How to Get Inspiration For A Library Theme Wedding?

It is an excellent idea that you are looking forward to a themed wedding. Well, there are many themes to choose from, and you are free to choose the theme and decorate everything associated with the wedding accordingly. If you and your lover are fascinated about books, it is a great idea to plan a literary theme wedding. The concept of library themed wedding is comparatively new, and it can be a great one for your wedding. You and your guests will love the overall arrangement for this theme, and you will enjoy making the arrangements. Nothing can be better than this.

Now there are several things you can think of when planning for a library themed wedding. Take a look at the different things you can do.

Preparing your invitation:

You can begin reflecting your wedding theme with your invitation. You can get inspired by a library card and set the tone of the card accordingly. You can take adorable engagement photos either within the library or with books. Consequently, you can use that photo to tell the world that you are getting married. If you check the internet, you will certainly get lots of cool ideas like going for a scroll wedding invitation card with a logo book is in trend. Later, you can show the gratitude to the guests by sending wedding thank you scrolls.
wedding thank you scrolls

Selecting the venue:

A library can often become the perfect venue for your wedding. In this context, you can talk to your local library. However, if that is a difficult option, you can decorate the wedding venue with books of different types. This will also play a great role in reflecting the overall theme of the wedding. If you want, you can leave spaces for your guests to type congratulations or advice for you and your partner with the help of a vintage typewriter. You can make use of library styled cards and holders for decorating the seating arrangements.

Book themed photo shoot:

Do not forget to go for a book themed photo shoot. This will be one of the most interesting and prominent parts of your wedding. Hire a photographer who can offer you the perfect photo shot experience.

Decorating the flowers:

The flowers that the bride and the bridesmaid will carry can also be entirely made from the pages of books. This will create a different appeal altogether. If you want, you can even use book pages for using as mat for your photos. Even the cake can be decorated to resemble the look of book pages. Moreover, the cake can come with many interesting inscriptions quoted from books. You can revamp some old pages to make a bow tie.

Library Theme Wedding

For your guests:

At the end of the day, don’t forget to send your guests some interesting books as return gift. You can be assured that they will be satisfied, and your entire wedding arrangement will be a success.

Therefore, you can take inspirations from this theme and look forward to celebrating a wedding with a literary theme. It will certainly make your wedding memorable, and people will remember it for years to come. You will feel glad that you selected such a theme.

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