Birthday Party Theme: Angry Birds

Birthdays parties ought to be special and parents make it sure that the kids and friends have fun and enjoy this day to the fullest. The birthday party theme is set keeping the choice of child in mind and these days cartoon characters have taken an important place and the party theme and cakes are planned according to them.

 Birthday Invitations

The latest to create a buzz is the game Angry Birds. This is a game that is favorite of all the kids and it has become the latest birthday party theme. The decorations for this theme need to be bright and generally primary colors are used. Further the plates, napkins; cups can have the pictures of Angry Birds and the Pigs characters of the game. Although this is not compulsory still if you want these are easily available in the market. Apart from these the birthday party invitations can be shaped like angry birds or it can be a regular invite with the pose of the Angry Birds character on it. Everything at the party can have the theme of angry birds over them.

 Birthday Invitations

The kids would love if you plan some activities related to this game, you can easily hire a blow up slide and can place it in the open space with all angry birds and pigs a part of them kids will definitely enjoy the setup and it would give the real gaming experience. There are many other games that can be planned like Pig stomp, Star gatherer, Golden pig hunt, etc.

You can hide goodies and other stuff in the yard and kids would love to search them. Next comes the cake, you can order a simple cake and then can decorate it with angry bird figures and balls or you can get a cake on the same theme ordered, you can also make a cake yourself the details are easily available over the internet.

 Birthday Invitations

The goodies can also be planned around this theme you can yourself design them with birds figurine or you can give bird nests, or golden egg shaped erasers. You can also design goodie bags with angry bird’s goodies in it. This kind of party would be a memorable and enjoyable experience not only for your kid but all his friends, this kind of birthday party would require proper planning and careful organizing. There are various stores that would make everything available to you at cheap prices.

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