How to arrange a Gracious & Memorable 50th Anniversary Party

Are you planning your parent’s 50th Anniversary party? Wondering how to manage the logistics and other intricate details of the anniversary party? Then, your search has landed on the right page. Scroll down to find out some essential tips to arrange a 50th-anniversary party.

Party Invitations:

Begin with creating a guests list with names of the relatives and friends you would like to invite. The list should be created personally by every member of the family first, and then combined deleting names that have repeated. Discuss with your family members and decide how many guests you would like to entertain in the party. The size of the guest list should primarily depend on your party budget.

Once the guest list is finalized, it’s time to print an anniversary invitation card. These days most people prefer personalized cards that have the couple’s photo printed on it. If you have decided upon a theme for the party, then you can customize the card according to the theme. Send RSVP invites so that you get a confirmation of the final number of guests list that would be attending the party. You can consider scroll wedding invitation cards that would be customized to suit the occasions.

Online wedding CardsDecorations:

50th anniversary is also called Golden Jubilee year. Hence you can consider gold as the theme for the venue décor. Place a bold and large banner outside the venue, welcoming the guests for the occasion. The banner can have the couple with folded hands welcoming the guests to offer a personal touch. Place balloon bouquets all over the venue with the numeral ‘50’ written on it boldly. These balloons can be in golden or silver color. If you want to place red heart shaped balloons, then you can have satin ribbons curled as the strings of the balloons.

With regards to the interior décor, you can have a wall dedicated to the couple’s journey since their wedding day. Let the couple and the rest of the guests go through the lovely journey the anniversary couple had experienced to date. Create a writing board corner, where guests can write testimonials mentioning all good things they feel about the couple. If not, pass scrapbooks to each guest where they can pen down their feelings about the couple.

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Table decorations and party menu:

If gold is the theme, then golden colored linens and curtains will enhance the look of the décor. When it comes to table décor, then drinkware and plates with golden lining and crystal or white china material would look chic and elegant. Be it an indoor or outdoor décor, lanterns filled with candles either hung from the ceiling or placed on tables would look charming.

Ensure the menu suits the theme of the event. It can also be a favorite food list of the couple or a multi-cuisine platter that would suit all taste buds. Ensure the menu is loved by all, and cherished till the last bite.

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