Box Scroll Invitations: How To Select The Best One?

The wedding day is the most anticipated date in a couple’s life. It is specially set aside to begin a new journey in life as husband and wife. Every couple wants their big day to be special and memorable. Everything from the venue to the entertainment is carefully planned. Considering how special this day is going to be, you’d want to announce this upcoming occasion in the most befitting way possible.

A box scroll invitation is the best way to make your special announcement. This type of invite is available in many styles such as long scrolls, wooden, small and traditional.

If you want to feel like a royal courier when you distribute your box scroll invitations, consider the following tips when making your decision:


Due to their fancy and often regal appearance, box scrolls are beautiful in a wide range of colours. Shades of purple, gold, red, forest green and even white with gold or silver highlights works very well with scroll style invitations. If you’re unsure about which color to choose, you can opt for the same colours as your dress or wedding theme. Another route to consider is selecting a colour that reflects your personality.

box scroll invitations

For example, if you’ve got a bold outlook, choose vibrant colours such as lime green or bright pink. If you prefer something more traditional, then earthy colours such as neutral will be best.


To determine how your card will look, use your wedding theme as a guide. For example, if your venue is a mansion or a castle, consider box scroll invitations in a medieval theme. You may even want the scrolls to be made of wood. If your wedding is a black-tie affair that is being held in a hotel, you may want to choose a scroll made of faux silk or velvet. A simple garden wedding is best captured by a dainty scroll featuring lace trim and pastel colours.

Deciding how your scroll will look is a matter of personal taste. It can be as rustic, sophisticated or simple as you wish.


Your range of options with box scroll invites continues with a wide range of materials to choose from. Popular examples include silk, velvet, satin, handmade paper, cardstock and wood.

box scroll cards


The range of embellishment options is plenty. These include rhinestones, charms, satin/silk bows, tassels, precious and semi-precious stones.

Font Style:

Your font style is determined by the style of your box scroll invite. For a traditional wedding, an elegant, handwritten type font is most suitable. A contemporary or modern style wedding is best captured by a typed font.

Box scroll invitations are sophisticated, stylish and elegant. To shop for your wedding card now, visit Scroll Wedding Invitations.

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