Glamourize The Past With These Scroll Invitation Boxes

Scrolls are believed to have been used first in ancient Egypt. They were the earliest form of documents. A scroll is a roll of papyrus, parchment or paper containing writing. Shorter pieces of parchment are called rolls and one can say that these rolls have been reincarnated in the form of modern Scroll Invites. Though they have acquired a new face, their popularity with a novel character, is no less than their older avatar. Scrolls are the trendiest invites which give a romantic and royal touch to an event making it very special and traditional. Scrolls, also known as Farmans, are the most impressive of any invitations. Say it in style with these invites. Any event gets a majestic touch and we undergo a mystical journey into that ancient romantic era, adding to our adventure and thrill.

Scroll Invitation Boxes

Remember the times of Kings and Queens who would send these Farmans in the most elegant and stylish manner, packed in the matching boxes, truly personifying their majestic and royal background. Present trends have seen the revival of past in its most glamorous face. Imagine, the silk or fabric scrolls invitation of your wedding or a theme party being sent to the invitees in equally stunning scroll boxes. It is not difficult to imagine the look of awe and wonder on the face of the guests who feel spellbound at the sight of this perfect ensemble of beauty and glamour.

These Scroll Invitation Boxes which enhance the finesse and your invites are etched forever in everyone’s memory. These are not restricted to any time period or theme. You may choose the traditional or modern design and these scroll cards blend themselves in any background making them their own. They are the highlight of any wedding and for the receiver, a Farman with a box leaves an indelible impression in one’s heart and adds something special to his/her collection of the memories in the form of keepsakes.

Fabric Scroll Wedding Invitation

Scroll Wedding invitations personify elegance and grace. It proudly displays its wonderful and splendid collection of scroll invitation cards which are so aptly complemented with boxes. These Box Scroll Invitations can be customized in an array of colours which showcase your personality. Variety is immense when it comes to designs and patterns. They are classy and impressionable. Many ideas on add-ons are right here in the form of colourful ribbons or tassels, golden, silver or bronze embellishments. Traditional ones with religious motifs or the modern one with creative designs, we have all the variety to meet your requirements and choice.

We at Scroll Wedding invitations design, manufacture and bring to your doorstep the most exquisite and unique collection of scroll invitations in the variety of fabrics like silk, velvet, linen, etc. in the designs which are classy and vibrant. We bring to you our unmatched, exceptionally embellished scroll boxes. We feel extremely privileged to be of service to you and design our invitation cards as per your requirements at the most affordable and competitive prices.

Scroll invitations

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