How to prepare Destination Wedding Guests list?

The destination weddings are generally small affair consisting of only close relatives & friends. Preparing the guests list for destination nuptial is tough task. In traditional wedding your focus is on not missing anyone but here you need to smartly bring down the guest list.  The moment you announce the destination nuptial fewer people will expect to get the invite, but still

here we are going to tell you how to prepare destination wedding guest list.

1.  Decide how many people to invite:

The first step in destination wedding is to decide how many people you are planning to invite. Remember, it will surely have an effect on your wedding budget. If you are getting into wedlock outside India then you can keep the list anywhere between 30 to 50 people. If it is within Indian then 50 to 80 people will be just right. Well, final decision on how many people to invite is solely yours.
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2.  Preparing the guest list:

  • As we said earlier nuptial at a far away land is small affair consisting of close group, so ask yourself who are the person very close to you and you wish them to be part of the wedding ceremony. Secondly, think whether they would be able to make it to the wedding. The reason for not being able to make it to the ceremony can be many like health problems, financial problems, business or personal commitments.
  • Take out a pen and paper and write down names of close friends and relatives.
  • Here you can give a skip to your colleagues and distinct relatives without a second thought. It will make your job bit easy.
  • The other people you can remove from the list includes trouble makers, you would want the ceremony to be happy affair, so it is wise to give a skip to constantly nagging people.
  • Finally, you will have a list of friends and family members whose presence matters to you a lot. Go ahead and invite them for the wedding.

When to send invite for destination nuptial?

The guests need more time to prepare for the wedding at a faraway land. Make it a point to send the save the date card at least a year before the ceremony. If there is not a year’s gap then send out save-the-date as soon as the wedding date is fixed. Don’t forget to include information about the trip.
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How to decide on the kind of Invite?

Here the traditional invite will just look out of place, so you need a unique wedding invitations that match with the theme of your nuptial. If you are not having any theme then just having picture of the popular destination on the card will tell the guest about the place. For instance if you are planning nuptial in Agra then picture of Taj Mahal will tell the guests that the place is none other the city famous for monument of true love. Before you go ahead with ordering invite make sure to get some sample wedding cards. Taking a good look at the card is always right rather than simply ordering the cards.

Finally, don’t forget to throws lavish reception once you are back, invite all those people who were not invited in the wedding.

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