Leave A Lasting Impression With Immaculate RSVP Wording

Repondez s’il vous plait, a French phrase which means, “Please respond”, gives an indication as to where it must be used. It is mentioned in the invites to request for confirmation from the guests. This phrase came into existence in 1845, used by the elite. Its journey is said to begin from the courts in Europe and eventually reached North America. We can say that RSVP is still used for invitations but the responses have declined.

RSVP cards

In order to overcome this difficulty as it is essential for the host to know what number of guests to expect, they have started attaching a small reply card but even that has not proved to be a very successful solution. It seems the solution lies in how to frame RSVP that it brings maximum responses. It means words or the text should be so emphatic and effective as to bring the immediate reply for the host.

Here are a few tips on Rsvp Invitation Wordings which would help the hosts in planning their event well but one must understand a few points. Firstly, it is better not to send RESPONSE cards with the invitation. They can be sent later when the due date is close by. This gives the guests time to decide. Secondly, the host must send a self- addressed envelope or postcard duly stamped. This would make it convenient for the guests to respond. Thirdly, the host must set a deadline for the guests to send their reply by e.g.

“Kindly respond by December 10 on the link provided below or Kindly respond online by December 10”. Fourthly, in the RSVP cards, do mention the menu and ask for the guests choice of food, may be as vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Wordings in your RSVP cards which can be printed for a YES or NO response:

  1.  We’d love to attend.
    Regrets. Will not be able to make it.
    2. Graciously accept.
    Regretfully decline.

Some funny examples:

  1.  Not for you but for yummy food, I’ll be there.
    Oh! No! Will live to regret this forever.
    2. Waiting to hit the dance floor or the bar.
    Will terribly miss the dance floor or the bar.

Wedding Invitation Rsvp

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