Bat Mitzvah Theme Based Party

There is a celebration of each and every occasion and especially if the occasion is a child birthdays it holds a very special place. One such occasion which is celebrated in the Jewish culture is the bat Mitzvah. This is the day when the girl child turns 12 years old. This is a very important day in her life and the most awaited one as well.

There are many dreams which very Jewish child holds in his eyes for this day. A lot needs to be done as it’s once in a life time function and that to on a very grand level. The party should be properly organized and the thing which holds the most important pace ids that the party theme and arrangement should be as per the choice of the girl.

Bat Mitzvah Theme Based Party

 Many things need to be considered in order to make this day a great success and the planning start with the budget part. It is very important to set a budget before finalizing anything else. There are many options for this party celebration but all of them vary from budget to budget. Then once this step is done the second step is the decoration part.

There is an option in which one can opt for a theme based party or it can be a normal one. A theme based party always holds more people and appreciation then the non theme Ones. There are many themes from which one can opt from, let your daughter make this choice.

Then moving further all the invitation should be in accordance with the theme only as this gives more synchronization and appreciation to the whole event. The invitation cards should hold all the necessary information and the card should be bit trendy and the theme opted should be clearly reflected by the card. Life if the theme opted is angel one then the card should carry angels on it and the base color of the card and the decoration \should match like pink,blue,red etc.

One can also ask all the guests to wear a specific dress like saree and suits or evening gawn and suit. This will give a very nice look to the party. Then in order to add more flavor to the event there should be games such as musical chair, passing the parcel. One can also keep a contest such as best dressed male, female as this will motivate people to dress up in their best.

The most important part that is the food. It is very important to keep a proper focus on this part as a miss out on this will spoil the entire party mood and people will not enjoy the event. Along with proper food timely and proper serving is also very important. This is something which should be in a moving form.

Then the last but not the least Thank you note. This should also be as per the theme as the invitation card and then thank you note are the starting and end of the party. Thus maker to point to keep the theme in mind at each and every step of the party and see how successful the party is.

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