How To Select The Perfect Designer Wedding Invitations?

The gravity of selecting designer wedding invitations is similar to selecting your wedding dress; it has to be perfect! Your wedding invitation will set the theme and tone for your special day. You want to create the best first impression.

The following guide will help you select the finest designer wedding invitations for your big day:


Designer wedding cards feature sleek and contemporary finishes. They may have a touch of religious and traditional motifs, but these do not take centre stage. The layout of the card is also quite different. For example, the invite may resemble a small book with a jacket. The jacket itself may feature an intricate patterned laser cut jacket. The font of the wording is elaborate and cursive. The entire card may be presented as a box, a book, a wooden scroll, any elaborate presentation style.

Laser-Cut Designs
Color Scheme:

Designer wedding invites favour color schemes with rich shades and metallic hues, i.e. deep purple with gold, red and gold, blue and silver, etc. The colors are typically dark, complemented by bright metallic to reflect the celebratory mood of the occasion.


Designer wedding invitations often feature semi-precious or precious stones and crystals in their presentation. They may have a ribbon or bow attached to the card. The card may feature elaborate, laser-cut invitations designs and the use of luxurious fabrics such as silk and velvet.

Designer wedding cards


Designer themed invites are typically made from special materials. These can be thick card paper, velvet, handmade paper, vellum, wood etching, etc.


Perhaps the most striking feature of a designer invite is the add-on component. Couples who choose this theme for their invitation will often pair it with a box of chocolates, Indian sweets, a bottle of wine or sparkling juice, a basket of exotic fruits, etc.

Selecting just one from the myriad of designer wedding invitations that are out there can be a difficult task. The trick is to choose one that jumps out at you immediately. To view a beautiful and unique selection of designer wedding invites, visit Indian Wedding Card.

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