Bat Mitzvah – Celebrate It The Way The Girl Child Wishes It To Be

Bat Mitzvah Cards

Bat Mitzvah Cards

‘Bat Mitzvah’ is a term which holds a great significance in Judaism religion since this is the beginning of a journey of a girl’s life after she completes her 12th birthday. The literal meaning of this word is ‘daughter of commandment’. The word ‘bat’ refers to the ‘daughter’ & the word ‘mitzvah’ refers to the ‘commandment’.

After completing her 12th birthday, a girl becomes eligible for acquiring the rights of an adult woman since it is believed that at this age a girl becomes mature enough to understand the difference between right & wrong thus, she can be held responsible for her acts & decisions. Also, this is the age in which the girl child realizes that she is no longer a child and now onwards she has to take responsibilities. These responsibilities could be societal or familial. Also, this is the ripe time for het to realize that now she will not be a baby and she will have to take care of responsibilities single handedly without the help of other people. Furthermore, this is the best time to celebrate this transition in her life and help her celebrate this event with much fanfare and enthusiasm. In addition to this, the ceremony should be organized and arranged as per the theme and the preference of the girl.

Earlier there was not much emphasis on celebrating this occasion since a girl automatically becomes a ‘Bar Mitzvah’ on her 12th birthday, whether a formal celebration is organized or no. However, the trend began changing gradually and now young girls & her family prefers to celebrate this important occasion that too in a lavish manner. After a girl becomes a ‘Bar Mitzvah’, she is called up to the Torah to read portions from it. She is also called up to offer special prayers during ‘Shabbat service’. She might be asked for delivering a speech about Torah or Haftarah reading.

There is also a tradition of honoring the entire family of ‘Bat Mitzvah’ during Aliyah service & donation money is also raised by her family according to the choice of ‘Bat Mitzvah’. This vital event is truly a beginning of the real learning of Jewish tradition & exercising her rights related to the participation in Jewish community.

Though the trend of celebrating this important one is not new one but recently people have become more particular about celebrating this event. There is more emphasis on preparation & practice of reading portions from Torah, since new generation strives for achieving perfection.

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