How to organize a stunning Arabian Theme Wedding?

Are you a fan of Arabian nights or the Arabic tradition and culture? Then, you should give a try to organizing a classic and glamorous Arabian theme wedding. A perfect blend of bright and shimmering decorations, along with a tinge of luxury and royalty, an Arabian theme wedding is quite easy to organize. To give you an idea, Arabian wedding theme would be similar to the most loved Disney movie “Aladdin”. Do watch the movie to get an idea on the detailing for the event.

1.  A scroll wedding invitations card for an Arabian wedding theme can be unique and innovatively designed by adding shimmering gems and stones embellishments. A golden and silver colored shiny text would further enhance the design. If you have a higher budget, then a scented invitation paper or a miniature perfume bottle, an origin of the Arabic tradition attached to the paper, or inserted in the envelope would look good.

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2.  When designing a wedding dress ensure you stitch a lovely and sensuous Middle-eastern gown or Lehenga. The shade can be pastel, and the fabric can be of your choice, right from a shimmering velvety cloth, to a silk and satin fabric. Make sure to add embroidered motifs or paisley work patterns that would make the dress look a perfect for the occasion. The groom can dress up in a Sherwani or a dhoti Kurta that is designed in an Arabian style.

3.  When it comes to the wedding décor, the most important aspects are the curtains, table cloth, cushions and cutlery. Bright colored flowing patterns that are made in satin and wavy fabric can be a perfect theme for the Arabian theme wedding. Large chandeliers or real candles lit all across the venue in lamps or the Aladdin’s magic lantern can also be a thoughtful wedding decor. Make use of velvet material and enhance it with rich brocade, or shimmering embroidery when it comes to cushions, sofa or table clothing.

Arabian Theme Wedding

4.  You can hire a Henna artist to design lovely Arabic Henna design on the hands of the female guests. Also, for weddings with a higher budget a live belly dance performance or an orchestra playing live Arabic folk music can make the theme lively. However, if the budget is low, then you can ask the DJ to play classic Arabic songs in the background.

5.  A perfect combination of rich ingredients and aromatic spices, Arabic food is a delight to the taste buds. An exotic Arabic menu includes meat, lamb, chicken, lentils, olives, hummus as a part of the three course menu. Include a traditional dish in the menu, for instance, Tabouleh, Kofta, couscous, etc. The service staff can be dressed up in Shimagh or Egals to bring out the Arabic feel even more.

Arabian Theme Wedding

6.  Wedding favors can be in the form of Arabic souvenirs that can be picked up at cheap prices from the local flea market. Another useful wedding favor can be exotic assorted Arabic spices packed in lovely gift boxes.

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