Bar Mitzvah – Celebrate The Way The Boy Wishes It To Be

Bar Mitzvah Invitation Cards

Bar Mitzvah Invitation Cards

Bar mitzvah is a Jewish ceremony which denotes coming of age of the boys which clearly means that the boy would now be responsible for all of his acts and the parents are no longer responsible for what he does. This ceremony is symbolic and is also attached with the concept that the boy must now start taking responsibilities. This ceremony is done in front of all near and dear ones. Boys have to work hard and fulfill all the criteria’s that are laid for the same. These include learning of verses and taking up some project under the guidance of some learned person.

This ceremony is the first step and is celebrated with joy by the family and the friends who gather at the occasion to bless the child. Same ceremony is conducted for the girls also and is termed as Bat Mitzvah. The Invitation cards are printed to invite the near and dear ones and a feast is held in the evening. This ceremony is of religious significance and the Jewish community celebrates it as the Hindus celebrate the child’s coming of age or the transition from Brahmchariya to Grahsth.

There are different party planners who plan the party one can plan the same on their own also. The invitation cards should have all the information about the boy for whom the celebrations are to be done along with time, date and venue of the great day. As this day is the most special day for the Jewish boy, it should be celebrate in exactly the way the boy wants it to be. Right from the Bar Mitzvah invitations to the return gifts to the friends and relative who have taken out time from their busy schedules should be decided by the boy.

If party is planned around some theme then it should also be mentioned so that the guests can prepare themselves for the same. Dress code can also be fixed as everyone will enjoy it. It is a good idea to have DJ as it will make the party livelier. The Childs’s choice should be considered as he would be more familiar with the choice of his friends. Bar Mitzvah is a once in lifetime experience and should be celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm as the little boy has now attained the status of an adult and will be responsible for all his acts. The online stores also have all the materials from invites, planners and DJ’s to make your party a memorable experience.

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