How To Make Your Ring Ceremony The Most Memorable?

Ring ceremony alias sagai is an important pre-wedding ceremony where bride and groom-to-be exchange rings as a promise of a lifelong commitment. In India, this ceremony has become a perfect blend of traditional and modern where the ceremony is initiated by some religious rituals and may culminate with a dance party. These days due to the paucity of time, the ring ceremony may be held a day or two prior to the wedding so that all the relatives and friends who have come to attend the wedding are present to bless the couple.

Indian weddings, are the brightest, most vibrant and accompanied with lots of rituals to be performed according to the customs and traditions of that particular region or province.

Ring ceremony Invitations

Ring ceremony is an event in itself and involves many arrangements to be made ranging from decorations, food, entertainment and much more. When two persons get engaged or wedded in India, it is the wedding of their families too. Indian weddings are unique in a way that they give importance to each and every relative and friend involving and specifying their roles in the various ceremonies.

Engagement of a couple is witnessed by many guests who come to wish them well and bless them. Ring ceremony is not a very old pre-wedding custom which has its influence from the western culture. It can be said to be more urban in character.

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RSVP cards

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