the boys and girls are considered to be mature and responsible for their own deeds and after this ceremony the society treats them as adults. After this, the boys and girls are also held socially responsible for all their deeds.  The ceremony is conducted in front of all friends and family members and a feast is held. The guest including the family members as well as near and dear ones are invited using the bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah invitations respectively. There is great significance of this ceremony.

The guests residing outside need to be informed well in time so that they can plan their schedule and be a part of the important religious ceremony. There are “Save the date” cards available in the market which can be posted to the guests stating the program, it is like an invitation that tells the guests about the party and carries all the details of the same. Right from the day and date of the function to the time and venue as well as the name of the male child and the female child. The bar and bat mitzvah save the date cards also have details about the party theme if any.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah are once in a lifetime opportunity and calls for a huge celebration. In such parties one wants that all his near and dear ones should be present and this is possible when the guests are informed well in advance. These cards are available online and can easily be personalized. When sending the “Save the date cards” do not force the guest to answer in yes or no as they need to fix their schedule. These cards are just to convey the dates to the guests. You can also add the photograph of your child which is the latest trend for such type of parties. The cards should have the complete details about the child and also about the date and venue. You can also attach a map of the venue so that the guests have no hassles in reaching the place. The party requires much preparation and the cards are important too. Do remember to choose the right card with right details. Ordering the car is easy and one can order them online. There is a customization option also available and parents who need to have unique bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah cards can choose this option. There will be an instant preview of the card and once you finalize it, the online portal will print it and send it to you or to your guests directly if you wish.

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