Birthday Party Themes – Have A Happy Creative Birthday!

Birthday Party Cards

Birthday Party Cards

Woww!! its your child’s birthday and you have sent birthday invitations to all your near and dear ones. It is the most beautiful occasion where everyone likes to feel special, especially kids. And their parents leave no stones unturned to make their birthday memorable. They make every possible efforts to make sure that their kids get all the happiness in the world on this day.

Here in this article we will help you plan a stupendous fabulously fantastic birthday party which your child or any other loved one will remember it throughout their life.

So everyone pull up your socks and go crazy, wild and creative on this birthday of your loved one. The first tip is, always try and keep a surprise element when you plan a party. Right from the birthday invitations to the party theme, everything can be designed and planned to inspire awe in the guests. Everyone loves when something good happens unexpectedly. In fact, you can plan an entire surprise party with creative themes. If not the entire party then at least add some surprise element like give a surprise gift, which one desired to possess since a long time.

Here are some creative themes that you can use:

1. Keeping a Treasure Hunt – keep 4-5 gifts at different places along with a clue with each gift that will help the birthday kid find the next gift. Then ask your child to search the gifts as per the given clues. The expression of excitement on your child’s face will definitely be the expression to die for.
2. Fairy tale or princess theme – for your girl this will work wonders. You can dress her like a fairy or princess and give her every possible treatment that a beautiful fairy or princess of a big kingdom receives.
3. Jungle Theme – For a boy, you can go wild by keeping the jungle theme wherein you can dress the birthday boy in the lion’s attire as the king of jungle and let other kids wear dresses of different animals.
4. Halloween Theme – It is one of the excellent theme, where you can go crazy experimenting on the looks by wearing horror masks and scary makeup and dressing.
5. You can also use your creativity on birthday cakes. These days birthday cakes are available in all shapes and designs, choose the flavor and design liked by the birthday boy or girl and surprise them.
6. The birthday invitations can also inspire a sense of surprise. The invites can be planned in a way that as soon as the guests open it there is a little angel appears and there is a background sound on the card that will recite the content of the cards. Another idea is to have the birthday card printed with invisible ink and ask the receiver to apply water or lemon to reveal the contents. This will be a great fun for pirate theme parties.

So all you parents, hope you plan a mind-blowing birthday party for your little angels. Don’t you forget to store these wonderful memories by clicking cheesy photographs.

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