5 Steps for Soulful & Gracious Temple Weddings

The moment you hear the word temple heart is filled with a picture of a tranquil place with idols of Gods & Goddesses. In Indian culture it is considered auspicious to seek blessing of God before starting anything new. The temples of India are famous all over the world not only for the serenity and tranquility but also for the rich diverse culture it depicts. The temple wedding is quite popular with couples who want to start their journey of love & bliss by seeking God’s blessing. The marriage in temple is considered to be pious. It is far away from any the showoffs that you will come across in normal wedding. It is a simple, holy and soulful ceremony. If you want to tie the knot in a temple then there are certain things that you should take into consideration.

1 Book in Advance

First, you have to book the temple in advance for your wedding. In Indian culture there are months that are considered auspicious for wedding or starting something new, so it is important that you book well in advance.  In case, you have hired a wedding planner then the planner will take care of everything.

2 Decorations, Food & Music:

The decoration in temple wedding is simple. You can use seasonal flowers and leaves to decorate the place. The food is another important factor. The food is generally vegetarian still you can enquire with the template administration.  Don’t forget to find out the rules and regulations of the temple this will help you work out things accordingly. The traditional instruments like flute or Shehnai can be played during the ceremony.

3 Wedding Attire:

The perfect attire for bride in temple marriage is a saree. It is beautiful and elegant. You can save the dazzling outfit for reception. Heavy jewelry should be avoided instead opt for floral jewelry as it will add to aesthetical charm of the temple. The groom can wear anything that is traditional as it will make him look authentic.

4 Invitation  

Another important thing that you need to pay attention is the wedding invitation card. Since the wedding is taking place in a temple, it would be best if you can opt for graceful Scroll wedding invitation card. It is going to be a beautiful blend of simplicity and elegance.

5 Strictly follow the rules:

Temple is a sacred place, so it is important that everyone should stick to the rules. Make sure everyone behave accordingly and maintain the decorum of the place. A wedding in temple mostly involves close friends and relatives. You can find out the number of people that can be invited from the administration and then invite accordingly. The rest can be invited for the reception. Once the ceremony is over and you have taken the blessing of God, you should immediately leave the premises.

The wedding in temple is not only famous with Indians but also equally with foreigners. The rituals and chanting of mantras in front of Lord makes it an enchanting experience.

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