How Scroll Wedding Invitation Cards Gave A Royal Touch To My Wedding?

I was always fascinated towards the stories of kings, queens and fairies from my childhood. I believed that my prince charming would come and sweep me off my feet. Times flies quickly, my prince charming did came, I feel in love in the first glance, now we are engaged, wedding date too is fixed. Now it was time to start making arrangements, being the only daughter my parents wanted this to be royal affair.

Like every girl, I had dreams about my marriage. I find everything about this union of man and woman wonderful, the customs, rituals, beautiful decorated place and most importantly the religious chants amid which the wedding take place with the priest explaining the meaning of each vows to the couple. This journey of selfless love and undying commitment is the blissful moment in a couple’s life. I wanted to start the journey on the right note and wanted to make sure I get what I want.

I always noted that people make sure everything about the wedding is perfect, but one thing where they compromise is the wedding invitation card, I feel it is not a mere way for officially announcing about the upcoming ceremony, but also tells the invitees what to expect. A good invitation card will not only make them happy and privileged, but they are going to remember the event forever.

I have heard a lot about Online Indian Wedding Card Store, so started my hunt from here. First, I entered exclusive card section, the cards were amazing, depending on the card materials like self textured shimmery paper, velvet cloth, wooly paper, and gemstones were used. Clicking more details displayed the complete information such as a code, weight, price, size, information about the paper and the production time. I was enjoying stay on the online card store; next I moved to Laser invitation cards, lately I have been a hearing a lot about it, so here was my opportunity to see them, I was awestruck by the captivating designs on the card, they looked simply incredible and refreshing, it would be right to say these laser cut invitation cards are the flair of the season.

Finally, I moved to scroll section, a simple look on the front page was enough to take me to the era of kings and queens; my heart said this was what I was looking in my wedding invitation. I looked at each card meticulously, went through the details and watched the video.

Although I found all the cards to be captivating, my final choice came up on one scroll wedding invitation made out of purple handmade silk paper and craftily put on a satin gauze cloth with silver design bars on all sides. The casing was an artistic combination of silver textured sheet and purple handmade silk paper; exotic embroidery and Zari work along with Silver Zari ribbon for fastening further enhanced its beauty. I was kind of thrilled after choosing my own marriage invitation card, further I went to order an elegant Thank You Card for genuinely thanking the guests for gracing the occasion.

The cards turned out to be exactly the way they looked on the net, majestically royal. I got a lot of appreciation for the choice, but I whole heartedly knew it would not have been possible without Indian Wedding Invitation Card Store.

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