Indian Wedding and it Customs

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Indian wedding is quite unique in terms of celebration and it is celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm. Irrespective of religion, caste, creed or color, an Indian wedding is a mark of Indian tradition. Every religion follows its own traditions, rituals, and customs for the wedding. A wedding is most religious ceremony where lots and lots of preparations done by both side of families. It involves not only the establishment of the relationship between the two people but also the two families where lots of fun enjoyment done by everyone generally wedding venue and other ceremonies places. Food and other things decided by the families. In addition to this wedding invitations are the one that have a very important place in wedding. Those who wish to celebrate it in a grand and royal manner choose scroll invitations as their wedding card. The scroll invitations are available in varied shapes, sizes and designs and card printing companies also accept designs suggested by you.

Engagement ceremony takes place on a date decided by the elders of the family where both bride and groom exchange the rings. Its involves very close relatives from both the side of families. Another ceremony is the mehndi/sangeeet which is celebrate one day before the wedding. In this mehendi is put on the bride palms and feet with different patterns and family members and other relatives also put mehendi. Wedding day the main ceremony which is one of the important day for the bride and groom which is full of joy and excitement. Relatives from the far places come to attend marriage and give blessing to the couple. Everyone wear the apparels which give them different looks. Bride wear the most designer and graceful dress (Lehenga-chunni) which give her most appealing look and groom also wears different designer Suits/Sherwani. Whole place is decorated with different colors of flowers, diya, lights and different decoration items. In the evening varmala take place where the bride and groom exchange the gardland. After this photos with bride and groom are clicked with their family members, relatives & friends which become the most memorable memories for them.

Mandap ceremony holds the utmost importance of the day of wedding. Its decorated with bright colors like red and yellow, flowers, diyas, and lights to give the enhancing look to mandap This is the ceremony in which couple takes promises known as seven vows in the presence of scared fire. At last Vidai ceremony takes place in which bride leaves her parents house and goes to her husband’s house. It’s one of the most emotional ceremonies where everyone weeps especially the bride. She meets everyone one by one every one gives her blessing and showers their love to her for her new life. Bride goes to her new house where she is welcomed very beautifully and other rituals are performed. But all this is made possible only due to the wedding cards or the scroll invitations sent to the guests. Thus invitations are an indispensible part of Indian wedding.

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