How Different Is Islam Religion From Judaism?

Bar Mitzvah ceremony

Bar Mitzvah ceremony

The path of all religions lead to God but the way various religions instruct people to advance in spirituality differs from one religion to another. Here, we would be talking about two of the principle religions of the world – Judaism and Islam. Judaism is among the oldest religions of the world and this religion was founded by Prophet Moses who was believed to be chosen by God in order to guide the slaves of Israelite out of Egypt. Prophet Mohammad did found Islam in the year 622. Islam is practiced in the regions like South-Asia, Middle-East, Turkey, North-Africa, while Judaism is mainly practiced in the regions like North-America, Europe, Israel. Where at one side, Mecca and Saudi Arabia are considered as the place of the origin of Islam, the place of the origin of Judaism is believed to be Israel.

Rituals and practices of the two religions also differ a lot. In Judaism, when a child attains the age when he is fit to take social and religious responsibilities a special ceremony is organized. For male child it is Bar Mitzvah while for the female child it is Bat Mitzvah. This ceremony is of importance as it is a transition from childhood to maturity.

Imams, Caliphs, Mullahs, Derbishes and Mustiffs are the clergymen of Islam religion, while people who specialize in Public Torah reading can lead prayers or service. The main goal of Islam religion is submission to God, while the main goal of Judaism is to live by fulfilling the Covenant with God. The foundation of Islam rests on five pillars like Shahadah, five time prayers, to observe fasts during the holy month of Ramadan, to do charity, to visit Hajj at least once in a life time. The practices of Judaism religion include 3 times prayer, along with offering prayers during holidays and Shabbat.

The principle of Islam religions says that he is Allah, the Eternal Refuge and he neither born,  nor begets. According to the Judaism principles, they are few selected people chosen by God, who are supposed to guide people regarding covenants with God. The scriptures of the Islam are the Hadith and the Quran. The scriptures of Judaism are Torah and Tanakh. The rites of Islam include Quran, Hadith and Pillars and the rites of Judaism include Mitzvahs. The literal meaning of the word ‘Islam’ stands for ‘Surrender’ or ‘Submission’, that implies that one needs to  submit his will to the God. In Judaism the Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah ceremony are given utmost importance as these are the one of the most important ones in the life of a Jew.

Arabic is the language of Islam religion, while in Judaism religion, languages are quite diverse. The languages spoken in Judaism religion are Jiddish, Ladino, Judesmo and Carfati. In Islam religion, there are about 1.6 to 1.7 billion Muslims in entire World so it is apparent that Islam is the 2nd-largest religion. In Judaism, there are about 13-20 million people.

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