Brown and Yellow Colored Scroll Invitations

Brown Scroll Invitations

Brown Scroll Invitations

The wedding invitation cards need to have good colors as colors are also associated with good and bad omen. Bright colors like red, yellow, green are considered to be auspicious symbols and the scroll invitations are generally of these colors. One common color that is a penchant with wedding cards is brown. Brown color has its own attraction and also forms a good vase for other colors. The designs embossed on this color look beautiful as it gives a good background to the designs.

The scroll wedding invites are generally in the shades of brown sometimes light and sometimes dark. Brown color can be used with other colors to add more dimensions to the card. It also looks good with golden color and silver also. The font and its colors also matters a lot when it comes to the wedding invitations brown colors can be used with any font style as it would never look smudged and would lend clarity to the fonts as well.

Wedding invitation cards are important as they act as they act as the first impression of the wedding. Sometimes the guests decide from the card whether to be a part of the wedding or not. So the design and color matters a lot. Not only the family but friends and colleagues are also invited and some colors do not look good when inviting the office staff.

Yellow color can go to the extent of golden as many cards are in golden shade and look good. Yellow color also can be used if you have summer wedding or any other theme based wedding. Yellow color stands for brightness also and is used heavily in the wedding cards. Generally, wedding cards are of these colors. There are many colors mixed with them to add beauty to the cards. If you are selecting a wedding card for your wedding it is a good idea to go for brown and yellow color base as you can have plenty of options with these colors even if you want to write or affix pictures or add any effect these colors will provide a ready base and would give a clean look to the card. There are various stores that allows you to see various color combinations for your cards and choose the best out of all.

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