Give Wings to the Romantic Barn Wedding Ideas

Take a flight of imagination into the old world rustic charm of the barns. Plan a cozy and elegant barn wedding event, amidst the Swiss Alps or English lavender gardens, minus the stress of falling short of expectations.

Hop on the Planner’s cart and let’s roll out a ravishing Romantic Barn Wedding.

1.  Indoor or outdoor:

The first thing to choose in a barn wedding is the venue. Are you comfortable getting married outdoor? In a barn, things can be a little messy, as it could be muddy, dusty and often filled with hay grains and dust. You may never know when it turns cloudy and then sunny, and start raining!

Make arrangements for the indoor Barn Wedding, with detachable/removable rooftops, so that you can have best of both worlds.

2.  The invitation:

You have hundreds of pastoral options when it comes to picking the most suitable Wedding invitation card. The Twig and Feather unique wedding invite with hardbound casing are the most lovable design that compliments the theme perfectly. Knotted cards and wedding scrolls are also very popular designs you can explore.
wedding scrolls
If you wish to move away from the regular designs and find something that nobody has done before, try the Horse Saddle and Hook Wedding Card. The card is the cutout in a horseshoe shape and flips open when pressed like you do to a saddle.

For those who wish to embrace sophistication and modern technology, get 3-D wedding cards, laser-cut to perfection, in designs ranging from the barn house to a more romantic sequin Save the Date card.

3.  Lighting it up:

Take your guests on a ride of a lifetime, allowing them to explore the most authentic Romantic Barn Wedding ever witnessed. Build the theme around with wooden frames, graced with bucolic chiffon curtains. Light up the mood with the vintage countryside lanterns made of brass and copper. Don’t hesitate to use the Davy’s Lamp either, placing it strategically at the entrance. The hay-stitched carpet with straw nests retains the vintage pastoral appeal. Place barrels and caskets of brewed beer close to the buffet counter, with a kiosk designed like a cart, for selfies.

4.  The wedding cake:

What makes a wedding special? Obviously, the cake! Well, given the venue and theme you have chosen, the creamy delight may not last the ordeal. Instead of the designer cakes, opt for large-sized jam pies and croquembouche or croque-en-bouche. If you wish to add flavor and texture to the dessert platter and still make it look regale, try Choux pastry. It is different and very European in its taste. Moreover, it fits the Romantic Bar Wedding theme aptly, especially if you get them made in heart-shaped blocks.

Wedding Cake

5.  The favors:

You can choose to gift your guests some auspicious barn symbols as wedding favors like the Barn Star, Ladybug buttons, Dream catchers or Four-Leaf Crystal Clove.

A visually enchanting wedding is on the cards if you choose some colloquial elements of the barn wedding that have been customarily included in events since 1st century AD!

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