How to Plan a Facebook themed Wedding?

With the advent of mobile and internet technology, people have become more socially active online rather than in the real world.  Social media is fast encroaching every vertical of life be it information broadcasting, marketing, launching or even official announcements. So, if you are planning on getting married and both of you are socially active, then why not take this opportunity to base your wedding on it.

Facebook themed Wedding

Facebook can be said to have heralded the idea of social networking.  Having a Facebook-themed wedding can be a fun and creative idea then. Since most people are active on Facebook, it would prove to be the perfect platform for you to build up the hype to this unique themed wedding. There are several ways in which this wedding can be planned and conducted beautifully. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Creating the build up:

Since your wedding is based on a social media platform, creating the right kind of vibes is very important for friends and guests. Update your facebook page and change display pictures as the date nears with images symbolizing marriage. Also, ask your friends to share and tag as many photos of you and your fiancé to all the socially active guests. This will create a buzz about your wedding and also put you in a very unique and tech savvy light.

Wedding Invitation:

Now that most people remain engaged in social media, you can take the concept of a latest scroll wedding invitations card totally online. Get a unique wedding invite designed by a good designer and share it with all your invites on Facebook. Give them a teaser just before sending them one which will create excitement and thrill. For those who still prefer traditional paper made cards, you can have the same design printed and sent to them.

wedding invitation cardsPre-wedding Photoshoot:

Hire a professional photo artist to capture and assemble a digital photo album of yours at different places. Upload these photos one by one as the wedding date nears but don’t reveal them fully.  Hide them partially as many companies do before a major announcement or product launch. The thrill created by this act will be tremendous and guests would be more than excited to attend such a unique wedding. Take the help of an expert you can do this entire job for you.

Wedding Décor:

Decorate the entrance with the couple’s names written in Facebook style font with the trademark blue background. This will convey your theme head on to those who are aware of the fact as well those who have little idea about it. Have a screen set up which will display the real-time profile or wall of the couple and also the likes that each are getting from friends and relatives. Also, hang cards all over the venue with you and your fiancé’s initials printed on them in a Facebook font. Another great and unique thing that you can do is have a hoarding that displays the Facebook timeline-like how and when you two met and other important milestones in your relationship.

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