Indian wedding and weddings in the west – a comparison

One concept and different ways to celebrate the same – The Marriage celebration. There are many ways in which this wedding ceremony is celebrated all over the world. Some people prefer to celebrate it really large and loud on the contrary others keep it simple and sober.

Indian Wedding in West

Although there is a difference in celebration according to the country as well like if we talk about a country like India – The word itself means lot of celebration, masti time, a week full of celebration and most awaited occasion. In western culture nothing like this happens they prefer to keep this day very simple and a very limited list of friends and relatives is there and it’s a single day celebration.

Indian Bridal

There are many differences in the way of celebrating this big day but the purpose is simply one that is bringing two souls together for life time. If we give a look to the differences in these wedding –

Guest List– In an Indian wedding there is a huge gathering on this occasion; this is the day when all the near as well far relatives will gather together, this is the biggest celebration in ones lifetime. In western culture very limited guest list is there which comprises of very close relatives and friends.

Duration – An Indian wedding starts and lasts at least for a week’s time and this week comprises of various rituals which are performed each day. A western wedding is some hour’s celebrations.

Invitation Cards– One can easily differentiate in invitation cards with a single look as these are so different. The Indian wedding cards are very traditional and holy in their nature and carry detailed information where as western wedding cards are just like any other invitation cards and very limited information is there. They prefer to add the bride and groom pics on the invitation where as same is not done in an Indian wedding. In addition to this there are a variety of these available in India, right from the royal and regal scroll invitations to modern day designer invitation cards, there is a card for everyone.

Outfits – There is a huge difference in the outfit as well as the ambiance of Hindu wedding the place is very traditionally decorated and long with that the outfits which the bride and groom wear are really very traditional where as the outfit for a western wedding is a gown.

Rituals – Indian wedding is full of many rituals which needs to be followed every day where as in an western culture there are no rituals just a commitment in front of a priest and it’s all done.

Venue – Indians always calls for a big venue and good decoration whereas the venue as well as decoration part in a western wedding is very simple and small. Mostly these weddings take place on beaches and churches.

Thus there are many differences in these weddings as every civilization follows their own rituals. But Indian weddings are very much appreciated all over the world and people prefer to opt for a Indian Hindu wedding concept. Even the people in western countries are opting for this type of concept. There are some good things which are there in the western weddings which we also need to add but after all  this is a good symbol for the Indian culture as this is growing not only in there own country but also in western culture.

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