Bar Mitzvah Planning – 6 Vital Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

For every ceremony celebration to be a success, planning is the crucial part. If you have not planned it properly then it can spoil the fun and excitement of it. As the Bar Mitzvah ceremony is amongst the most important event for a young Jewish man, he and his family want it to be a jovial event. If you are a Jewish parent and you are going to celebrate your child’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony soon then you must be much tensed regarding its proper arrangements.

Here we are giving you 6 tips that will make your life easier.

  • Make a File– First of all get organized and prepare a file. Divide it into sections with headings as catering, guests, venue, DJ, decorator etc. You should place all dated quotes, confirmation and emails in it. It would help you to keep a track of all arrangements.
  • Plan Your Budget– Bar Mitzvah is one of the most cherished ceremonies in your life so it is obvious that you may get carried away with its excitement. But do not let your budget slip out of your hands. First decide about the whole budget and then divide it into different sections of your file according to requirement. Try to include minute expenditure in the file.
  • Involvement of Bar Mitzvah Boy– As this event marks the beginning of adult life of a bar mitzvah boy so why not let him be an adult from this ceremony. Involve him in all decisions and keep his suggestions in your mind while making arrangements.
  • Select A Theme– Selecting a theme will make your ceremony more beautiful. It automatically decides everything like decoration, music, food, flowers, invitation cards etc. But keep in your mind that every arrangement goes by the theme properly as mismatch will ruin the fun.
  • In Absence of Theme– Even if you have not selected any theme, you should make arrangements in a correlated manner. For ex- if you are choosing a particular color for table cloth then napkins should be chosen accordingly.   Say, the stripped tablecloth will not go with dotted napkins.
  • Proper Information in the Invitation Cards– It is very important that you mention proper address of event venue and accommodation hotel in the invitation cards. This is because some of your guests may belong to outer stations and they might be unfamiliar with that area. If possible print a small map at the back of the invitation. It would be better to mention that whether you are accepting the gifts or not and if not do mention the name of charity to which they should donate them.

This list of the tips is not exhaustive and if you want some more tips related to the planning of Bar Mitzvah celebration, you can find them on internet.

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