Bat Mitzvah: A Special Day for Jewish Girls

Bat Mitzvah Invitations

Bat Mitzvah Invitations

Bat Mitzvah the special day of Jewish girl. This occasion is celebrated on a large scale. This is the biggest day in a Jewish girls life when she turns 13 and it is assumed by the family and other near and dear ones that now she is capable enough to take all the responsibilities and now she can take care of all the things in her life. This is the age when the society considers the girl to be fit to take some societal responsibilities and it is the time when she should start thinking that soon some or the other societal and familial responsibilities will be there on her.

This is the day where she takes the first step to her womanhood. On this day the girl becomes female and all the responsibilities are handed over to her. Prior to this age, the girl child is considered to be a girl and she is allowed to play and engage in mundane activities as well. All the near and dear ones comes in the celebration of this function.

This occasion starts in the morning where the girl read chants from the TORAH in front of all the family members. It is very difficult to read these chants properly since the pronunciation of words is really very difficult, some of the parents appoint tutors for their children to make them learn. Audios are also provided which help the girl to learn the words herself and then the tutor makes sure that she is saying this in the right way. The girls generally wear a gown on this occasion and the gown is exclusively designed.

After the morning ceremony is over there is a big dinner party in the evening where all the guests come together and give wishes and blessings to the girl. Gifts are also given on this occasion what should be given depends upon your thinking and your budget, a gift which gives her a sense of grown up should be preferred as she is moving in this phase of her life. If one is confused with the gift then in this case cash is the best option which one should give. Bat mitzvah is a very special occasion in the Jewish culture and same should be attended if you get the chance too. In order to invite the guests special Bat Mitzvah invitations are sent.

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